Brain Food with Crew Obama

In ‘Wise Wednesday’ recently, Crew Obama learned about the importance of sleep. Most of us already knew that sleep helped to recharge our batteries and repair our bodies. However, we were surprised to find how vital sleep is in helping us to remember things and that it is a vital part of committing our learning to our long term memory. We were really pleased to have Ms Ivy with us, as she is an expert in psychology. Ms Ivy explained that our suggestion of having afternoon naps in school might not actually help us to remember what the teacher has taught us. Apparently, a short nap wouldn’t be long enough to allow our learning to be transferred out of our short term memories. Oh well, it was worth a try!    

At the end of the session, we discussed our own experiences of the Circadian Rhythms. It was really interesting to hear Ms Ivy explain that the stress hormones produced by our body in response to playing Fifa before bed are the same those produced in response to danger, so it’s not a good idea to game right before trying to sleep. We also wondered if there could be a link between problems with short term memories and migraines.

After all that neuroscience, we were pleased to have the chance to feed our brains with a taste of South African culture. Ms Ivy very kindly brought a selection of snacks back from a recent trip home to Cape Town for us to try. This idea was born in an earlier crew session where we introduced Ms Ivy to a range of delicacies such as Refreshers, Sherbet DipDabs, Earl Grey tea and Parma Violets. It was great fun getting her to try some of our favourites for the first time, but we think she had the last laugh when she brought us some ostrich biltong and antelope sausages to try! The overall favourite was the ‘Peppermint Crisp’ which reminded us of a mint aero. It had a completely different texture in the middle; a bit like a boiled sweet! 

Making a Difference!

As we previously mentioned, Crew Rowling held a bake sale on Wednesday to raise money for our chosen local charity Big C Little Warrior. This charity helps boost the confidence and self esteem of people undergoing treatment that can result in hair loss by providing free head coverings. We were blown away by the amount of students who wanted to purchase goods and support our cause and sadly we had to turn people away when we sold out of items.

We would like to give a huge thank you to those Crew members and their family members who baked items for the fundraiser and also the Crew members who supported the even in various roles whether it was crowed control (it was very busy), handling money and serving the items. You all smashed it!

We are pleaded and very proud to say that Crew Rowling raised and amazing £105 for Big C Little Warrior. We are also hoping to help them out with some of their work towards Christmas so please keep a look out for updates.

Have a lovely half term!

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson 🙂

Big C Little Warrior

As you may remember, Crew Rowling previously raised money for the local charity Big C Little Warrior. Once again we would like to support them and our latest fund raising activity is a bake sale. This is going to be held on Wednesday break for students and staff. Crew have been busy making posters to promote the event in crew and have really taken their time to ensure their craftsmanship and quality is of the highest level. We will update you after half term with how much we raise for this fantastic charity.

Mrs Barnes 🙂

Awesomeness! Crew Rowling

While most were at home during the staff day on Monday last week, two members of our crew members were part of a group of students who delivered a keynotes speech to the whole staff trust. Harvey and Shawn were incredible! As crew leader I was very proud!

Crew have been doing some amazing work since being back and it has been lovely to hear so many positive comments from your teaching staff. Here are just a few examples of students working hard and beautiful work.

Unfortunately this week, Harvey is unwell but in his usual positive spirit he joined us online via hangout for crew and once again we had’ virtual Harvey’ on a chair in the circle.

Mrs Barnes & Miss Johnson  🙂





C26 (Y10) appreciations and praises

We had an amazing Y10 awesomeness meeting this week, with lots of applause to celebrate the praises and appreciations from staff! It was also wonderful to hear lots of students appreciating fellow students and staff during this community meeting.

Big shoutout to Crew Obama (XP East) who are leading the way with the Top 5 praises… what a Crew! Meanwhile, over at XP, I wonder if anyone will come close to Hazel’s magnificent tally of 21 praises before the end of term?

Mrs Parker and Miss Cocliff x


Beautiful work from E26 (Y10)

What an absolute pleasure to pop into Y10’s art session with Miss Taylor this afternoon!

Students are working on Celtic knots and designing their own Viking Longship Figureheads.

I saw beautiful work from all students, including Caitlin, Shawn, Charley, Violet and Harvey, whose art is pictured above. I can’t wait to see their final products.

Absolutely amazing, Y10!

Mrs Parker


History stars in the making…

History stars in the making…

Our students in Y10 have been working extremely hard in their History sessions over the past two weeks. We have been learning about different aspects of Viking life in their homelands of Scandinavia, from the food they ate to their religious beliefs and the rituals they practiced.

I have been really impressed with their work ethic, contributions to classroom discussion and the craftsmanship and quality of their work.  Check out Logan and Harvey’s beautiful books below!

Next week, Y10 will be working hard planning and completing their first formal assessment on the Vikings. If they continue this level of concentration and continue to graft, I am sure they will be very successful and proud of their achievements.

Keep up the great work Y10!

C26 (Y10) & C25 (Y11) – what a cracking start!

What an absolutely cracking start to the year. Both year groups across both schools have been absolutely on it! Some of our Y10 students are already getting smart by creating revision resources to help them over the next 2 years, whilst our Y11s have come back ready to work hard for their GCSEs.

This week we held our first year group community meetings and, as you can see from the slides below, we already have lots to celebrate!

Year 10 Appreciation Slides:

Year 11 Appreciation Slides:

Crew blogs:

Your child’s Crew Leader will keep you up to date with what’s happening in crew via their crew blogs. You can find these here:

Crew Blessed Crew Frank
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Crew Rosa ParkesCrew Anoa’i
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Crew TomlinsonCrew Turing

A couple of reminders:

We have asked all students to re-familiarise themselves with our dress code policy. We understand that our lack of uniform allows students to express themselves, however we do still have guidelines. If students persistently break the dress code guidelines, they will be challenged and required to complete after school reflections. We want to avoid this, so they can attend revision sessions instead to achieve their best grades at GCSE level!

Could we also ask for your support please in ensuring your child comes to school every day with appropriate equipment. This should include a pen, pencil, ruler, water bottle, and fully charged device (we don’t allow students to work on mobile phones). In Y10/Y11 we find devices are used a lot more, so please make sure students are bringing their chargers to school too! It’s vital that they have access to these devices to achieve their full potential through work in sessions and revision. Students may find it beneficial to have a notebook for revision material too, but that’s personal preference!

As ever, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to meeting some of our Y11 parents at our work experience launch on Wednesday 14th September 🙂

Mrs Parker (E25/E26 Phase Lead, XP East) and Miss Cocliff (X25/X26 Phase Lead, XP)

Climbing to the top

Wow! What a week! 

I firstly want to say how amazed I am of the compassion shown this week in Crew Rowling. There have been ups and downs but we have pulled each other through and had great fun along the way.

To start off we had a day in Crew and we were introduced to our guiding question which was ‘How can we get everyone to the top of the mountain?’. This got us thinking about how we are going to tackle both year 10 and 11 and the all important process to sitting GCSEs. Crew got straight on with this and I loved hearing about their ideas, concerns and ways we could overcome these. 

The second day we had a day packed full of team building activities from WiseUP. These tasks tested Crew’s ability to work together, their compassion, resilience, perseverance, patience and communication skills. As a Crew we did tasks such as the magic carpet, crazy maze, baton pass, shepherd and sheep and say what U C, to name a few. This day was full of laughter and we had an amazing partnership from Charlotte and Harvey, who were determined to conquer the most difficult of tasks (switching places on a beam). Every single member of Crew Rowling took part, whether it be planning, voicing strategy, reading or selecting the activity card and all worked together in the tasks which was great to see.  

Thursday we went off to Flamborough where we walked from North Landing to South landing, stopping half way at the lighthouse for lunch. The conduct from students was impeccable and it was so lovely to see them showing respect to members of the public by letting them pass by and saying ‘hello’ or ‘thank you’. We were lucky with the weather which meant we could admire the stunning views whilst walking with the rest of E26.

Friday we planned a product of learning to deliver to the other Crews in E26. This needed us to work together to give each of our thoughts on the week. We then split into two teams to begin designing our roadmaps to success. These are not quite finished as we want to get the craftsmanship and quality just right so these can be added to our Crew wall. So watch this space as a further update on these will follow! The POL which was presented in the afternoon really captured who our Crew had worked together so brilliantly all week and I was extremely proud of each one of you! We then has a small awesomeness community meeting which allowed students to appreciate each other. We ended our first week back with a Crew game of mafia which as always, had us in stitches.

It has been a fantastic start to year 10 for Crew Rowling. I can’t wait to see where this coming year takes us but after this week I know that Crew Rowling can get through anything together. 

Mrs Barnes 🙂

On Wednesday the 20th of July, E26/Year 9 XP East students would like to invite you to their Presentation of Learning. This presentation is the final one from year 9 until their next one in year 10! The students will be sharing their learning as part of the ‘Hold Back the River’ expedition.

We would love to see you there to share in their experience and progress. It will start at 4.00pm and last until approximately 5.00pm.

We look forward to seeing you all there.