‘Take Me to the River’

Crew Rowling along with the rest of E26 went out on fieldwork last Friday to Edale. The feedback from staff that accompanied them expressed how impeccable their behaviour was, I love hearing such feedback as crew leader! It sounds like a great day was had by all. I also managed to get my hands on some gorgeous photos by Harvey and Olivia from the fieldwork.

Monday morning we took on the challenge of walking a mile in crew to promote sport within school. Luckily the sun was shining and C26 had a pleasant 4 lap walk around the 4G court.

Leading our Own Learning’

Students seem to be settling well into their chosen pathways on a Wednesday afternoon. I can’t wait to see them expand and further their knowledge in whichever path they are following. 

Keep up the good work guys!

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson

E26 Edale Fieldwork Friday 17th

Sun, sun, sun!

The weather forecast for our fieldwork on Friday is looking lovely at 25 degrees C – a bit of cloud at first but then sunshine from midday onwards.

Please make sure that E26 come prepared for this with suncream, hat, and cool breathable clothing to cover shoulders and avoid sunburn – there is limited shade so students need to come prepared for the weather. Water is also essential – they need to have enough to last all day as there is nowhere to refill.

Please see the KIT LIST from the original website post for what to bring.

E26 ‘Hold Back The River’ Peak District Fieldwork

Year 9’s current expedition ‘Hold Back the River’ has the guiding question, ‘how does water shape our world?’ 

During this expedition, our geography content is focusing on river characteristics from source to mouth, river processes, formation of landforms as well as the cause, impacts and responses of flooding. As part of this, we are applying the theory of river processes and characteristics to the field. 

On Friday 17th June, students will visit Edale in the Peak District, they will work together to collect data regarding the width, depth, velocity and load of rivers. We will also be capturing the beauty of a river by completing artwork.  This data collection will allow us to accept or reject our hypothesis once we have analysed our data in our maths lessons. 

Students will need to arrive at school no later than 8:15am so that the register and kit check can be completed before leaving school.

3 Peak District waterfall walks not to miss

It is also essential that all students bring all of the kit on the KIT LIST so that they are fully prepared for the fieldwork; this includes a packed lunch and water to drink. Students will need to ensure they have suitable walking boots/trainers as well as wellies or a pair of trainers they can get wet – we’ll be going in the river to collect the data!  If there are any problems in getting the appropriate kit before this, please email your child’s Crew Leader. 

Students will be returning to school for 3:15pm (if traffic allows). Please ensure that you complete the ‘Medical Form’ which will be given to students this week and return it to Crew Leaders/expedition teachers as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance for your support with this!

Link to KIT LIST

Chocs away! C26 working hard to raise funds for Save The Children

Our C26 / Year 9 GCSE Spanish students have been working hard to promote a charity fundraising initiative in aid of Save The Children, as part of our current work on Fair Trade, social equity and child poverty in Latin America. This involved students embracing activism – by producing and displaying posters in both schools – leadership of the fundraising, and equity by ensuring that all of their peers had the opportunity to guess the number of Fair Trade chocolates in a jar. At £1.00 a go, the winner with the closest guess to the actual number of chocolates would get to keep them and the jar.

This afternoon we can reveal that Miss Cade and Crew DaVinci won the chocolates in XPE School, (split with Mr Voltaire and Mr Wilmot), and Imogen correctly guessed that there were 56 chocolates in XP School’s jar. As a result of our students’ compassion they raised a total of £60.77 for Save The Children. What a great way to end this term!

Crew Frank Blog!

These last few weeks in crew we have been thinking hard about our upcoming GCSEs and next steps. Watching the year 11’s has made us think about what we want our year 11 to look like and how we can get there. 

We decided we want our year 11 to feel like:

  • Our year 9
  • We don’t want to be stressed and worried
  • Organised

To be organised in year 11 we are going to ensure we stay on top of our work and plan our revision. 

We are going to be working hard to make sure we get there! 

Thomas and Mackenzie!

Forward thinking!

Over the past few weeks Crew have been thinking carefully about what they may like to do after their time at XP East. They have spent time researching different forms of education that are offered post 16. Many have looked into A-levels, apprenticeships, T-levels and BTEC options. This is all to support their next chapter at XP East when going on to year 10 and then 11. Some even revisited and added to their previous research on careers they may want to pursue. 

Crew Rowling also did a spot of litter picking during one of our afternoon sessions. It was great to see them working together as a team while looking after our environment and getting some fresh air!

We will update you more on the next steps towards GCSE’s in the coming weeks.

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson 🙂

Watch me rise!

As you will know, year 9 have undertaken their passage presentations over the past couple of weeks and as crew leader I have been absolutely blown away. The outstanding craftsmanship and quality has shone through each and every one of Crew Rowling’s presentations.

This has been a turbulent journey and I’m sure that crew will agree that there have been plenty of ups and downs while preparing for their passage presentations. The preparations have taken, what seems like a lifetime but I am very proud of the determination and resilience that each student has shown. The professionalism that each student showed was incredible and it was very clear that passage meant a lot to them. 

There were a few nerves leading up to their presentations for some but the amazing friendships and support from crew really shone through with daily debriefs about the passage presentations from the night before and some even stayed behind to give moral support to other crew members. This was something that did not go unnoticed by other staff and experts that joined us. 

Here’s just a few snaps I managed to get along the way…

I am incredibly proud of each and every single member of Crew Rowling and we had a 100% pass rate which was incredible!!

Huge well done once again, I can’t wait to watch you all take on the next chapter at XP East.

Mrs Barnes

C26 – Thackray Museum of Medicine Fieldwork

Students in C26/Year 9 will be visiting the Thackray Museum of Medicine in Leeds.

We are venturing out on 2 separate days as part of their current expedition ‘You Give Me Fever’. 

XP East – Tuesday 15th March 2022

XP Wednesday – 16th March  2022

The primary purpose of the visit is to explore the galleries which will help students get to grips with the science behind disease, and the state of public health when Victoria was on the throne. This opportunity to travel back through time and meet key figures in the fight against disease will support the learning on how its history can help us inform the very current issues we face today.

Oh wait there is more…  Alongside this amazing experience, we are also booked on a workshop that looks at the following – Does history always move in a straight line? Is innovation always straightforward? This engaging talk uses events and changes throughout medical history to consider the past, present and future of medicine.

We will be departing at around 9:00 AM and returning at approximately 15:00 PM.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch unless they access free school meals, in which case school will provide one for them. 

Students will need to dress appropriately and in line with the school dress code. As we will be walking around the museum, comfortable footwear is required.

Usual school rules will apply in terms of mobile phones and these should not be used by students on the bus. Students may wish to take devices such as iPads to take any photographs or to make notes.

If your child needs to take any medication, please inform their Crew Leader so that any necessary arrangements can be made. 

All medication should be labelled with their name, and passed to a member of staff.

If you have any questions about the day, feel free to contact me at [email protected] 

Bit of History!

The museum building has a long and chequered history.

It first opened in 1861 as the purpose-built Leeds Union Workhouse, a harsh and unwelcoming home for poor and homeless people with nowhere else to go. Over the years, new buildings were gradually added to the workhouse complex, including a separate infirmary.

Click Pic for more info…

Aiming high in all we do!

As you may remember, before Christmas Crew Rowling were raising money for our chosen local charity Big C Little Warrior and Rhys volunteered to cut his hair to raise funds for them to go towards hair accessories for those going through cancer treatment and potential hair loss from this.

A few weeks ago, Crew were surprised and humbled to receive a sweet parcel each from Big C Little Warrior as a thank you along with a lovely card which now is pride of place on our Crew wall.

This week we were so pleased to be able to welcome Annette Powell into our Crew at XP East for a short visit. Annette wanted to come and personally thank Crew Rowling for the amazing fundraising achievement and we were very proud to be able to present Annette with the money we raised which totalled £720! It’s amazing to think how many people this will support, making a very difficult time that little bit more bearable.

We can’t wait to continue supporting Big C Little Warrior even more in the future.

Meanwhile, time is ticking closer and closer to Crew getting the chance to share their Passage Presentations. It’s been great to hear snippets of conversations regarding their thoughts on what they may want to do after their GCSEs. They have all given each other so much support throughout this process and this for us as their Crew leaders makes us very proud. They have all worked so hard on these and I can’t wait to watch the final polished products.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson

Crew Rowling’s XPionage

Over the past couple of weeks E26 have been tasked with a secret mission. Their mission was to collect information on a member of their class (pioneer or explorer) and to produce a positive statement about them which would remain anonymous. The aim of this was to reboot crew after the Christmas holidays.

Here is what the secret spies observed…

‘Logan has worked really hard throughout the week in all sessions. Mainly quietly getting on with his work, showing respect, and occasionally helping people who are stuck on the work, showing compassion. In Art especially, he shows Craftsmanship and Quality in all areas of the work and his book.’

‘Lydia worked well in HUMS lessons on Wednesday, she always gets on with her work and is good at partner work. Even though she may be quiet she is always ready if anyone else needs help.’

‘Lily worked hard in all sessions this week. During the week, she has had an excellent work ethic and worked hard. She got most, if not all, work done and to a high degree. I believe this is a great start to the term and the year of 2022.’

‘Harvey has shown respect to everyone and he is not scared to tell you if you did something wrong he is always there to help people. For example, today he helped clean the classroom after doing art and he always has got time to play a game of chess with anyone during break and sometimes lunch.’

‘Ben has worked incredibly hard during these couple of weeks, without particularly being noticed for it. In HUMs, Ben created some beautiful work regarding annotating texts. During active lunch, Ben worked very hard in Dodge-ball, and did very well. And of course, Ben always works hard and always creates great work!’

‘Thomas has worked very hard in maths this week. He has also been very attentive in lessons such as Spanish and HUMS. In Maths, Thomas has shown compassion as he was helping others once he had finished his own work.’

‘Shawn has worked hard in all lessons this week. In class, Shawn answers a lot of questions, which shows courage. In Maths, he has worked hard and completed the work to get onto and finish the pushing for 4 and above worksheets. In HUMs, he produces a good quality of work, all the time, and is very compassionate as he helps others with their work in lessons such as Spanish where others get confused. Others around him are always laughing, which shows that he is a great person to be around.’

‘Cerrina has been helpful in Crew. She always has my back and tries to help me. She participates in most sessions and is kind.’

‘Charlotte has knuckled down in passage and has been asking older years to help her with it. In maths I feel she has also been working really hard with our new teacher Mr Hamilton, she’s working really hard with getting on with her GCSE work.’

‘Rhys has been trying harder in lessons to get the work done as every time i look up he has been having his head down. I haven’t heard anything negative about Rhys’ behaviour in sessions which is amazing and an outstanding improvement.’

‘Faith has worked really hard by writing a lot of notes down when told to .She has also been really respectful in most sessions by always listening to the person who is speaking. Faith has shown craftsmanship and quality by keeping her book neat.’

‘Layton worked really hard in HUMs this week. We were learning about diseases in the past and he ‘got smart’ by asking questions and talking to his partner, Robert. In art, Layton showed craftsmanship and quality by keeping his art book and work tidy. In PE, Layton showed respect by listening and following instructions.’

It has been great to see all of the positive comments for each person.

I also wanted to congratulate Faith and Harvey on successfully gaining places on the Doncaster Youth Council where they will be representing XP and XPE. I am very proud that 3 out of the 5 candidates were from our crew, they all did a great job!

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson