Explorering Science in year 8

8 Explorer took some time out of their Art sessions last week to work on some Physics content. They took to the tennis courts to explore a range of hypotheses based around speed. It turns out that running was scientifically proven to be faster than cartwheeling. Check out Cody trundling along below.

Even MORE Beautiful Work from E25!

This time, the beautiful work has come from E25 Explorer in Science!

Explorer have been working hard on understanding DNA – And these are just some examples of the Craftsmanship and Quality of learning taking place in Mr V’s classroom this morning.

This is an example of a quality diagram from Kris of a DNA Nucleotide – a building block of our DNA.

And some beautiful examples of the double helix that DNA molecules form, from Lucie, Billy, Faith, Lewis and Caiden !

Keep up the fantastic work!!

Miss Cocliff & Mr Voltaire 🙂

E24 Silent Conversation

Silent and super speed conversation by E24 Explorer to revise and consolidate our understanding of stave 3 in A Christmas Carol.

Having previously read, annotated and analysed key parts of the stave over a series of lessons, this was an excellent opportunity to not only recall specific ideas and events, but to assess our understanding of the ideas we’ve been working on.

Great effort today, Explorer!