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Today E24, E25 and E26 had an inspiring talk from an

ex-inmate and a prison guard. They spoke about making good choices and how small decisions can make big differences in your life.


All of the pupils were outstanding, asking inspiring questions and showing excellent behaviour.


Both guests commented on the amazing atmosphere and how impressed they were with our pupils maturity and attitudes.


Miss Wilkinson and I were so proud of them!


Miss Burrows 🙂



E26 Spanish students

Dear parents and carers of C26 students, we would like to inform you about a reorganisation of Spanish groups ready for September. An email will go out later this week to let you know whether your son / daughter has been placed in the Spanish GCSE group, or the Ethics and Philosophy GCSE / Spanish+ group. The email explains this in more detail, but please contact Mrs Sprakes in the first instance if you would like to discuss anything further.

National School Sports Week

Next week is National School Sports Week.

To celebrate this we have teamed up with our Trust primary schools to run a crew mile. Our Trust schools have been working with Ray Matthews to complete 80 miles and raise money for Age UK.

During crew time each crew will walk a mile with the aim of collectively  reaching the 80 mile target “WE ARE CREW”. Any students who wish to donate 50p or £1 to support the charity Age UK should hand this to their crew leader.

Let’s see everyone getting involved in supporting Ray Matthews and taking part in National School Sports week.

Thank you


Maestras/Maestros de Español

As a Crew the HOWLs grades we collectively needed to work on were in Spanish. We discussed in Crew why we thought this was and we established that many were not as confident to offer answers in these sessions because they were unsure of pronunciations of words. So in true Crew spirit we decided that we would practice Spanish together via the website linguascope. in Crew, Miss Johnson and Mrs Barnes included! Our first go at this was great fun and we look forward to improving with this and building everyone’s confidence, hopefully resulting in an increase in HOWLs grades and becoming Spanish masters (maestras/maestros de Español).


We have also been looking into which local charity we would like to support. Crew Rowling selected Big C Little Warrior which is a Doncaster based charity that works in hospitals, homes and hospices in the surrounding area providing free beauty and grooming treatments to anyone undergoing treatment for cancer. We thought this linked with our drive to encourage confidence. During our sessions we are looking at possible ways of fundraising for the charity and we can’t wait to get started!

We look forward to keeping you all up to speed with our Spanish and fundraising efforts.


Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson


C26 Fieldwork Update

Following a fantastic day at Shrewsbury Prison, C26 are expecting to return to school at 4.30pm.
This is slightly earlier than planned due to us making good time travelling back to school.
Please make sure you are at school for this time to collect your child.
Thank you.

New Outward Bound Link to form

Dear Year 6 parents,
Please find attached the link to be able to log on to the Medical form for Outward Bound.
We are hoping that this links works better than the last one!
You will need to create an account and once you have done that press add participant and complete the form.
If there are any problems please email me on
Many thanks.

Gemma Vayro

Assistant Principal of Year 7
XP and XP East School

Sun Safety and Hay Fever

UV rays are most intense from 10 AM to 4 PM, and this is when students are usually outside for break, lunch and Physical Education. XP offers the following recommendations for keeping students sun-safe during the spring/summer months:

  • Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection for the body, so send kids to school in densely woven and bright-coloured fabrics, which offer the best defence. The more skin you cover, the better, so choose long sleeves and long pants whenever possible.
  • Send children to school with a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses, to protect their face, neck and eyes. If they won’t wear a wide-brimmed hat, a baseball cap is better than nothing.
  • Make sunscreen part of the morning routine: At least 30 minutes before children go outside, parents should apply a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher to their skin. Older children should learn to apply sunscreen themselves and make it a routine habit. To remain effective, sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours or immediately after swimming or sweating. At a minimum, remind children to reapply sunscreen before outdoor activities.
  • One ounce of sunscreen (about the size of a golf ball) should be applied to the entire body. Remind children to cover those easy to miss spots, such as the back of ears and neck, as well as the tops of the feet and hands.

You should also note that windy, warm, and sunny days can increase levels of pollen turnout.

If you’ve ever suffered from a snotty nose, watery eyes, or itchiness, then you know exactly how annoying allergy season is for many – especially when it’s finally warm enough to enjoy the outdoors again.

Allergies can be especially frustrating in a year like 2021, when most people have been limited to the confines of their homes for months on end. Plus, thanks to climate change, it turns out that people’s allergies are actually getting worse over time. Temperature increases lead to more pollen production, which can be a major irritant for those with respiratory issues like asthma. This might be the longest, most intense allergy season yet.

But knowing when exactly allergy season will start this year, and how to prep your body for any allergen invaders, will help you fight back. To get specific information around this, has a National Allergy Map that provides an up-to-date allergy forecast in different areas around the country and an Allergy Alert app that gives five-day forecasts with in-depth information on specific allergens.

Allergists recommend you start taking medication a couple of weeks before the allergy season arrives, or at the latest, take them the moment you begin having symptoms. Taking them early can stop an immune system freak-out before it happens, lessening the severity of symptoms.

If your child requires hay fever medication, please ensure you fill in a medical form and hand their medication to a staff member at reception. We must not have medication in students’ bags.

Any questions, please email or


GCSE Geography Fieldwork

Students in Year 9 and Year 10, who have chosen GCSE Geography as their common mission choice, will be going on fieldwork on 23rd June to Sheffield city centre.

As part of the exam specification requirements for their Paper 3 exam, students will be collecting primary data during the fieldwork (we will be observing Covid guidelines and maintaining the school bubbles where possible). During their lessons in school, they will be analysing, presenting, evaluating and drawing conclusions from the fieldwork to prepare them for this section of the exam.

The fieldwork is based on the theory learnt in the Urban Issues and Challenges section of the course and will be focusing on the level of success and impact of regeneration (or lack of it!) in different area’s of Sheffield’s CBD.

Students will need to arrive to school at the normal time and we will be back to school by 3:15. Students will need :

  • a packed lunch and a drink.
  • appropriate clothing for the weather that day as we will be outside all day. We will be walking roughly 5 miles around the centre so comfortable shoes are a must!
  • Any inhalers/epipens etc if needed – staff will have a first aid kit/spares just in case
  • a couple of pens Sheffield Travel Guide | Sheffield Tourism - KAYAK

Any questions please email me

Prison Me No Way! Guest speaker

Next week on Monday and Tuesday C24, C25 and C26 are going to be speaking to an ex inmate in school. The charity ‘Prison Me no Way!’ Have been working with schools across the country to educate pupils about the reality of prison and rehabilitation in the UK. 


It is a very interesting and eye opening talk which will enhance and support the pupils current Hums expeditions which centres around various topics related to crime and punishment. 


If you have any further questions or need clarification please email your child’s crew leader and they will pass it on to me. 


Looking forward to it! 


Polly Burrows

Last week, Teachers and Learning Coaches from across XP Trust schools started their 5 week induction programme based at XP East.

Unlike other schools, we employ new staff before the new academic year begins in order to ensure they immerse themselves into learning about ‘how we XP’. The first week focused on building a sense of Staff Crew, just like our students do, by taking part in challenges within an expedition of their own.

In different groups, staff took part in long hikes, abseiled off a bridge, learned about different aspects of expeditionary learning, planned and took part in their own incredible micro-adventures (more on that another time), and began to reflect on who they are as a person and educator.

The level of person challenge throughout the week was considerable both physically and emotionally, and they had to pull together as a Crew in order to get through the week! At this early stage, there’s no doubt that we have recruited some very special people.

Check out the video of Group B abseiling down a bridge at the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire.

Imagine doing this in the first week of your new job!