Introducing XP’s Own Army Expert!

Today in HUMAN, 7Explorer were lucky enough to have a visit from a particularly special expert!  Ethan, who is one of XP’s first cohort of students to take their GCSEs, came to speak to us about applying for jobs in the army and the qualities needed to be a successful soldier.

Ethan is joining the army in March when he will start his training as a soldier in the Royal Engineers.

Ethan talked to us about what inspired him to join the army, what his roles and responsibilities will be and what his daily routine will be like.  He also explained what duties the role of being both a medic and an engineer would include.

We were fascinated to hear that he will have to share a dormitory with 11 other soldiers and get up at 5am!  We were shocked to hear that you can have one hour on your X Box each evening to help you unwind!

Ethan spoke clearly about needing qualities such as compassion, respect and craftsmanship and quality. Shawn said, ‘It’s just like crew!’

We then shared examples of our job descriptions and asked Ethan to choose a job to apply for.  Ethan said he would apply for all of them as he was impressed with persuasive devices used, such as Sam’s rhetorical questions, and the clear explanations of the character traits that are needed.

7Explorer would like to appreciate Ethan for taking his time to talk us. We have invited him back once he has started his training to let us know how he is getting on.

Good luck, Ethan!

Case Study 1: United We Stand!

Today in HUMAN, 7Explorer have been working extremely hard writing their final copy of a World War 1 job description.

Students’ task was to compose a piece of persuasive writing to encourage men to enlist in the army. They had to include a range of persuasive literary devices such as rhetorical questions, alliteration and powerful vocabulary to make their adverts appealing.

All students were focussed in sessions and were praised and appreciated for their sustained levels of concentration and productivity.

Take a look at what working hard and getting smart in 7Explorer looked like!

Immersion Week: 7Explorer are on it!

Today, 7Explorer started Immersion Week in preparation for their first expedition at XP East.

Students watched two mystery pieces which might be linked to the theme of the expedition.

Take a look at one of the clips:

From this, students had to make notes about what they noticed, wondered and any questions they would like to ask to further their thinking.

All 7Explorer were 100% focussed on their learning.

In addition to this, take a look at the levels of Craftsmanship and Quality.  I’m sure you’ll agree that the standard of presentation is excellent!

Well done, Explorer!