Half Term Opening: Y11 Revision Sessions

As we prepare Y11 for the final push towards GCSEs, school will be open during the half-term break for the following extra support sessions:

Wednesday 12th April 9.30 – 3pm

Maths Higher with Mr Elliot

XP/XPE students


Thursday 13th April 

9.30am-12pm XP Students: English with Mrs Desborough

12.45pm-3pm XPE Students: English with Mrs Desborough


Friday 14th April

9.30am-12.30pm XPE Students: History with Mrs Hannam/Mrs Elliot

1pm-4pm XP Students: History with Mrs Hannam/Mrs Elliot

1pm-4pm XPE Students: Citizenship with Mrs Burrows


Attendance is very much encouraged.

Thank you.

Year 11 Extended Study Support Sessions

Dear Families of students in Year 11,

Further to the Spring Newsletter which you will have received earlier in the year, please find the attached letter which details some additions to our current offer of Extended Study and study support. This will come into effect fully after next weeks mock exams and leading up to the start of the summer GCSE examinations which begin during the next half term.

Best wishes,

Mr Voltaire

Crew Rashford – End of Term Blog

Well what a term this has been – Pack to the brim and much more to come!

As we head into term 3 students staff have more exciting activities planned to help embed learning. 

Up and coming – DofE expedition planning and adventures coming up this June and plenty of Fieldwork too.

We have finished the First Aid section of our Bronze DofE. Parents will be invited into school to discuss our expedition and overnight camp out- look out for the letter soon!

Here are some of Crew Rashford  – playing out a scenario from their learning in DofE during our POL. 


Praise Stars are:

⭐️ Callum 

⭐️ Isabelle 

⭐️ Manveer 

⭐️ Emma

⭐️ Holly 

What an awesome achievement, showing their XP HoWLs to the max!

100% Attendance stars: 

⭐️ Zak

⭐️ Sofiya

⭐️ Emma

⭐️ Keegan

⭐️ Jayden

Absolutely blown away by their efforts this term! Well done to all of you!

Lets see if we can make a real effort next term and all of crew achieve 100%. That would be AWESOME!


We have been working really really hard on passage presentations, working together and independently to ensure they are spot on! 

Parents – Look out first week back for an invite to the presentations  – I look forward to see you all soon.

Have a well earned lovely Easter break and hope the sunshines soon! 🐣😎.

Mrs Watson

C29 XPD Outdoors – Lakeside Walk

XP Outdoors took full advantage of the sunshine on Monday. We headed out in our classes and embarked on a little adventure to Lakeside – one of our favourite spots.

Students paired and shared creative sorties, interpretive dance and songs.

This is an awesome opportunity to develop confidence and learn new interesting things about ourselves.

We took the opportunity to also incorporate a little bit of fun! 

Here are Hill Rolling  – even Mrs Watson had a roll down the hill! 😵‍💫

I look forward to seeing you in next term for more outdoors learning and crew building activities.

Mrs Watson

a little thing means a lot!

I really want to appreciate Callum in E25 Year 11 for tidying up the pile of trays this lunchtime. He spotted that others had left their trays in a heap and sorted it out without any fuss. It’s the little things, such as random acts of kindness like this, that mean a lot!

Last Day of Term – Friday 31st March 2023.

Just a quick reminder to parents and carers that school will close for students at 1.30pm on Friday 31st March 2023.

This will allow staff to De-Gunge the school and prep for the start of the new term.

There will be no facilities for students to stay after 1.30pm.

(except for Miss O’Grady’s BTEC exam students who will have been informed individually).

We hope you have a wonderful Easter break.

Best wishes. XP and XP East Office

Mountain High!

Crew Rowling have once again been busy over the last few weeks. Cerrina, Thomas and Harvey were presented with certificates for their writing achievements during our E26 ‘awesomeness’ community meeting.

Some of our crew members have started up a chess club at lunch, they even attempted to teach me how to play. It is great to see such positivity between students at lunchtime while playing chess. I pledge to attempt to learn how to play chess in the near future so that I can join in!

Some of our crew members also were selected to join a breakfast for students who consistently have really great behaviour. The criteria for these breakfasts will change each term so that everyone has the opportunity to be selected to attend but for this term the students who were selected and attended were Logan, Shawn, Harvey and Cerrina. All of the students who were selected to attend were praised in our community meeting, along with Shawn showing off his hot chocolate skills.

Another great opportunity that I would like to highlight was that two of our crew members attended an event for the premier of the Flying Scotsman documentary. After the event an email was received by Mrs Burns praising the students who attended for their manners and general engagement with the event, so a huge well done to Layton and Cerrina for being asked to attend and for how they conducted themselves.

I have also heard amazing feedback about how much effort crew are putting into their sessions, especially their upcoming English speaking exams. From the snippets I have seen they will do great!

I am also pleased to see that every single member of crew has received praise points in the last few days. There is certainly a positive buzz around students in E26 at the moment and how hard they are working. 

Keep it up everyone, you are all amazing!

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson 🙂

C28 Macbeth Production

It is is two days until ‘curtain up’ for our C28 production of Macbeth!

We have been working so hard to create a beautiful performance area, hand crafting stage setting, designing programmes, not to mention the hours of rehearsal times, to present how the characters display power throughout the play.

We will be providing refreshments on the evening, running a raffle and will be asking for donations on the evening. If you have any unwanted gifts, or any items that could be donated to add to the raffle prizes, please drop them off at the school reception and we will gladly add them to our bundle. 

If you do have any spare change on the evening, we would sincerely appreciate your support, investing in our school and the opportunity for additional performing arts. in the future. 

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes” 

Miss Buckley