XP Life Skills – Master Chefs at Work

On Wednesday we embarked on a master chef challenge to make Sausage and Pasta Bake.

I think is safe to say that they rose to challenge and produced 3* Michelin star meal. 

Each of them utilised their culinary skills that they have been learning, these ranged from knife skills, kitchen safety and teamwork.

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I am looking forward to seeing what other delights each of them produced. 

Very impressed, well done to each and everyone of you.

C26 PoL 20/7/22

C26 will be presenting their learning from the expeditions ‘You Give me Fever’ and ‘Hold Back The River’ on Wednesday 20th of July at 4pm.

The students will be showcasing their work and what they have learned in the last two expeditions of year 9. In Y.G.M.F the students were focused on the peoples health and the healthcare system and in H.B.T.R their focus was on how water has shaped our world.

We would like to invite all parents and guardians who can attend to see the beautiful work our students have created over the last few months.

E25 Spanish GCSE Product ‘Los medios”

Last term Year 10 worked hard to produce a product talking all about their family, freetime, and device preferences. They could take on a role with a fictional family, or describe their actual family, and redrafted to produce beautiful Spanish. XP school produced this for XPE Year 10, and vice versa. Take a look, and a listen, to their final product.

Y11’s amazing art!

We’ve had some absolutely amazing focus and some beautiful work created in today’s art session!

Y11s are working really hard to complete their coursework as they prepare to start planning and producing their final exam piece.

The theme for their coursework is ‘identity’ and it’s been really interesting to see what students have created to reflect their own identity.

Massive appreciation to Miss Dickinson for her support in these lessons and helping to keep everyone on track!

E27 / Year 8 “Rutina Diaria” Final Product!

Our E27 / Year 8 Spanish students have recently completed their 6 frame daily routine storyboard, that provides a model for Year 5 students in our XP Trust Schools to follow. By connecting their learning to previous material covered in year 7 – such as telling the time, naming family members, and identifying rooms of the house – most of our E27 / Year 8 linguists were able to evidence up to and including excellence standards on the rubric table.

We’re really proud of their achievements and wish to share their beautiful work, curated here into a short video-clip, with the wider community. ¡Enhorabuena a todos!

Launch of C26’s Fight the Power plaque – Friday 3rd December 2:00PM

The Fight the Power final product is being officially launched on Friday 3rd December at 2PM, at Sir Nigel Gresley Square (just outside of CAST).

We’d like to say a massive thank you to parents, carers, and our community for supporting the crowdfunder, and we look forward to launching it with students and those involved with the expedition.

If your son/daughter is in C26 (Year 9) and you would like to attend the event to celebrate its launch with us, please join us – feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions about the grand reveal.

Even MORE Beautiful Work from E25!

This time, the beautiful work has come from E25 Explorer in Science!

Explorer have been working hard on understanding DNA – And these are just some examples of the Craftsmanship and Quality of learning taking place in Mr V’s classroom this morning.

This is an example of a quality diagram from Kris of a DNA Nucleotide – a building block of our DNA.

And some beautiful examples of the double helix that DNA molecules form, from Lucie, Billy, Faith, Lewis and Caiden !

Keep up the fantastic work!!

Miss Cocliff & Mr Voltaire 🙂

E24 Beautiful Work – Spanish Product Term 3

Last term, XP School’s C24 GCSE Spanish students grappled to answer our Guiding Question: “¿Tecnología – somos sus servidores o sus maestros? (“Technology – are we its servants or its masters?”). Whilst some might have found it difficult to articulate a response in English, imagine doing so during lockdown and in a modern foreign language!

This formed part of an expedition culminating in a Final Product centred around the family, expressing their own and their family’s reading habits and preferences, and uses of social media at home. Students collaborated to create a challenging rubric designed to encourage extended responses – including making an argument in favour of digital books or paperbacks – that was then used as the framework for our Final Product…..a monologue spoken in Spanish with accompanying slide presentation that evidenced standards ranging from beginning to excellence across a range of learning targets, such as: “I can compare and contrast reading books digitally with paper-based formats, making an argument in favour of one of these”.