Crew Da Vinci- Stewards of our community- DOFE

Monday Morning Clean up!
As part of E27’s DOFE sessions we have decided to ensure that our community is clean. This week it was Crew Da Vinci’s turn to do the litter picking around our building! We make sure that we keep our community tidy and next time it our turn for lost property!

Keep your eyes out for our Crew Da Vinci’s Blog post on lost property!

Crew Da Vinci

E27 Expedition 9.2 begins!

E27 have officially began their new expedition “You Give Me Fever,” an expedition that takes students on a journey through the fascinating world of medical history.

During their immersion experience, students have had the opportunity to learn about medieval medicine and the changing treatment of those with mental health issues, including the infamous Bedlam Hospital. They will also examined a variety of medical artifacts from throughout history, giving them a deeper understanding of how medicine has evolved over time.

In addition, students will have looked at different parts of the body under the microscope and learned about the bacteria and fungi that inhabit our world. They have also played the popular board game Plague Inc., which allowed them to experience first-hand the challenges of containing and combating the spread of disease.

But the learning didn’t stop there. As part of immersion, students have taken swabs of different locations around the school to grow and study bacteria and fungi. This hands-on activity gave students a unique opportunity to explore the microorganisms that exist all around us and learn about their importance in our world.

“You Give Me Fever” is a exciting and educational expedition that will give students a deeper understanding of the history and science of medicine and public health. Be sure to ask them about their studies throughout the term as they answer the guiding question, Is science enough to save lives?

Christmas Crafts

Yesterday, Crew Rashford and Crew Marx created some Christmas decorations! We had a lovely morning getting in the festive spirit!

Some of them fetched their creations home and others we put up on the school tree!

E27 Presentation of Learning

Presentation of learning is being held at XP East tomorrow evening. We have a couple of special guests in attendance in the hope of raising awareness about the current housing crisis in the UK.

We have been studying how metaphorical and literal structures have huge impacts on our lives and we are excited to share with you our ideas.

We hope to see you all there – XP East, 4:30-5:30.

Remembrance day with the VC trust

C27 have a wonderful relationship with the VC Trust over at Lakeside, they are a very important charity and we will be working with them for years to come on our future expeditions about WW1.

They kindly invited us to a memorial service for remembrance in which we took a few of our students who have being showing great HOWLS recently. We stood among veterans and gave our thanks.

Lest we forget – so important to remember all soldiers, especially those in our locality!

E27 Duke of Edinburgh

Year 9 have started their D of E Bronze award. We started the term with a mission to complete a lap of lakeside in 45 minutes…we have since SMASHED that target. We now manage to complete a full lap during crew time. The kids have done so well that we allowed a visitor to join us last week in crew time walk…Meet Simba, Miss Cades puppy who accompanied us last week!

Now, because we can complete the walk so efficiently in crew time we are spending session one completing our first aid course! Last week we looked at how to respond in an emergency and practised putting each other in the recovery position! Huge thank you to V and Louie who helped us demonstrate with their unwilling models! Rest assured, E27 are now experts in emergencies!

C27 Fieldwork to Shrewsbury

Year 8 across both XP and XPE will be attending fieldwork to Shrewsbury Prison. This is an opportunity for them to get inside a prison and experience what life would be like. Shrewsbury is a Victorian prison which is now used as a museum and is no longer a working prison.

We will be leaving school at 7:30 on Thursday 30th June. Please can students arrive no later than 7:30. We aim to arrive back at school between 3:30-4 traffic pending.