E24: Getting started: History Revision Guides

Students this week have been given their own copy of the revision guide for our History exam board OCR B SHP History. All students should have named their copy so that if they are misplaced they can be returned. Students are encouraged to annotate and highlight the guide as they carry out their revision. 

The revision guide has a number of different topics, however, students will need to focus on the following sections for revision: 

  • The Elizabethans 
  • The People’s Heath 
  • Living under Nazi Rule

The locations of these topics can be found in the contents page. We would recommend in general students start by revising The People’s Health as well as focusing on page 88 in order to prepare for the upcoming assessment in lessons.

If any student has been absent when these revision guides were handed out, they can see myself or Mrs Hannam directly and we will make sure they get their copy. 

A further revision guide focusing on the Viking Expansion will be issued to students in the coming weeks.

GCSE Psychology students are on it!

Our GCSE Psychology group have had a brilliant start to the year. Mrs Pulham and I have been super impressed with how focussed everyone’s been and how hard they’ve all been working.

It’s hard to stay on task for 2 hours, especially when the emphasis is on being leaders of your own learning and undertaking a series of self-study tasks, but these lot are absolutely smashing it!

It’s fantastic to see our Y10 and Y11 students supporting each other in these sessions, demonstrating that the power of Crew is embedded into everything we do.

Mrs Parker & Mrs Pulham

Tranquil Tuesday

Crew Obama spent Tranquil Tuesday updating their books, and catching up on some private reading. Reading is one of the most effective ways to raise performance in humanities, so AR time is highly valued here. We also worked in teams to apply our reading skills to a set of instructions to construct some new furniture for our crew room, which turned out to be trickier than expected!

New College Taster Day Monday 27th September

Posted on behalf of Mrs Burns, Careers Lead: 
Today again Scott Faulkner from New College delivered a presentation to our year 10&11 cohort.  I can now confirm that there is an opportunity for all our C24 & C25 students from both schools to attend the NCD taster day on the 27th September.
Could all students complete the form below for the taster day at New College on Monday 27th September. They need to choose 3 options and then a 4th standby. This information needs to be completed by Monday and prospectuses have been shared. The links to the college for both taster day  options and the online prospectus are below.
Please encourage your students to choose sessions they think they will enjoy or are intrigued by rather than in friendship groups, this is an important opportunity to try out before they enrol. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me. Crew Leaders will also be able to support and advise.
On the day we will be picked up by a coach at XP schools and taken to New College, we need to ensure all students leave from XP. Lunch is provided by college which I am excited about. They will attend 3 sessions and return to school by the usual finish time.

C26 (Y9) Bronze DofE

C26 (Y9) across both schools have made a the first steps toward achieving their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award!

Students, with the support and guidance of dedicated DofE Leaders and Crew Leaders, will spend time each week working on a programme of activities which include:

  • Skills: students will be undertaking a 3 month First Aid programme.
  • Volunteering: students will spend 6 months raising money for their Crew charities, becoming reading mentors to younger students and litter picking around our community.
  • Physical: 3 months of undertaking any sporting activity done as part of an organised club out of school, or by joining any of the after school clubs which will be launching soon!)
  • Expedition: planning for and undertaking 2 days/1 night hiking expedition (dependant on Covid restrictions at the time).

Find out more here!

By the end of the academic year students should have done enough to have achieved their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Students are expected to achieve all sections of their Bronze award programme unless they have a valid reason not to.

The DofE programme forms a crucial part of the Trust’s Outdoor Curriculum, and we are extremely grateful to the FXP for their continued support and fundraising efforts to ensure that we are able to purchase the Bronze welcome packs and enrol every student onto the DofE award scheme.  The welcome packs will be delivered to your home addresses after students have registered on the eDofE app and include a handy discount card for outdoor specialist shops!

If you have any questions specifically about the Bronze award, please contact your child’s Crew Leader, or you can contact me (Angella Parker) direct: [email protected]

*Just a note to add we have plans in place for C24 and C25 to complete the expedition element of their DofE award later this year! 

Year 10, week 1&2

It doesn’t feel right typing that my crew are in year 10(!!!!), entering their fourth year at the school, and their final two years at XP. We spent the first week back working together in crew, where we asked ourselves ‘how can we prepare for the next climb?’

One of the activities we partook in an intercrew competition, discussing strategies and cheering each other on while we completed the minute to win it tasks. While the activities were a little daft, it was nice to see crews circling up to strategize and making sure everyone was included.

On the Friday of the week we spent in crew, we were fortunate enough to get to walk the Monsal Trail. It was quite a physically demanding route at times, but the compassion I saw from my lovely ‘care bears/photographers’; Jess and Charlotte, was phenomenal. I’d like to give them a special mention for carrying others bags, slowing their own pace to help others catch up, and their supportive words during the route.

I’d also like to give Sami a special mention, he had the opportunity to flex his GCSE Geography skills as our navigator, and I felt he did a great job!

The walk was a great practice for the Y10s Duke of Edinburgh award, that I’m hoping that most my crew will opt to do this year. I took a tonne of pictures and videos on the day which I’ve compiled below:

Back in our new Crew Room in week 2, we discussed what is required of us over the upcoming two years with GCSEs approaching. We looked at how we procrastinate, and how we can start drip feeding a little revision into our habits at home to start the following two years right. Also, we celebrated Callum’s 15th Birthday the only way we know how – with chocolate fudge cake and lemon drizzle cake for the quirkier members of my crew.

That’s us checked into Y10!

Year 10 Immersion Fieldwork to the Royal Armouries

Students in Year 10 took part in a wonderful visit to the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds yesterday. The purpose of Immersion is exactly that; to immerse students into the subject content that they will be exploring throughout this expedition. Going on fieldwork is just one of the ways we build curiosity and give students a visceral experience to get them to begin making connections between different subjects and the real world.

In this visit we were given a guided tour of the WW2 ‘Firefight’ exhibition and a handling session based on the theme of choice where students were able to hold and explore different weapons and artefacts from both WW1 and WW2.

Our students conduct and attitude to learning was exemplary and they really did our school proud. Well done, Year 10. Let’s see what comes next…

Crew Parkinson: How can we, as a crew, prepare ourselves for our next climb? 

Written by Aaron, Ava, Lacey, Kris, Rosie, Dylan, Florence, Marcus, Harvey and Bob. 

It was a welcoming and fun start of the new school year. We settled back into the Crew talking to everyone as we had our Crew breakfast. This helped us to settle back in and get used to being in Crew again. Then we did Mandala drawings to put up on the Crew wall for everyone to see, we drew images and patterns to represent our identity. Near the end, we did Minute to Win It games with the year group… our crew came last in them, but spirits we still high. 

On Tuesday we played Sportshall games with the year group. During this we did multiple games to strengthen our team work and healthy competition between the Crews. Crew Parkinson and Crew Anoa’i managed to win one round with some amazing dives by the alliance piloted by Marcus.

We then had a Careers session to make a charity and research the careers and job roles needed to start the charity. We did this activity to understand the different roles and qualifications needed in different career paths, for example we needed advertisers, fundraisers, medical professionals and accountants. We talked about how one of the ‘climbs’ of this year will be starting our GCSEs and the future ahead and began thinking about the qualifications we might need for our careers.

The whole year group were given prompts in order to write a letter to our future selves. We did this as part of a ‘solo’. By writing these answers we would be reflecting on our current and past selves to see what we could improve and set ourselves future goals – we’ll see what the future holds! 

On our walk on Friday, we showed lots of character traits, which included: helping Miss Johnson up the steps when she couldn’t get up them, we regrouped on the steep hills, and we overcame the challenge of the two steep and tall hills. This demonstrates that we don’t just give up at the slightest challenge but persevere and support each other, we all hit the ground running, and if we get Crew right, we get everything right!

E24 (Y11) Visit to New College

New College Doncaster were invited to speak to XP East students today as part of their careers programme.

Scott Faulkner, Assistant Principal gave a presentation to E24 in advance of a taster day they will be attending on the 27th September (postponed from July). Students were asked to choose 3 options for the taster day which will be submitted to the college next week after looking at the prospectus they were given.

XP East is the first school to receive this talk and Scott made it clear to students that they should visit and research all local Post 16 provision so they could make an informed choice.

There is an open day on 16th October where students can have a look around and speak to staff and students. Both myself and Scott advised E24 students to apply to several colleges/schools or apprenticeships in their educational journey to Further Education and to be fully aware of the results needed to get there.

As Careers Lead I am also actively engaged in working with other local post 16 providers to ensure the best outcomes for our students.

Today was a timely reintroduction to the purpose of working hard this year as our new year 11s are preparing their road maps to success in their GCSEs and beyond. It has been wonderful this week to listen to the enthusiasm and determination of our young people as they start their last year with XP East. My role will be to support them by giving them the opportunity to make informed decisions for the best outcomes possible.

(Posted on behalf of Mrs Burns)

What a week!

First of all I would like to say how great it has been to be back with crew this week. We have all pulled together and helped each other so much. We were missing a key member of our crew this week as Miss Johnson has been unwell and we wish her a speedy recovery.

The first day back we completed crew challenges against crew Frank, this became quite competitive but we had lots of laughs. Challenges included, magic carpet riding, tennis ball dropping (with your knees), lid moving (no hands), tea bag throwing, balloon and cup game, jigsaw puzzle races, skittle sorting and finding the kings in a deck of cards. I’m sure crew will love filling you in on the ins and outs of these challenges, if they haven’t already. 

During the afternoon we held joint crew dodgeball and corner ball competitions where we were teamed up with crew Mercury. There were some brilliant shows of integrity by those who were out and we ended the day by circling up and sharing apologies, appreciations and stands.

For our second day we went caving and abseiling. This was something that I know some crew members and myself were feeling very apprehensive about but we threw on our waterproofs and headed to the caves. We ended up having a blast and really showed how well we work as a crew by encouraging and supporting each other. We were especially proud of Lily as she decided at the last minute to give caving ago, the smiles on everyone’s faces when she came through the cave entrance was priceless!

After a short coach ride we arrived near the bridge on the Monsal Trail. When we saw the bridge it dawned upon us how extremely high it was and that after around 6 foot the wall of the bridge disappeared, as this was then the arch. This is where most of the panic started to show and that was just from me! There were some who decided they really did not want to complete the abseil but they were a massive support to others by cheering them in and greeting them at the bottom. Layton did well by unhooking everyone’s buckles when they reached the bottom ready to send back up to our guides. Those who did complete the abseil said that they felt a great sense of achievement and I had to agree with them!

Day three was our ‘solo’. For this we walked to Potteric Carr nature reserve and students were given a space and time where they could go through their journal and also reflect on the week and generally themselves. The majority coped with this really well and it was lovely to see them in deep thought. 

In the afternoon as a crew we made a presentation of our week and answered our guiding question which was ‘What does it mean to be ‘crew’?’ This was presented as a product of learning on the stairs at XP east. Each person in the crew contributed by either adding information to the slides, photos, spelling and grammar, arranging the layout or presenting. It was lovely to finally have some parents and guardians be able to join us for this.

Although I am extremely tired as I’m sure the rest of the crew are after this fun packed week, I am looking forward to what this year holds for us.

Mrs Barnes 🙂