Crew Rashford Sharing the Love!

As part of our Crew Charity work, Crew Rashford decided to spread some love and joy by creating some Valentine’s gifts for residents at one of our local care homes, The Oaklands.

This is something crew have always enjoyed doing and are really enthusiastic to give something back to our community by talking and spending time with residents at Oaklands would have been amazing, we have visited places such as Age Well in the past and really enjoyed these activities.

We spent the morning baking cupcakes (with only a couple of baking disasters!), decorating biscuits and creating some blooming gorgeous bouquets.

Crew were really excited to deliver their lovely treats and spend time with the residents, but the snowy weather meant we had to postpone our plans. However, Mrs Parker and Mrs Watson were able to drive up and deliver Crew’s lovely treats.

We left with promises to return in the Spring. We know that Crew are looking forward to spending time with the lovely residents.

Happy Valentines 🧡💛❤️💜

E27 (Y10) ‘Awesomeness’ Community Meeting

It’s always a pleasure to share praises and appreciations in our community meetings, and this morning was no exception. Y10 have had an absolutely amazing start to the school year and we shared lots of praises from staff, as well as hearing appreciations from students to fellow students for being kind, working hard and helping each other in sessions.

We also had a few apologies made for behaviours that don’t reflect our character values and I would like to praise those students for showing the integrity and courage to put things right.

It’s so encouraging to hear that some students are starting to think ahead to Y11 and are already creating revision resources to help them through the next 2 years.

Well done, Y10!

Mrs Parker 🙂

E27 (Y9) Fieldwork to West Yorkshire Playhouse

We are excited to be taking our Y9 students to see a production of Lord of the Flies on Thursday 30th March. Please see the letter below for full details.

If you have any questions, please contact our English Lead, Mrs Desborough – [email protected] – or your child’s Crew Leader.

Year 9 (E27) Explorer working hard in art

I wanted to share some of the beautiful work that 9 Explorer has been producing in their art sessions.

I am so impressed with the craftmanship and quality.

Year 9’s first expedition of the year is called ‘Another Brick in the wall’ which has the guiding question ‘How are our lives affected by structures?’

They have created their own expedition title pages:

They have been looking at the street artist Phlegm and reproducing their own work in his style as well as an artist research page.

As you can see – it’s looking great!

C27: Coastal walk on 31st August

As ever, we will be kicking off our first week back at school by regrouping and rebooting Crew.

On Wednesday 31st August our C27 (new Y9) students will be going on a coastal walk to Flamborough.

Students should arrive at school between 8am-8.15am so that we can leave at 8.30am.  We are aiming to be back at school by 3.30pm, but will keep you updated on the day.

All students will be expected to bring the Outdoor Kit listed below:

  • Appropriate rucksack for walking.
  • Packed lunch (those on FSM will be provided with a school pack lunch.)
  • Water bottle: approx 2 litres (no energy drinks, milkshakes or fizzy pop)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Appropriate walking trousers/shorts/leggings for the weather.
  • Walking top/base layer; made from synthetic, man made material (polyester, nylon etc). This type of material removes sweat away from your skin keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather
  • Appropriate outdoor shoes (sturdy trainers, walking shoes or walking boots are compulsory – no open toe sandals, canvas shoes or sliders)
  • Sun hat/Sun cream
  • Medication

For further information or questions please email your child’s crew leader.


XP Life Skills – Master Chefs at Work

On Wednesday we embarked on a master chef challenge to make Sausage and Pasta Bake.

I think is safe to say that they rose to challenge and produced 3* Michelin star meal. 

Each of them utilised their culinary skills that they have been learning, these ranged from knife skills, kitchen safety and teamwork.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am looking forward to seeing what other delights each of them produced. 

Very impressed, well done to each and everyone of you.

E27 Local walk

Tomorrow E27, both classes, will be taking part in a walk around Doncaster on a planned route to find positive things about our city as part of their expedition.

Our route will take us into Town Centre for a short period. We will be leaving school at 9:15 and be back for lunch.

Any questions please email [email protected]

Thanks in advance

Miss Ibbotson

C27 Fieldwork to Shrewsbury

Year 8 across both XP and XPE will be attending fieldwork to Shrewsbury Prison. This is an opportunity for them to get inside a prison and experience what life would be like. Shrewsbury is a Victorian prison which is now used as a museum and is no longer a working prison.

We will be leaving school at 7:30 on Thursday 30th June. Please can students arrive no later than 7:30. We aim to arrive back at school between 3:30-4 traffic pending.

What an Amazing Week!

First Week Back!

We are back together and super excited to see what this year has in store for us. 

This week we have had a real big focus on Kindness, what this looks like and how we can be kind to others. We aimed to answer the GQ – How does the power of kindness impact on your life and the life of others?

Wednesday – Crafting Kindness Gifts

Crew Rashford considered what kindness is and looks like? We collaborated together on ideas that we would show kindness in and around our community. 

With all our resources and ideas, we created beautiful gifts. Some students made origami flowers, shapes and butterflies, some wrote lovely messages on postcards, some were creative with the resources and made wond’s with kind messages such as “You are Wonderful”, some also hand painted pebbles and gifted bells as a security system for theft. 

Here they are working hard and ensuring they have checked for quality and craftsmanship!

Here are some more of the amazing gifts Crew Rashford created. 

Thursday – Micro Adventure  at Lakeside Shopping Centre

On Thursday we embarked on our adventure, connecting with the world to spread kindness within the local community.

The visit to Lakeside shopping centre was a massive success and there was a real buzz around the place. Members of the public were blown away with the generosity of our students and their gifts but smiles on the faces of those around us and our students too.

It was fabulous to see crew members step outside of the comfort zones and challenge themselves to approach members of the public. I was super proud of Crew Rashford for stepping up to the plate, articulating themselves well and having lovely meaningful conversations with shoppers around the centre. Quite often there was no physical gift given, but for our crew to have a chat with shoppers and make someone’s day. 

It really showed the essence of Crew, it shows how we support each other and play to our strengths. 

We thought it was important to remind ourselves of the purpose of this exercise as we went along and students made a scrapbook of the micro adventure to Lakeside. 

Here are some of the reflections…

Friday – Solo Adventure and Crew Pledges

With all these acts of kindness, we considered that we also need to take time to reflect on the week as a whole. This was an opportunity for Crew Rashford to spend time individually and understand how they can be even more kind in the future. 

There was a real mixed bag of emotions, some found it lonely. Realising that they enjoy being around others… while others found it relaxing. 

Whilst we have been focused on acts of kindness we also revisited our character traits. We discussed these in many ways, as a crew they look at themselves and how they would like to display these this year. They considered what compassion looks like, how we show respect, when we might need to have courage, what is integrity and how we can ensure we consider craftsmanship and quality is encompassed in our work.

We made pledges as a crew on what kind of things we want to do differently this year compared to Year 7. We really dug deep into what this is and how we can achieve this. As a crew we pledge to hold crew members accountable for them. 

After a jam packed week, we also had time to let loose and enjoy some time outdoors. So E27 went and enjoyed a fab game of rounders and cricket. It’s safe to say that there are some members of crew who are slightly more competitive than others 😃. I’m not sure of the score, but Crew Rashford did a pretty good job of communicating and having fun. 

Here are some action pics. 

It’s been an amazing week and I am looking forward to the year ahead. 

Next week is our Outward Bound trip to Ullswater. I honestly cannot wait  to spend even more time with Crew. Build a great relationship and deeper foundations to become a stronger unity and crew family.

We are the mighty Crew Rashford! 😀