NEU Teachers Union Strike Days

Hello Parents / Carers

Please check your emails as we have sent our XP East School parents and carers a letter to inform you of the plans we now have in place for our students in relation to the upcoming NEU Teachers Union Strike Action days.

Many thanks for your continued support,

XP East Office

E-Scooter Update from South Yorkshire Police

Please see the attachment from South Yorkshire Police regarding E-Scooters.
Due to this directive from the local authority and South Yorkshire Police, we are unable to allow students to store these scooters in school.

E-scooters are also not covered by insurance whilst on site and for security purposes we strongly encourage them to be left at home.

Many thanks for your understanding and cooperation with this matter. 

XP and XP East School

HPV vaccine for Year 8 Students and Flu vaccine for Years 7, 8 and 9.

Year 8 parents have been emailed the link for their son or daughter to have the HPV vaccine at school on 7th February 2023. The link needs to be opened and a short consent or not to consent permission form from the parent/carer needs to be sent off as soon as possible.

The flu vaccine for Years 7, 8 and 9 will take place next week – Monday 9th January. If parents missed sending in their permission for this, RDASH have their walk-in session at Lakeside on Sunday 15th January between 09:30 and 15:00hrs.

Y11 GCSE Revision Support

We would like to appreciate everyone who came to our GCSE Support evening. We hope you found the information useful and that you and your son/daughter feel more confident about where and how to access revision support for each subject.

We know there was a lot of information to take in on the night so we have attached the presentation for you to go through again in your own time.

As mentioned at the evening, the GCSE Revision Support website is now live with subject specific resources, links to Y11’s 2023 calendar, our current revision timetable and lots more information for students and parents. Please bear in mind that this is a work in progress with new links and information being added as we speak!

If you do have any more questions, here’s a reminder of who to contact (please include your child’s Crew Leader in any emails you send.)

Citizenship[email protected]
Spanish[email protected]
English[email protected]
Maths[email protected]
Science[email protected]
History[email protected]
BTEC Sport[email protected]
Art, Craft and Design[email protected]

If you have any other questions your feel weren’t covered in the presentation, please contact your child’s Crew Leader or Phase Lead: Angella Parker for XP East ([email protected]) and Mel Cocliff for XP ([email protected])

We’d also like to take this opportunity to say a massive ‘well done’ to all the Y11’s who have completed their Student Led Conferences over the past few weeks. This was their opportunity to reflect on their mock exam grades (which most did with honesty and integrity!) and discuss how they are going to keep focussed and motivated during the next few weeks leading up to exams.

Thank you all for your support.

Angella and Mel.

Free Electron Microscope Webinar

Good Morning,

As part of ‘You Give Me Fever’ students have been learning about different microscopes including the electron microscopes which can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds! Sadly we don’t have one!

This week X27 students have looked at onion cells through a light microscope, magnifying up to 400x and making a labeled biological sketch. Here’s an image of what they were looking at!

Next Wednesday students are able to join a free webinar held by Oxford Brookes University. They will be using their electron microscope and explaining how it works, showing images of up to 10,000,000x magnification!

To register for the event, scan the QR code or follow the link below.

Y11 GCSE Information Evening

We would like to remind all Y11 parents that we are holding a Y11 GCSE Information Evening at XP East this Thursday, 26th January, 5pm-6:15pm.

This evening will focus on providing information about exam layout/content, exam dates, revision/work required for each exam and component. Subject leads and teachers will also be around if you have any questions. 

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Mel & Angella

Crew Da Vinci- Lost property (DOFe Stewardship)

As part of our DOFe award we are making sure that we are stewards of our community. This morning we went through the lost property from last week.

If anyone recognises any of these things then please ask at the XPE office!

Many thanks Crew Da Vinci 🙂

Extra Curricular This Week

Another busy week of sport coming up for our XP and East students,

Wednesday 25/1/23- Badminton Club- 3:30-4:30- All welcome

Thursday 26/1/23- KS3 Badminton Finals- 3:15-5:00- Team sheet up on Tuesday

Also on Thursday- KS3 Girls Football V Ridgewood @ Home- 3:15-4:30- Team sheet up Tuesday.

Any questions please contact Mr Stables.

Crew Turing SLCs

Our Crew SLCs have kicked off this week and it’s been really interesting to hear our students talk to us and their parents about their recent mock results, what worked well with their revision leading up to mocks, and what they want to improve on moving forward.

Crew members have spoken with integrity, managed some difficult conversations and the level of self-reflection has been really impressive.

Special appreciation to those of you have taken the time to seek feedback from ourselves or your fellow Crew members, and have presented some of your most recent work to us during your SLC.

During SLCs, we have asked Crew what we can do to help them achieve their GCSE targets. So far, all have requested that we schedule in additional Academic Crew sessions. This is something we are more than happy to facilitate. We have agreed to focus on developing revision strategies and will create a subject specific timetable next week. Plans are already in place to create a Quotation Wall to support our English Literature exam!

We’re looking forward to more SLCs next week.

Mrs Parker & Miss Cocliff