‘Take Me to the River’

Crew Rowling along with the rest of E26 went out on fieldwork last Friday to Edale. The feedback from staff that accompanied them expressed how impeccable their behaviour was, I love hearing such feedback as crew leader! It sounds like a great day was had by all. I also managed to get my hands on some gorgeous photos by Harvey and Olivia from the fieldwork.

Monday morning we took on the challenge of walking a mile in crew to promote sport within school. Luckily the sun was shining and C26 had a pleasant 4 lap walk around the 4G court.

Leading our Own Learning’

Students seem to be settling well into their chosen pathways on a Wednesday afternoon. I can’t wait to see them expand and further their knowledge in whichever path they are following. 

Keep up the good work guys!

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson

Watch me rise!

As you will know, year 9 have undertaken their passage presentations over the past couple of weeks and as crew leader I have been absolutely blown away. The outstanding craftsmanship and quality has shone through each and every one of Crew Rowling’s presentations.

This has been a turbulent journey and I’m sure that crew will agree that there have been plenty of ups and downs while preparing for their passage presentations. The preparations have taken, what seems like a lifetime but I am very proud of the determination and resilience that each student has shown. The professionalism that each student showed was incredible and it was very clear that passage meant a lot to them. 

There were a few nerves leading up to their presentations for some but the amazing friendships and support from crew really shone through with daily debriefs about the passage presentations from the night before and some even stayed behind to give moral support to other crew members. This was something that did not go unnoticed by other staff and experts that joined us. 

Here’s just a few snaps I managed to get along the way…

I am incredibly proud of each and every single member of Crew Rowling and we had a 100% pass rate which was incredible!!

Huge well done once again, I can’t wait to watch you all take on the next chapter at XP East.

Mrs Barnes

Aiming high in all we do!

As you may remember, before Christmas Crew Rowling were raising money for our chosen local charity Big C Little Warrior and Rhys volunteered to cut his hair to raise funds for them to go towards hair accessories for those going through cancer treatment and potential hair loss from this.

A few weeks ago, Crew were surprised and humbled to receive a sweet parcel each from Big C Little Warrior as a thank you along with a lovely card which now is pride of place on our Crew wall.

This week we were so pleased to be able to welcome Annette Powell into our Crew at XP East for a short visit. Annette wanted to come and personally thank Crew Rowling for the amazing fundraising achievement and we were very proud to be able to present Annette with the money we raised which totalled £720! It’s amazing to think how many people this will support, making a very difficult time that little bit more bearable.

We can’t wait to continue supporting Big C Little Warrior even more in the future.

Meanwhile, time is ticking closer and closer to Crew getting the chance to share their Passage Presentations. It’s been great to hear snippets of conversations regarding their thoughts on what they may want to do after their GCSEs. They have all given each other so much support throughout this process and this for us as their Crew leaders makes us very proud. They have all worked so hard on these and I can’t wait to watch the final polished products.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson

Launch of C26’s Fight the Power plaque – Friday 3rd December 2:00PM

The Fight the Power final product is being officially launched on Friday 3rd December at 2PM, at Sir Nigel Gresley Square (just outside of CAST).

We’d like to say a massive thank you to parents, carers, and our community for supporting the crowdfunder, and we look forward to launching it with students and those involved with the expedition.

If your son/daughter is in C26 (Year 9) and you would like to attend the event to celebrate its launch with us, please join us – feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions about the grand reveal.

Back to Business!

After returning from half term we have been busy in Crew, alongside our additional Common Mission and Duke of Edinburgh sessions, which are new for this year and it is great to see. 

Before breaking up for the half term, Year 9 were introduced to ‘Passage’. This is something we will be working on in our Crew sessions and Common Mission sessions in order to demonstrate why each individual is GCSE ready. As part of this we began to think about careers and what our hopes and dreams for the future were. This led to a fantastic afternoon of Crew researching careers, and job roles they may be interested in.

Last Wednesday was the first session working on our Passage presentation scripts and I have to say that we were blown away with how hard each person worked and how seriously they took the task.

Since starting the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award Crew have been learning the skill of First Aid and have worked on specific topics each week which have included, practical skills, completing a workbook, posters and diagrams. It has been great to see how the Crew have helped and supported each other in these sessions when completing tasks and produced some beautiful work.  

We also don’t want you to think we have forgotten about our charity we selected to help at the end of Year 8, as this certainly is not the case. As a Crew we emailed ‘Big C Little Warrior’ at the start of last term asking how we could best help them. They were so grateful we had selected them as our charity and were keen for us to be able to help. They had a team meeting where our offer of help was discussed and they came back to us asking if we could raise money, as this would be used towards the cost of making hair accessories for those undergoing cancer treatment. How we can raise money is something we are currently looking into and organising in Crew. 

As we have moved Crew rooms this year this meant that we were able to redesign the Crew wall. This is something Crew Rowling pride themselves on and take very seriously. Our plan is to continue to add to this throughout this year’s journey and move it with us if we relocate again next year. Just like the photos from the Year 7 Outward Bound week have!

We have already begun thinking of how we can decorate the Crew room at Christmas!

We can’t wait to show you more beautiful work and keep you up to date on all things Crew Rowling.

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson 🙂

Mindful Monday

It was Crew Obama’s turn this week to take on some Monday morning litter picking duties. The weather was rather dull and overcast but at least we weren’t rained on! Pupils found a surprising amount of rubbish which may have blown onto the school site from elsewhere such as KFC chip cartons, but there were no complaints about clearing up after others. I was really impressed by the tenacity and determination of some Crew members to collect old items which had likely been hidden in the hedges until the leaves dropped. 

Please check the school’s homepage to see the lost property for this week. Remember to claim what belongs to you!

Tranquil Tuesday

Crew Obama spent Tranquil Tuesday updating their books, and catching up on some private reading. Reading is one of the most effective ways to raise performance in humanities, so AR time is highly valued here. We also worked in teams to apply our reading skills to a set of instructions to construct some new furniture for our crew room, which turned out to be trickier than expected!

C26 (Y9) Bronze DofE

C26 (Y9) across both schools have made a the first steps toward achieving their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award!

Students, with the support and guidance of dedicated DofE Leaders and Crew Leaders, will spend time each week working on a programme of activities which include:

  • Skills: students will be undertaking a 3 month First Aid programme.
  • Volunteering: students will spend 6 months raising money for their Crew charities, becoming reading mentors to younger students and litter picking around our community.
  • Physical: 3 months of undertaking any sporting activity done as part of an organised club out of school, or by joining any of the after school clubs which will be launching soon!)
  • Expedition: planning for and undertaking 2 days/1 night hiking expedition (dependant on Covid restrictions at the time).

Find out more here!

By the end of the academic year students should have done enough to have achieved their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Students are expected to achieve all sections of their Bronze award programme unless they have a valid reason not to.

The DofE programme forms a crucial part of the Trust’s Outdoor Curriculum, and we are extremely grateful to the FXP for their continued support and fundraising efforts to ensure that we are able to purchase the Bronze welcome packs and enrol every student onto the DofE award scheme.  The welcome packs will be delivered to your home addresses after students have registered on the eDofE app and include a handy discount card for outdoor specialist shops!

If you have any questions specifically about the Bronze award, please contact your child’s Crew Leader, or you can contact me (Angella Parker) direct: [email protected]

*Just a note to add we have plans in place for C24 and C25 to complete the expedition element of their DofE award later this year! 

What a week!

First of all I would like to say how great it has been to be back with crew this week. We have all pulled together and helped each other so much. We were missing a key member of our crew this week as Miss Johnson has been unwell and we wish her a speedy recovery.

The first day back we completed crew challenges against crew Frank, this became quite competitive but we had lots of laughs. Challenges included, magic carpet riding, tennis ball dropping (with your knees), lid moving (no hands), tea bag throwing, balloon and cup game, jigsaw puzzle races, skittle sorting and finding the kings in a deck of cards. I’m sure crew will love filling you in on the ins and outs of these challenges, if they haven’t already. 

During the afternoon we held joint crew dodgeball and corner ball competitions where we were teamed up with crew Mercury. There were some brilliant shows of integrity by those who were out and we ended the day by circling up and sharing apologies, appreciations and stands.

For our second day we went caving and abseiling. This was something that I know some crew members and myself were feeling very apprehensive about but we threw on our waterproofs and headed to the caves. We ended up having a blast and really showed how well we work as a crew by encouraging and supporting each other. We were especially proud of Lily as she decided at the last minute to give caving ago, the smiles on everyone’s faces when she came through the cave entrance was priceless!

After a short coach ride we arrived near the bridge on the Monsal Trail. When we saw the bridge it dawned upon us how extremely high it was and that after around 6 foot the wall of the bridge disappeared, as this was then the arch. This is where most of the panic started to show and that was just from me! There were some who decided they really did not want to complete the abseil but they were a massive support to others by cheering them in and greeting them at the bottom. Layton did well by unhooking everyone’s buckles when they reached the bottom ready to send back up to our guides. Those who did complete the abseil said that they felt a great sense of achievement and I had to agree with them!

Day three was our ‘solo’. For this we walked to Potteric Carr nature reserve and students were given a space and time where they could go through their journal and also reflect on the week and generally themselves. The majority coped with this really well and it was lovely to see them in deep thought. 

In the afternoon as a crew we made a presentation of our week and answered our guiding question which was ‘What does it mean to be ‘crew’?’ This was presented as a product of learning on the stairs at XP east. Each person in the crew contributed by either adding information to the slides, photos, spelling and grammar, arranging the layout or presenting. It was lovely to finally have some parents and guardians be able to join us for this.

Although I am extremely tired as I’m sure the rest of the crew are after this fun packed week, I am looking forward to what this year holds for us.

Mrs Barnes 🙂

C26: What does it mean to be Crew? (and an invitation!)

What a cracking start C26 have had to our new school year!

So far, students have spent time with their crews both in school and out of school thinking about our guiding question for our first week back: ‘What does it mean to be Crew?

In school, crews have taken part in several inter-crew activities which have required our character traits of respect, courage, integrity and compassion. Craftsmanship and quality has also been crucial to succeed in each challenge. Students have had to go on a magic carpet ride, take part in a tea party and make sure their knees didn’t tremble too much!

Students have also had to dig deep and show real courage whilst they have travelled to Derbyshire to go caving and abseiling. Being crew has really mattered as some students were incredibly nervous about this but, with the support of crew and by making sure no one gets left behind, everyone succeeded! Take a look…

Tomorrow morning, students are once again heading out of school to take some time to reflect on their week as Crew and to think about their answer to guiding question.

An Invitation:

In the afternoon, students will be presenting their reflections of the week and we would like to invite parents to join us. This is a very exciting opportunity for us all as it will be the first time since Year 7 that we can all meet together again. Current COVID guidelines now make it possible for parents and carers to come to school and see the fantastic work which students have been working on. Students will be presenting at 2.30pm in the heart of both schools. Parents will be able to park in car park 3 and then enter their child’s school and join us on the stairs. Face masks are optional and we will ensure that both spaces are well-ventilated.

Please join us if you would like.

Kerry Poncia (Phase Lead C26)