E30 Fieldwork to National Coal Mining Museum 4th October

Students in E30 Year 7 will be visiting the National Coal Mining Museum on Wednesday 4th October. This fieldwork will be part of students expedition “From the Ground up”. We will leave school at 8.30am and return by 3.15pm. Students will need to bring a bag with:

A packed lunch (students on free school meals will be provided with a lunch), a pen / pencil / pencil case to complete work during the day and a warm coat as part of the day is outside.

If your child needs to take any medication, please inform their crew leader so that any necessary arrangements can be made.

Sharing our Stories: 29/09/2023

Beautiful Work This Week (…and last week!)

XP Outdoors: Campfire Training!

A Visit from Ron Berger!

We’ve been very lucky since XP first opened and as the Trust has grown over the last ten years, to be able to welcome Ron Berger to our schools. Ron, the CAO of Expeditionary Learning (EL) in the US, has visited us several times, sharing with us his knowledge, energy and wisdom. 

Always supportive and inspiring, Ron has now, after a two week stay, just returned home. His time here has included visits to all of our schools, a well received and inspirational talk with our staff and chatting with our students and hearing their stories. 

He also travelled to Scotland to visit our brilliant partners at The Wood Foundation and the educators they support in the Aberdeen area. Their school teams have been regular visitors to XP Doncaster on our delegate days for the last four years. 

Last but not least, Ron joined colleagues on their induction in Derbyshire, sharing moment by moment with them the experience of developing Crew and fellowship. 

Renowned as an educator and catalyst for innovation and compassion in education all over the world, we hope it won’t be long before we can welcome Ron back again. 

Beautiful Curation at Plover

Top of the Blogs

Let’s get critical… critical! @ Comms

Year 2 Music – playing tunes on the Glockenspiel @ Carcroft School

More beautiful work in the community from Elyse and Brody @ XP Gateshead

Our Ambassadors run their first Macmillan Event @ Plover

Rainforest Research @ Norton Juniors

Drama Hut Visit in Class 6 @ Green Top

Let the children march @ Norton Infants

Awesome artwork in Crew @ XP

Food Bank Fundraising @ XP East

Share your stories with us!

We now have a new dedicated news email so that you can send your stories, updates or ideas about potential news articles directly to us in Comms. 

It might be something you or your students have achieved, a charity you’re supporting or anything at all that deserves a wider audience.

Write to us at [email protected] –  we want to hear about it, write about it and celebrate it!

Year 10 + Year 11 GCSE Geography Fieldwork

Year 10 + Year 11 (C27 + C26) GCSE Geography students will be undertaking their required GCSE fieldwork on Friday 6th October. 

We will be going to Sheffield to explore the impact of decline and regeneration in the city centre and collecting data to evidence this. The process of analysing risk, creating a hypothesis,  justifying their methodology and data presentation will form part of their Paper 3 exam, as well as drawing conclusions from the data and evaluating the fieldwork. 

The fieldwork will take place during school hours, traffic depending so students should arrive at normal time to school. Students will need to bring a packed lunch, pen and wear comfortable trainers as we will be on our feet all day. We will be outside in the city centre for the duration of the visit so students need to be prepared for whatever weather – rain or shine! 

If you have any questions please email [email protected] or [email protected] 

Thank you 


Big Talk Education will be in school on 26th September to talk to Year 11 and Year 9 students about Relationships and Sex Education. If you do not want your child to take part in these sessions, please make their Crew Leader aware.

E27 (Y10) ‘Awesomeness’ Community Meeting

It’s always a pleasure to share praises and appreciations in our community meetings, and this morning was no exception. Y10 have had an absolutely amazing start to the school year and we shared lots of praises from staff, as well as hearing appreciations from students to fellow students for being kind, working hard and helping each other in sessions.

We also had a few apologies made for behaviours that don’t reflect our character values and I would like to praise those students for showing the integrity and courage to put things right.

It’s so encouraging to hear that some students are starting to think ahead to Y11 and are already creating revision resources to help them through the next 2 years.

Well done, Y10!

Mrs Parker 🙂

Parent Update 19.9.23

Car Park 3

We are aware that Eco Power Stadium have changed the parking system in car park 3, we have seen that they have added payable QR codes to the lampposts around the carpark, you do not need to pay for this parking. We have been reassured that the database we hold with the previous car parking company can easily be transferred over and no one should receive fines for not paying the new charges. If this becomes an issue please liaise with the school offices. We are navigating this change with you so please allow us time to resolve any issues if they do arise.  

Year 10 & 11 Post 16 Evening

We are delighted to invite our C26 and C27 parents  and students to a Post 16 event at XP East. C26 & C27 parents and students are invited to an evening on Wednesday 8th November 4.30 – 6pm. It is an expectation that all year 11 students will attend and a representative from home, for year 10 this is an excellent opportunity to gather information about what Post 16 opportunities are available in the local area.

https://xpschool.org/year-10-11-post-16-evening/ Follow this link to sign up for the event.

New Friends of XP and XPE

We’re looking for parents to join our New FXP group and support with fundraising, events and activities which will benefit our whole school community. For further information or to express your interest please complete the form below.


Special Visitor

We are absolutely delighted to host Ron Berger in our schools on Monday and Tuesday next week. He will be working with staff and students around the powerful work of EL Education, Ron is a friend of our trust and was monumental in the set-up of XP School (almost ten years ago!) 

Staff days

A reminder staff days are Friday 22nd and Monday 25th September. The school calendar can be found on the school website with holidays and staff dates outlined. 

Locker Keys

All Y7 students and students without lockers will now be able to purchase a locker key. Please see the email from the school office (this should be with you today) for more details. 

Food Bank Fundraising!

Last academic year, the E29 cohort supported Plover Pantry, collecting donations to provide food and sanitary donations for one of our primary schools. This made a massive difference to our community and we managed to create 20 luxury food parcels to support families in need over the six week holidays.

As part of crew, E28 have similarly been raising awareness around food poverty to support the Thorne and Moorends food bank. Crew Dufton have rallied together to make some additional food parcels to pass over to the foodbank, after realising what an impact this has on our community.

Final donations will accepted until the 21st September – when members of the cohort will head to DN8 to deliver the donations provided. If you can donate any shelf live products – pasta, rice or jars of sauce – XP East would appreciate this greatly.

Crew Dufton, E29