Crew Anoa’i: Another Great Week!

Although it was a short week, with only three days for us to continue improving our awesomeness, Crew Anoa’i have managed to bag another great week.

On Tuesday, Crew Anoa’i completed some Maths revision, where we looked at a previous Foundation paper. This made us think about all the work we have done in the past few years at XP East. We then marked our work and set personal targets to work towards.

On Wednesday, instead of going outside to take part in our weekly team building activities, we stayed inside and continued our seasonal colouring whilst having a lovely crew discussion. It was great to spend time with everyone in a calm environment, it was definitely needed.

On Thursday, Crew Anoa’i looked at their student pledges once again but in more detail. We then helped one another to improve them further, ensuring everyone had two detailed pledges. We also wrote our appreciations for the week.

I’m loving crew at the moment. We seem to have settled this year, allowing me to deliver a wide variety of activities each morning. Enjoy your long weekend Crew Anoa’i, see you on Tuesday!

 – Miss Mitchell


Getting smart(er) in our history learning labs

Absolutely fantastic turnout at tonight’s after-school history revision sessions. Great to see Y11 so committed to their learning and already thinking ahead to GCSEs. Creating good study habits now is absolutely crucial.

Here’s the full timetable of learning labs/revision sessions.

Our Saturday morning revision session – D6 – will be back up and running after the October half-term. This will be open to Y10 and Y11.

Mrs Parker

Crew Ali enjoying breakfast with an expert…

This week, Crew Ali shared breakfast together whilst chatting away to Michael Price, a local chef and governor at XP.  Michael told us all about his passion for food, the countries he had visited and why he went into a career in the food industry.

He told us some fascinating stories and information about different foods. Who would have known that there are more than 400 types of pasta in Italy?

A big appreciation to Tom who manned the toaster and to happy birthday to Charlie, who turned 16 this week!

I love leading such a wonderful bunch of young people!

Mrs Elliott


Crew Anoa’i: Weekly Update

Another fantastic week for Crew Anoa’i! I’m seeing such a difference in our crew at the moment. Everyone is attempting tasks in crew time with no hesitation or reluctance. I’m so pleased to see this big change.

On Monday we celebrated Miss Mitchell’s birthday and took on the challenge of learning ‘Origami’, the art of folding paper, often associated with Japanese culture. This activity definitely divided the crew; some struggled to follow the complicated instructions, whilst others were paper-folding magicians! Despite the clear divide, we helped each other follow the instructions, step-by-step, and we all managed to create some origami animals and boats. 

On Tuesday we took some time to revise, looking back at the work we completed last year regarding the Nazis and Hitler’s rise to power. As you can see, everyone got stuck in, sparking some great discussions around the contrasting nature of Nazi Rule in Eastern and Western Europe.

Wednesday was great fun! We went outside again to take part in some team building activities, including: Silent Line Up, Jump In Jump Out and River Crossing. These activities got our brains working, in particular Jump In Jump Out. We had a good laugh with this one, as this activity tested everyone’s coordination. What a great way to start a day!

On Thursday, we looked at the praise log whilst composing our weekly appreciations. We then completed our student pledges, thinking about what we need to work on this term. 

And on Friday, we had our whole school community meeting, where the Attendance League was reintroduced. After one week, Crew Anoa’i are joint 15th with 12 points. I’m not going to lie, it’s not an amazing start, but we can improve on this and we will. This is something we will be working on this term, as the winning crew receives £50 as their prize! 

We’ve got this Crew Anoa’i, let’s win that money!

 – Miss Mitchell


History stars in the making…

History stars in the making…

Our students in Y10 have been working extremely hard in their History sessions over the past two weeks. We have been learning about different aspects of Viking life in their homelands of Scandinavia, from the food they ate to their religious beliefs and the rituals they practiced.

I have been really impressed with their work ethic, contributions to classroom discussion and the craftsmanship and quality of their work.  Check out Logan and Harvey’s beautiful books below!

Next week, Y10 will be working hard planning and completing their first formal assessment on the Vikings. If they continue this level of concentration and continue to graft, I am sure they will be very successful and proud of their achievements.

Keep up the great work Y10!

Praise for 11 Pioneer History

Year 11 have been thrown straight back into it in history – we’ve started our new history unit ‘The People’s Health’ that is a thematic study focusing on how factors such as beliefs, technology, government, wealth and poverty impacted public health from 1250-present day. I’ve been so impressed with Pioneer – particularly in our lessons this week as they have been so focused and motivated to do well. It seems like everyone has their eye on the end of the year and there is definitely an atmosphere of determination and motivation to do well – I’m pleased that they are taking everything in their stride whether it is the mountain of content and knowledge they need to learn or practising their exam technique each lesson, it is all attacked with hard work and a maturity that seems to have developed over the summer.

It’s been wonderful to watch your personalities and academic skills grow over the years since our first lessons in year 7 and I’m sure all this hard work will pay off – and yes Charlie, I may still have my Miss Battle-Axe moments, you’ll thank me for them later!

Miss Hickson

What a Wonderful Week for Crew Parkinson!

I am absolutely thrilled with the attitude that Crew have got now they’re in year 11 – everyone is 100% focused on the end goal and working really hard in sessions to achieve the best they can! It’s been great to know that many of crew are attending after school revision sessions and I’m hearing really positive things about their conduct from teachers. Keep this momentum going – I’m so pleased with you all and you deserve to do well after all the effort you’re putting in to your education. Everyone has already got at least one praise point so far and here’s just some of the praises for Dylan, Lacey, Bob, Callum and Toby have got since the start of term:

Crew Anoa’i: First Full Week Complete!

After a great start last week, Crew Anoa’i have continued to amaze me this week. I’ve  heard nothing but praise for our Year 11s. Crew Anoa’i have had another fantastic week! 

On Monday we took some time to relax and enjoy some seasonal colouring. On Tuesday we completed our ‘to do’ list full of little jobs, ensuring we were ready for the week ahead. 

Wednesday was a great morning! Despite some grey clouds hanging over our heads, we went outside to take part in some team building activities, including: The Human Knot, Crossing The Line and Buzz Off. We even had a few members of Crew Turing join us. It was amazing to see everyone getting involved and having a good laugh with each other. Thank you for joining us Callum, Ralph, Lewis and Tyler!

On Thursday, we had our first Year 11 community meeting where we shared our appreciations with each other. And on Friday, we had our first whole school community meeting, the perfect opportunity to share more appreciations. 

A special shout out to Jacob Sutton for his hard work this week. He has started Year 11 with such determination and a fire to succeed. I’m so pleased to hear so many positive comments around his work ethic and contributions in sessions. Keep up the good work, Jacob!

Crew Anoa’i are smashing it so far, let’s keep going. Here’s to next week!

 – Miss Mitchell


C26 (Y10) & C25 (Y11) – what a cracking start!

What an absolutely cracking start to the year. Both year groups across both schools have been absolutely on it! Some of our Y10 students are already getting smart by creating revision resources to help them over the next 2 years, whilst our Y11s have come back ready to work hard for their GCSEs.

This week we held our first year group community meetings and, as you can see from the slides below, we already have lots to celebrate!

Year 10 Appreciation Slides:

Year 11 Appreciation Slides:

Crew blogs:

Your child’s Crew Leader will keep you up to date with what’s happening in crew via their crew blogs. You can find these here:

Crew Blessed Crew Frank
Crew KahloCrew Obama
Crew PankhurstCrew Mercury
Crew ThunbergCrew Rowling
X25 E25
Crew PiperCrew Ali
Crew Rosa ParkesCrew Anoa’i
Crew Stan LeeCrew Parkinson
Crew TomlinsonCrew Turing

A couple of reminders:

We have asked all students to re-familiarise themselves with our dress code policy. We understand that our lack of uniform allows students to express themselves, however we do still have guidelines. If students persistently break the dress code guidelines, they will be challenged and required to complete after school reflections. We want to avoid this, so they can attend revision sessions instead to achieve their best grades at GCSE level!

Could we also ask for your support please in ensuring your child comes to school every day with appropriate equipment. This should include a pen, pencil, ruler, water bottle, and fully charged device (we don’t allow students to work on mobile phones). In Y10/Y11 we find devices are used a lot more, so please make sure students are bringing their chargers to school too! It’s vital that they have access to these devices to achieve their full potential through work in sessions and revision. Students may find it beneficial to have a notebook for revision material too, but that’s personal preference!

As ever, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we look forward to meeting some of our Y11 parents at our work experience launch on Wednesday 14th September 🙂

Mrs Parker (E25/E26 Phase Lead, XP East) and Miss Cocliff (X25/X26 Phase Lead, XP)

Turing’s tremendous first week back

We wanted to update you about Crew Turing’s first week back at school! Along with welcoming a wonderful new crew member, Tyler – who has started to settle beautifully – crew have been up to loads of activities this week to reestablish their bonds as crew, ready for their final year at XP East!

Crew Turing joined the rest of Y11 in walking around Flamborough Head. They were absolutely fantastic! Ralph & Lewis led the way beautifully, Crew showed compassion by checking in on each other, and it was lovely to be out and about getting to know Turing more.. (and have a sneaky ice cream at the Lighthouse!)

We had a gorgeous day for walking, and took in some stunning scenery. Behaviour was impeccable, and the day was a beautiful start to Y11!

On Wednesday, we had a crew activities day – again, this was a lovely opportunity to get to know students in crew more, to start to build solid relationships, and to just have a laugh! We started to think about our journey through Y11 and the challenges we may face. We spoke at length about how crew Turing can support each other throughout the upcoming year – Crew has some beautiful ideas about how they can do this, and began to create some amazing ‘road maps to success’!

We started and ended the day with some card games – UNO seems to be a favourite! (Sami doesn’t like Liar, though – he ended up with half the deck!!) During the day we also took part in Mrs Elliott’s version of ‘the Cube’ – I’m very proud to say that Crew Turing’s sterling efforts, Sami, Lexi & Dylan’s FABULOUS point scores, and Mollie’s photographic memory meant that Crew Turing came out as the champions with 6,500 points!

On Thursday, Crew took part in more crew team building activities with an external company called Wise Up. We couldn’t even pick out a superstar from Wednesday – all students in Crew were AWESOME! They worked together really well, built each other up when they needed it, and offered loads of support! It was fantastic to see them come together as a crew to work out brain teasing conundrums and physical challenges throughout the day.

We ended our first week back with more crew activities and a presentation of learning. We’ve reflected on our time as crew from year 7 to now – identified our favourite moments (LOTS of them with Miss Haughey – gone but NEVER forgotten!) – and got some photos together from Y7 to now (and Lewis hasn’t changed a bit, but Lexi is unrecognisable!) Crew presented their slides to the rest of Y11 and did a great job!

A fanstastic start to what will hopefully be a fantastic final year.

Miss Cocliff & Mrs Parker