This week 7Pioneer have undertaken their first ever Learning Target in Hums which is ‘I can write an imaginative piece of informative, persuasive writing’

Working and learning in secondary school may feel like a big step step up from primary school for the class and although at first completing this learning target seemed like a huge mountain to climb, they all reached the top!

This piece of writing was in the form of a job advertisement and description of a role in the First World War such as the Navy, Royal Engineers or Royal Flying Corps. It was great seeing the students explain the roles and responsibilities, skills, qualities and requirements for each job.

Here they are in action – super focused and working hard to create beautiful work!

Welcome to Hums 7Pioneer!

It’s been fantastic meeting 7Pioneer this week. We’ve kicked off our immersion week by learning new protocols such as ‘Notice, Wonder, Question’ and ‘Gallery Walk’. However,  I think the highlight of our week was our visit from our expert, who brought in lots of artefacts from the First World War.

It was wonderful to see how curious and interested the students were in finding out more  about the items. The discussions they were having and the questions they asked were really impressive. Take a look for yourself!

I’m really looking forward to getting to know the students in this class more and starting this expedition with them. I’m sure they’ll all work hard, get smart and be kind and we’ll have a great time!