XP East Laying down the Law!

What a fantastic two days students across XP and XP East have had!

On Tuesday, Citizenship students, who have been studying the role of the police, and their year group were involved in 3 seminars from Doncaster Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue. These included Road Safety, Gun and Knives and Exploitation. 

After a fantastic Tuesday, things only got more exciting here at XPE today…
Students listened to a talk regarding Dog Handling and were introduced to not one, but two real life police dogs! Isn’t Hudson wonderful?
If that wasn’t enough, students were given time to ask all their pressing questions in a Q&A session. Students also experienced all the equipment police officers are trained to use, including riot gear and operating police cars.
A fantastic two days had by all students and staff! #WeAreCrew

Not running this week

8th March 2022K Burns

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D6 is paused for this weekend as we have staff days on Friday and Monday. Most year 11 students are in school for the staff days so it would be unfair to ask them to also attend school on a Saturday.

D6 will be running as normal next week, Saturday 19th March and moving forward for both year 11 & year 10. With only a few weeks left before GCSEs start please encourage your student to attend. Just 6 sessions can make a huge difference to outcomes for students committed to improving their grades.

Even MORE Beautiful Work from E25!

This time, the beautiful work has come from E25 Explorer in Science!

Explorer have been working hard on understanding DNA – And these are just some examples of the Craftsmanship and Quality of learning taking place in Mr V’s classroom this morning.

This is an example of a quality diagram from Kris of a DNA Nucleotide – a building block of our DNA.

And some beautiful examples of the double helix that DNA molecules form, from Lucie, Billy, Faith, Lewis and Caiden !

Keep up the fantastic work!!

Miss Cocliff & Mr Voltaire 🙂

Beautiful Work in E25!

I’ve been SUPER impressed with E25 since I’ve worked with them this year! The quality of work being produced is astounding – both in sessions, and outside of the classroom too!

Check out some examples below from Denim in History, and Mollie and Fin in maths, demonstrating excellent Craftsmanship & Quality across subjects.

I’ve also experienced a wonderful gallery walk – Miss Cross transported us to the silent floor of Brumley Museum – some great silent conversations, excellent notices, questions, and wonders!

And finally, I wanted to highlight a beautiful piece of work from Jess R. Jess has been working on this in her own time, as horses are a big interest – but look at the detail on this artwork. Phenomenal – excellent work Jess!!!!

Keep it up, year 10 – I look forward to seeing what you achieve this year!

Miss Cocliff x