E26 are creating beautiful work in their art sessions

E26 pupils have been using watercolour paints to create beautiful sunsets and silhouettes inspired by African landscapes.

I am extremely impressed with E26 and their enthusiasm to create their artwork. We have some very talented young people at XP East! Well done!

PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE FOR THIS EVENT (now on Tuesday 17th December, not Thursday 19th as previously stated)

E26 (Year 7) will be holding the Presentation of Learning for their current expedition ‘Over the Top!’ on Tuesday 17th December, 5.30-6:30pm at XP East.

Students have been working extremely hard throughout their expedition and have been working on answering the guiding question: ‘Does war unite or divide?’

This will be their first formal opportunity at XP East to share their learning with parents, carers and visitors and we very much look forward to seeing you there.

E26 Fieldwork to Leeds Armouries

E26 had a fantastic time at the Leeds Armouries Museum on Tuesday. All students were a credit to the school and definitely met all our HOWLs and character traits while there.


We had time to explore the museum and have a look at some of the fantastic artefacts that we on display. We were lucky enough to be able to watch a rifle fire display which was based around WW2 but the experts explain the links and similarities between the weapons which were used.

After lunch, students took part in two workshops – one was a handling session where students could try on uniforms and explore the weapons and equipment that was used in the trenches to get a better understanding of trench life.  Students then got to experience training thanks to our very own Captain – he certainly put the students to the test! We learnt about the Pals Battalions and their roles in the war and how the soldiers would’ve been trained and treated during the war. I had the pleasure of accompanying Pioneer in the afternoon and I was so proud of how involved they’ve got in answering and asking questions – they will certainly Get Smart with this attitude!

It certainly was a brilliant day and the conduct of the students was great!


E26 Fieldwork Tuesday 19/11/19

This week, all students in E26 will be going on fieldwork for their expedition on Tuesday 19th November. They will need to arrive at school for normal time and should be back at the end of the school day. We will be travelling about 45 minutes away in a coach so please give students who experience travel sickness any medication if necessary and/or bring it with them for the journey home (please hand into staff).

Students will need:

  • a warm coat (we will be inside for most of the day but will spend a period of time outdoors)
  • a packed lunch and drink (there will be nowhere for students to buy this so it is vital they bring this with them – FSM students will be provided for by school).
  • blue/black pens
  • a bag to carry the above in.

Students are not allowed sweets or fizzy drinks.

Image result for question mark

We will reveal the location on the day to the students, but for now – keep guessing!



E26 Pioneer Have a Gander at Propaganda

This week 7 Pioneer began their History learning target which is based around a source analysis of propaganda. We started the week by following a Gallery Walk protocol, so we took a break from the classroom to have a look at numerous First World War propaganda posters and make notices, wonders and questions about them. Once back in the classroom, we discussed our thoughts and then learnt about why and how propaganda was used in the Great War.

We then analysed and annotated two posters looking at the messages behind them.

We explored and explained how the body language, facial expressions and the language used would persuade and convince people to enlist whilst placing the poster into the context of the time. Next for 7 Pioneer is to look at a written WAGOLL of a source analysis in order for them to understand the structure before they write their own. All students work fantastically well at this and were so focused and insightful in their analysis – keep it up!

E26 HUMAN Fieldwork

E26 will be going on fieldwork on Tuesday 19/11/19.

We will be visiting a mystery location approximately 45 minutes away from school.

Students will need to arrive at school at normal time and should be back by the end of the school day.


More details will be released next week – so keep checking the website!

This week 7Pioneer have undertaken their first ever Learning Target in Hums which is ‘I can write an imaginative piece of informative, persuasive writing’

Working and learning in secondary school may feel like a big step step up from primary school for the class and although at first completing this learning target seemed like a huge mountain to climb, they all reached the top!

This piece of writing was in the form of a job advertisement and description of a role in the First World War such as the Navy, Royal Engineers or Royal Flying Corps. It was great seeing the students explain the roles and responsibilities, skills, qualities and requirements for each job.

Here they are in action – super focused and working hard to create beautiful work!

Welcome to Hums 7Pioneer!

It’s been fantastic meeting 7Pioneer this week. We’ve kicked off our immersion week by learning new protocols such as ‘Notice, Wonder, Question’ and ‘Gallery Walk’. However,  I think the highlight of our week was our visit from our expert, who brought in lots of artefacts from the First World War.

It was wonderful to see how curious and interested the students were in finding out more  about the items. The discussions they were having and the questions they asked were really impressive. Take a look for yourself!

I’m really looking forward to getting to know the students in this class more and starting this expedition with them. I’m sure they’ll all work hard, get smart and be kind and we’ll have a great time!