XPCC ’22: Our First Ever XP Climate Conference 14.07.2022 (18.00-20.00)

Dear Friends and Families of XP,

 Over the course of the spring and summer terms, students in Year 10 in XP and XP East have been working on the Expedition ‘Power to the People!’ where they have studied energy production, electricity and the causes and impacts of climate change. Students have been working hard to answer the guiding question: Why do we need a sustainable energy plan for the planet?

It is our sincerest pleasure to announce to you the final product and culmination of the expedition which will take the form of our first Climate Conference. The conference will be led entirely by our students as they demonstrate activism, leadership and equity in informing the people of Doncaster and those further afield about the climate emergency and its very real and direct implications for Doncaster and the wider world.  With guest speakers, climate experts and a conference centre with local businesses already doing their bit to tackle climate change, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the science behind climate change and what can be done to help combat this threat. 

We would like to extend an invitation to all friends and families of XP and XPE students, but also to anyone who has a genuine interest in tackling the climate crisis by addressing our individual behaviours and our behaviours as a society. We’ll be releasing further information over the coming weeks so keep an eye out for updates on what promises to be a very special and very powerful event. 

So please save the date; together we can tackle climate change. Together we can secure the future of our community. Together, We Are Crew. 

We hope you can join us.

Mr Voltaire

Crew Young – checking out for the last time….

Sadly, the time has come to say a fond farewell to Crew Young after five amazing years with this very special group of young adults. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to have been a small part of their lives whilst they were studying at XP East, but sadly as one chapter ends then another surely begins on their learning journey. Here are some of the highlights that I was lucky enough to share with the “Youngsters”:

Crew Ardern visitors

Crew Ardern had the privilege of welcoming Duncan and Joe into crew this morning after their trip from Wales. To break the ice we designed an activity to develop our communication and trust in one another. It was a brilliant activity, and one which Duncan and Joe engaged excellently in. We just like to appreciate them for their time and give them a warm welcome to XP East today.

Madrid Fieldwork Return!

Our wonderful Madrid goers are back in the UK… and their estimated time of arrival back at XP/XPE is around 11:30am!

We’re looking forward to seeing what they have been up to!

E28 Spanish Presentation of Learning

The E28 Year 7 Spanish presentation of learning will take place on Monday 11th July starting at 4:00 pm and finishing at 5:00 pm. The students will presenting work from their Spanish expedition. During this expedition the students have learned how to talk about themselves, their local area, their families and friends, and their life at school.  

Students will be expected to stay on site until the presentation starts, and parents should come to reception and sign in. The presentation will be held in the heart of XP East school. 

A further reminder will be published closer to the event.

Madrid Day 3

A day if two halves today: culture and white knuckle rides!

We spent an hour in the Reina Sofia were we were lucky to view Picasso’s Guernica. Students will be reflecting on this later in their journals as it is a very emotive piece.

The afternoon was spent at Parque de Warner. The students were braver than the staff here – we were quite happy to leave the rides to them!

We are out for food later, but first we need to start packing ready for tomorrow’s journey home.

Madrid Day 2

Today has been a day of sightseeing, art, and miles of smiles… we walked almost 10 miles around Madrid, in fact!

Our first stop was at the Plaza Mayor, a stunning square in the heart of Madrid. Students were tasked with finding out more about the landmarks and key features of the square, although most spent it avoiding the Luigi and Mario mascots demanding photos!

After a quick lunch break, we moved onto the Thyssen Museum where our students spent some time looking at some beautiful art and choosing which artist they wanted to focus on in their journals – that´s something to look forward to seeing at the Presentation of Learning.

After an ice Cream stop, we then walked to the stunning Parque de Madrid, with the unique boating lake which dates back to 1634.

We are now back at the hotel getting ready for our evening meal and Mrs Pulham´s famous quiz!

Looking forward to tomorrow´s adventures. Look out for updates!

Madrid 2022 – update to Day 1

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our original itinerary for day 2 of our fieldwork visit has changed. We will now visit the Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol in the morning, and the Thyssen Museum in the afternoon. Please continue to check in for further updates.

Madrid Day 1

Happy to say that our Madrid Crew have arrived happy and safe in Madrid. Students have settled into their rooms, had some food, and we´re just about to go and Crew up in the local square for tonight´s entertainment.

We are all feeling tired after our early start, so it´ll be lights out at 10pm so we can rest before our full day of activities tomorrow, which will include a walking tour of Madrid and a visit to the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum.

Buenas Noches!