Star Student of the Week…

Every Friday afternoon all of E26 get together via hangout for a community meeting. In these meetings, we share important messages for the students, apologies, appreciations & stands as well as any praises/start students of the week.

Star Student of the week: 

Jacob Dawson, member of crew Frank was nominated by different crews of E26 as the star student of the week.

This was down to him working hard in all of his sessions and trying his best all the time. Jacob had been contributing loads during a maths hangout and was praised by the teacher a number of times. Jacob was flying through tough algebra work and really getting stuck in. He not only showed good traits of ”Working Hard” & ”Getting Smart” but helping others out when stuck. Jacobs ”Be Kind” HOWL has really improved over the past couple of weeks, and no wonder he has been recognised by his peers as a Star Student of the week.

Jacob was over the moon that he had been nominated and he said ” well, I wasn’t expecting that” with a sigh of relief from all the hard work he had been putting in.

Well done Jacob – what a lad! keep up the good work.

Crew Frank

Crew Mercury complete their SLCs…

It has been an absolute pleasure to be part of crew Mercurys’s student led conferences. It was fantastic for the students to reflect on their learning and HOWLs. The students shared pieces of beautiful work and answered the guiding question ‘Where does real power exist,  the heart, the body or the mind?’ Although challenging to complete a student led conference online, crew Mercury smashed it, well done everyone!

Here are some of the words that students and parents used to describe the SLCs…


The Power of a Quiz!

Wow, what a couple of weeks


Everyone has worked so hard on their SLC preparations within crew time over the last few weeks. Quiz Friday has become something we all look forward to and Rhys’ ‘hardest quiz in the world’ on 5th February was a great way to unwind and have some fun. Even though we found it super difficult, we all laughed throughout.


Star Student Nominations!


Each week in our crew session on a Friday afternoon we vote for an over all star student, this is within Crew and the year group and announced within our community meeting. We are proud to announce that these students were selected as nominees for start student from not only our Crew but also others within E26.


  • 22nd January 2021, Shawn was nominated for trying every challenge he is given, giving detailed answers to questions and working hard no matter the situation.
  • 5th February 2021, Lydia was nominated for always being kind, contributing in lessons, always being on time and consistently working hard and trying her best in all sessions.


Well done both of you! Your hard work is paying off- keep it up!


Crew Highlights: (Discussed and nominated by Crew members)


  • Rhys has been working really hard especially in maths. His quiz was just as hard as Harvey’s the previous week, but great fun! (We were hoping Shawn might be easy on us with his quiz)
  • Cerrina always tries her best and answers lots of questions in her science session.
  • Logan has been working really hard and has improved by speaking up more in crew sessions.


The Crew also wanted to highlight how Miss Jonson always knows what to do in any situation, how organised she is and how much support she has given to the Crew during the preparation for SLC’s which has been difficult online.


I want to say a huge appreciation to all of Crew Rowling for their continued efforts with their online sessions, their never ending support for each other and never failing to make quiz Friday so much fun!


Stay safe 🙂


(Mrs Barnes and all of Crew Rowling)

Student Led Conferences Appreciation


Massive appreciation to everyone in Crew Obama for making my first experience of Student Led Conferences such a positive one. It was inspiring, and sometimes heartbreaking, to hear all about your achievements and the challenges you have faced. 

I have included a couple of images of the work pupils commented on during their SLCs, but it is sadly not possible to include everyone here. It was fascinating to learn about your expedition ‘Fight The Power’. Not only did pupils share the work they were most proud of, but they were able to talk meaningfully about what they found difficult. Pupils identified where they felt the quality of their work had fallen short, and explained how they intended to improve further. This is quite an undertaking for pupils of this age. It is especially impressive when we consider the extent to which remote learning has replaced traditional classes for these children over the last twelve months. As such, grappling with this task and adapting to its online delivery, is really something!

It was also wonderful to ‘meet’ so many parents and guardians, albeit through a computer screen. Thank you all for your continued support and for the probing questions you asked during the Student Led Conferences.

Miss Cross

Student Led Conferences

It is time for Student Led Conferences!

This time, we will be using the wonders of modern technology to hold our conferences online via Google Meet, which we have been using for lessons during lockdown. If your child is in Crew Obama, please use this link  to select a suitable time for the conference to be arranged.

Looking forward to seeing everyone,

Miss Cross


Hi all,

Here is a rundown of some of the beautiful artwork that has been produced by our wonderful XP and XPE students during lockdown 3.0.

As a team, we have been blown away by the effort and resilience that our pupils are showing.

I hope you enjoy having a flick through their work as much as we have.

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Crew Mercury smashing remote learning!

It is fantastic to see that crew Mercury have had 100% attendance in their remote learning sessions. I’m so proud of the effort and commitment that crew are showing during these difficult times.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the beautiful work that crew Mercury have produced and sharing it. I’ve had some great feedback from staff!

Massive well done to Poppy and Jayden for receiving praise postcards!



During crew we have been preparing for the upcoming SLCs. We have been looking back on our last expedition where we have identified beautiful work and reflected on out HOWLs.

I can’t wait to hear crew Mercury share their experiences and become leaders of their own learning.

Star Student – Crew Frank

Last week we saw Charlie Lloyd, get a massive appreciation from members of Crew Frank. Charlie was nominated by crew members for the amazing “Work Hard” HOWL he puts in during every session whilst online learning. Charlie completes his work to the best of his ability and meets the deadlines set.

However, what really stands out is the fact that Charlie was not only nominated for his “Work Hard” HOWL, but his “BE KIND” HOWL.  Students spoke about how Charlie has helped them out in sessions when they were stuck and couldn’t grasp different tasks. This helped the students finish their work and Charlie was always on a hangout to help.

Charlie commented on his HOWLs analysis doc and suggest “maybe I could help people out more”. I think this shows how Charlie has taken on board the meaningful conversations that go on in the crew and put into action how he can help peers out more.

Well done Charlie, brilliant work and a brilliant crew member to have around,

Crew Frank…


Crew Obama have been following their remote lessons during lockdown. Wifi supply issues and lost links to Google Hangouts for lessons haven’t held us back! Pupils have shown great kindness by sharing links, technology tips, and helpful explanations. Great appreciation to the individuals who have managed to attend every single session this week, and be on time too! 

You may have noticed that we had a little snow yesterday. Those of us in school were amazed at how quickly it came down! The first photograph of the school playground was taken just after morning Crew at around 9am, whilst the second was taken around midday.



Pupils at home were sorry that lockdown robbed them of the chance to play out with all their friends in the snow. However, Crew Obama are a resourceful lot who tried to make their own fun.

Merry Christmas from crew Mercury!

Merry Christmas from crew Mercury!

What a way to end a tough term at school. It was fab to see the students back in school following their time completing online learning. Our crew certainly enjoyed opening their secret santa gifts!