Crew Malala Mindful Painting

Crew Malala spent a Crew session quietly creating beautiful art in watercolours. We put on some quiet music – pianist Ludovico Einaudi – and losing ourselves in colours and creativity. During our debrief, students said how much they enjoyed the activity and that it’s something they’d like to do on a regular basis.

Mrs. Batty/Mrs. Collinson

E29 – Experts Visiting on Wednesday

We are very lucky to have the Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Brass Band visiting school this week to support our Y7 expedition.

Y7 Explorer and Pioneer are invited to come back into school (on the XP Stairs) on Wednesday 7th September from 7:30 – 8:30pm.

Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band (currently ranked 9th in the world!) have agreed to be involved with us again this year and support our students, which is amazing.

Y7 Students and their parents / guardians are invited to come in and watch an hour of the band’s rehearsal so we can use this experience during our work in Music in the coming weeks. This will be a great opportunity to see world class musicians at their best.

Any questions please email Mr Robins at [email protected]

Best wishes,

Mr Robins.

Carlton Main Frickley Band rehearsing in our school on Monday evening in preparation for Wednesday.
CMFCB in full flow in a previous performance.

E28 Fieldwork to Potteric Carr

On Tuesday the 12th of July, XPE year 7 students will be going on fieldwork to the nature reserve Potteric Carr in Doncaster. This will take place within school hours; students need to be on time for crew to register as normal and they will be back for a debrief during session 5. Students will be lead by an expert lead into the different species’ habitats that exist in Potteric Carr. We will have the opportunity to explore these habitats, and see the species we have been researching in person. We will study how these species have adapted to suit their environment, this will be followed with lots of time for questions. We should finish our morning with a guided meditation session before we head back on the bus to debrief our day. As we have been studying about animal habitats during our current expedition this is a great opportunity for E28. I have attached a kit list here to help students prepare for the day and weather. Any questions please contact myself or your child’s crew leader.