XP Doncaster Schools are pleased to invite Year 6 students and their families to our annual Student Showcase. This is an opportunity to find out more about our fantastic schools before decisions are made on the best secondary setting for you child.

To book your place at this event, please click on the link in the poster below.

Year 9 – Another brick in the wall

As part of our current expedition, year 9 are studying structures and how they impact the world around us. Starting from the structure of the atom, all the way to the structure of the Government. In HUMS we have been studying the impact the Government structure has on us, focusing on Communism and Capitalism. We have studied how Lenin and Stalin interpreted communism and compared this to Mao Zedong in China.

We are also studying the anchor text Lord of the Flies which shows us how societal structure impacts those around us with the emphasis on a hierarchy. We even created a first person narrative from the perspective of a character from the book, gave each other critique and did some redrafting.

Challenging stuff for year 9 – they are smashing it!

Check out this link showing some beautiful and complex work from E27!

Lord Blunkett Visit

Last week we were honoured to have hosted an ambassador tour for Lord David Blunkett at XP Doncaster Schools. What an absolute honour to welcome the former Education Secretary to speak to our students and hear about our beautiful work within our community.

It was great to see Olly Newton from The Edge Foundation and Barley the dog too!

Football round up

C25 had a fixture in the national cup against Woodfields Academy. It was a close game, which could have gone either way. After going in at the break 1-0 down, the boys reacted well at the restart, putting the pressure on with a string of good opportunities. Pushing players forward, XP were caught on the break and found themselves 2-0 down. A late consolation was all that XP could manage with the final result 2-1. Well done to both sets of players. XP will now set their focus on their league and look to better last years position.


PE extra curricular this week

Wednesday 28th September Year 8 boys football, Home, Kick off 3.30-5pm against Howden. Please tick your name off on the PE notice board. 4G pitch Year 9,10, 11 football practice 3.30-4.30 Thursday 29th September Year 7 and 8 football practice 3.30-4.30

C29 Fieldwork to Bletchley Park

On the 13th September, our C29 students travelled to Bletchley Park, home to the Bletchley Park code breakers. Bletchley housed more than 9000 people in secrecy, not only from the world but from their friends and family, in the battle to break the enigma code.

Students had the chance to see and learn how the enigma machine worked and therefore why it was vital in the success of the Allied forces during WW2. This fieldwork showed the importance of Science and Maths within one aspect of life, there are many others still to see. Students enjoyed the ability to grapple with different types of ciphers and codes, working together as they eagerly struggled to determine the name hidden within the entire set of clues.

Students and Staff learnt a lot from the day. Thank you C29

E27 Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Award


This week we begun our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 🥉- Physical. 

For the physical activity we needed to choose any sport, dance or fitness activity – in short, anything that requires a sustained level of energy and physical activity.

So as a Crew we decided that the walk would ensure everyone could participate and do the activity together 🚶🚶🏽‍♀️

Together with E27 Cohort we embarked on our walk round the beautiful Lake at Lakeside. Some were like expert speed walkers and others were maintaining a good pace and really worked hard to keep up!

It took around 40 mins to walk approximately 2 miles. We set a high standard for our first outing, next week we will push and strive to achieve this in 30 mins, some of the cohort have decided to run! Yep Run with Mrs Parker 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️! 

Good luck!

For more information, please click the link!

Crew Anoa’i: Another Great Week!

Although it was a short week, with only three days for us to continue improving our awesomeness, Crew Anoa’i have managed to bag another great week.

On Tuesday, Crew Anoa’i completed some Maths revision, where we looked at a previous Foundation paper. This made us think about all the work we have done in the past few years at XP East. We then marked our work and set personal targets to work towards.

On Wednesday, instead of going outside to take part in our weekly team building activities, we stayed inside and continued our seasonal colouring whilst having a lovely crew discussion. It was great to spend time with everyone in a calm environment, it was definitely needed.

On Thursday, Crew Anoa’i looked at their student pledges once again but in more detail. We then helped one another to improve them further, ensuring everyone had two detailed pledges. We also wrote our appreciations for the week.

I’m loving crew at the moment. We seem to have settled this year, allowing me to deliver a wide variety of activities each morning. Enjoy your long weekend Crew Anoa’i, see you on Tuesday!

 – Miss Mitchell


Getting smart(er) in our history learning labs

Absolutely fantastic turnout at tonight’s after-school history revision sessions. Great to see Y11 so committed to their learning and already thinking ahead to GCSEs. Creating good study habits now is absolutely crucial.

Here’s the full timetable of learning labs/revision sessions.

Our Saturday morning revision session – D6 – will be back up and running after the October half-term. This will be open to Y10 and Y11.

Mrs Parker