Sofiya – What an Inspiration!

Sofiya posted this a few months ago to help raise awareness and fund raise for her chosen charity – Little Princess Trust and Mind Over Cancer

“ I want to raise a little bit of money for Mind Over Cancer because it’s my mums birthday week and she was diagnosed with cancer at 16 and it’s been 16 years since she was diagnosed so I think it’s extra special to do it this year to help raise money to help young people with cancer. 

I have thought for a long time about cutting my hair, many of you will know how long it is and how much I love it! But I have decided for sure this time that I’m doing it and donating it to The Little Princess Trust because I want to help people like my mum to feel good about themselves and let them get back something they lost. 

Mind Over Cancer is a brand new charity founded by mum’s friend Susie. She has been an amazing support to mum and always ready with a smile and a hug. Mum believes this new charity so so much and only dreams of the support it will give to others like her. 

The Little Princess Trust started in 2006, a year after mum finished treatment and had lost her hair twice. They state their ‘greatest need is for hair donations that are 16″ (41cm) or longer’. 16!? Perfect. I can do that. 

The Big Trim will be on the 24th July! This will mark the date mum celebrated her 21st birthday and the end of her cancer treatment. It was the focus point for her throughout her 3rd battle and the agreed aim between her, the family and her oncologist- ‘to be out by my 21st’ and they made it.

Fast Forward…..

“I cut my hair off to help someone who is/was affected by cancer because no one should have to go through that. Whilst doing so I raised money for Mind Over Cancer which is a charity to help chemo patients with their mental health through their journey.” ~ Sofiya ❤️

Sofiya Raised a Huge £432 AND Donated a Whopping 21inches of Hair.

We would to like to appreciate you and your incredible selfless act of charity Sofiya. Your hair and fund raising efforts will most definitely make a difference to those in need. This act of kindness will surely go a long way. Well done to you, you are an inspiration.

What an Amazing Week!

First Week Back!

We are back together and super excited to see what this year has in store for us. 

This week we have had a real big focus on Kindness, what this looks like and how we can be kind to others. We aimed to answer the GQ – How does the power of kindness impact on your life and the life of others?

Wednesday – Crafting Kindness Gifts

Crew Rashford considered what kindness is and looks like? We collaborated together on ideas that we would show kindness in and around our community. 

With all our resources and ideas, we created beautiful gifts. Some students made origami flowers, shapes and butterflies, some wrote lovely messages on postcards, some were creative with the resources and made wond’s with kind messages such as “You are Wonderful”, some also hand painted pebbles and gifted bells as a security system for theft. 

Here they are working hard and ensuring they have checked for quality and craftsmanship!

Here are some more of the amazing gifts Crew Rashford created. 

Thursday – Micro Adventure  at Lakeside Shopping Centre

On Thursday we embarked on our adventure, connecting with the world to spread kindness within the local community.

The visit to Lakeside shopping centre was a massive success and there was a real buzz around the place. Members of the public were blown away with the generosity of our students and their gifts but smiles on the faces of those around us and our students too.

It was fabulous to see crew members step outside of the comfort zones and challenge themselves to approach members of the public. I was super proud of Crew Rashford for stepping up to the plate, articulating themselves well and having lovely meaningful conversations with shoppers around the centre. Quite often there was no physical gift given, but for our crew to have a chat with shoppers and make someone’s day. 

It really showed the essence of Crew, it shows how we support each other and play to our strengths. 

We thought it was important to remind ourselves of the purpose of this exercise as we went along and students made a scrapbook of the micro adventure to Lakeside. 

Here are some of the reflections…

Friday – Solo Adventure and Crew Pledges

With all these acts of kindness, we considered that we also need to take time to reflect on the week as a whole. This was an opportunity for Crew Rashford to spend time individually and understand how they can be even more kind in the future. 

There was a real mixed bag of emotions, some found it lonely. Realising that they enjoy being around others… while others found it relaxing. 

Whilst we have been focused on acts of kindness we also revisited our character traits. We discussed these in many ways, as a crew they look at themselves and how they would like to display these this year. They considered what compassion looks like, how we show respect, when we might need to have courage, what is integrity and how we can ensure we consider craftsmanship and quality is encompassed in our work.

We made pledges as a crew on what kind of things we want to do differently this year compared to Year 7. We really dug deep into what this is and how we can achieve this. As a crew we pledge to hold crew members accountable for them. 

After a jam packed week, we also had time to let loose and enjoy some time outdoors. So E27 went and enjoyed a fab game of rounders and cricket. It’s safe to say that there are some members of crew who are slightly more competitive than others 😃. I’m not sure of the score, but Crew Rashford did a pretty good job of communicating and having fun. 

Here are some action pics. 

It’s been an amazing week and I am looking forward to the year ahead. 

Next week is our Outward Bound trip to Ullswater. I honestly cannot wait  to spend even more time with Crew. Build a great relationship and deeper foundations to become a stronger unity and crew family.

We are the mighty Crew Rashford! 😀

School’s Out For Summer

We made it, what a year it has been!


I personally want to appreciate and praise Crew Rashford for welcoming me into Crew back in December 2020. You have all been amazing and I 100% feel like we are creating incredible bonds and relationships. I am so lucky to be your Crew Leader, you blow me away everyday.

We took the opportunity to have some fun over the last few weeks in Crew sessions with all of E27.

Here we are practicing our frisbee, dodgeball and basketball skills. They are super competitive and showed real sportsmanship.

We also shared some postcards to staff members, to let them know how much they have appreciated their support over the last year. Heart felt and beautiful words written, you make me so proud. 

I was blown away by the Final Academic Progress Snapshot for every crew member. You truly are amazing young adults. I am really looking forward to seeing how you develop and push further for success in Y8. Always remember, staff at XP are here to support you in every way possible. Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind and be the best version of yourself and the success will follow. Well done to each and everyone of you, you should be proud of yourselves

Stars of the term


⭐️ All of Crew Rashford 


Spanish Final Product

Our last community meeting was also shared with Mrs Sprakes and Mrs Collinson. Here we were presented with the E27 Spanish product, such a great testament to the hard work all the students have shown. Well done everyone! 

To finish off the year, we all got together to have breakfast. We had so much fun, chatted and had the chance to say our goodbyes to Mr Cudine. He will definitely be missed.


I can not wait to see you all in the new school year, hear all your amazing stories from the summer holidays, see how much you have grown and matured. Have a wonderful summer holiday, see you all real soon. Mrs Watson😊


Fun in the Sun for E27!

E27’s fieldwork to Sandall Beat Wood was great! We went as part of our expedition “No One is Too Small to Make a Difference” which is focusing on the world’s animal and plant species in different biomes and the threats to the environment globally.  We were lucky to have such beautiful weather which made the experience even better. We’re so pleased with how the students conducted themselves, got involved in the activities and were listening and asking questions to the experts that guided us around the wood.

Students learnt about the history of the wood, for example, when and why it was created and how it has changed over time.  We identified and learnt about different tree and insect species, where they are in the food chain and how each one of them plays a vital part in the ecosystem of the wood. Another focus of the day was the carbon cycle and the role that dead trees and wood has and the management of the wood due to its SSSI status. We discussed the importance of creating a balance between protecting the environment but also having a space for people to enjoy at their leisure.

Overall, it was a great day and we were really impressed with the students and how they could articulate what they had learnt when we returned to the classroom.

E27 Are Finally Going On Fieldwork!

I am really pleased to write that we are going to be taking E27 on their first fieldwork at XP East on Monday (7th June) and Tuesday (8th June) to Sandall Beat Wood as part of our expedition “No one is too small to make a difference” which has an environmental focus. Due to Covid, we haven’t been able to do this sooner so I am really excited they are finally getting the opportunity.

Explorer will be going on Monday and Pioneer will be going on Tuesday.  We will be leaving school at 9.30am by minibus and be back in school for 1.15 pm.

Students are advised to wear appropriate clothing for the weather that day as we will be outside for the entire time – suncream will be a definite if the weather is like it has been during the holiday! Hopefully we won’t get any rain but if it is forecast make sure students bring waterproofs. Sensible shoes such as trainers will need to be worn as we will be walking and on our feet for most of the time.

Students will need to bring a packed lunch and make sure they have plenty to drink if it is warm (unless on Free School Meals where one will be provided).

Normal school equipment (pens/pencils/device etc) should still be brought to school as the students will have their normal school lessons in the afternoon, iPads etc will be left in the classroom when on fieldwork which will be locked.

I Love Camping - Timeline Photos | Outdoor quotes, Life path, Path quotes

Crew Rashford

HoWLs Self Assessment and Crew Critique. 

Over the past few weeks, students took time self evaluating their HoWLs and recorded this for each subject. The interactions between students were great, as they gave feedback to each other via comments on the spreadsheet, highlighting areas that they may want to increase their grade and examples why. This also helps to develop their Get Smart HoWL, being able to receive feedback and reflect their efforts in each subject. Furthermore, this shows that each crew member is developing their Be Kind HoWL, by communicating politely and respectfully with their feedback to others. 

Students have also made pledges with these reflections in mind, a goal and focus for any areas they wish to improve. Crew members help to support them with this and respectfully hold them to account in sessions. 

Mason – Making a pledge to raise his WH HoWL in art. Brilliant pledge Mason.

Zak – giving critique to a fellow crew member to increase their HoWL and the reason why he believes this. Building confidence and character traits. Nice work Zak.

True Crew!

We had one amazing crew session this term (they usually are), we discussed some on-going issues that some crew members wished to discuss. We showed each other respect, empathy, compassion and most importantly crew equity, crew family springs to mind! We spoke openly and honestly about our issues and responded with maturity and purpose. We made a crew stand in community meeting, BIG thank you to Zak for taking on the responsibility. He nailed it and showed real crewmanship. You’re super star ⭐️

Our foundations are certainly getting stronger and the relationships are building daily. 

‘We Are Crew’

Bubble Isolating – back to it smoothly 

Crew Rashford transitioned back to online learning effortlessly. As short lived as it was, we were back in school within a week. We remembered the protocols and seamlessly followed them in crew. What a force we are, no barrier is too big, no problem stands in our way. Pure heart and determination with continuing our learning. The enthusiasm to be the best version of ourselves is outstanding. Well done Crew, you rock! 


⭐️Shout Outs⭐️

Smashing it in Spanish Manveer! Well done, super impressed!


Another praise for your incredible work in Spanish Holly. Super impressed!

Organising our Charity event.

Crew Rashford is named after the mighty footballer Marcus Rashford, we have been researching and exploring ways we can raise money for a charity, to which Marcus is affiliated and done some amazing work with for many vulnerable people up and down the country.

FareShare is a charity group that helps people in the UK defeat poverty and fight hunger. There are 18 total organisations in the UK. They give out nutritious food and they help breakfast clubs, lunch clubs for elders, homeless shelters and community cafe’s. There are exactly 24,074 tonnes of food redistributed to charities, 1,500 number of volunteers, 10,962 charity and community groups helped and £14.1 million estimate value of food to charities. Marcus Rashford is one of the famous people who have supported FareShare, along with Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Michael Moritz. 

You can find more information here:

Crew have researched ideas and created presentations. We pitched these ideas in crew and voted for our favourite. It is a wonderful opportunity to be part of a nationwide charity.

Watch this space!

See ya Soon!

We have really worked hard this term, I am as always, blown away by you all, last stretch before summer break. I am especially looking forward to hearing what everyone has planned this summer. Let’s dig deep and show ourselves what we are made off. Boost those HoWLs and strive to be a true XP Crew.

Have a wonderful half term, hope the suns comes out! ☀️

Crew Rashford

Litter Picking Crew Rashford Style!

Stewardship is one of the core principles of XP and XP East. Our philosophy has always been ‘leave no trace’ and this is why litter picks and lost property were introduced. We have to work together and be crew when it comes to stewardship, to pitch in and also to hold each other accountable to make sure our school is a safe and well maintained place to be. We pride ourselves on crafting beautiful work as staff and students, this should apply to our surroundings.

Each member of our crew took to the job enthusiastically, along with Mr Portman. 

We were very impressed with the maturity and pride Crew approached this activity with. Everyone participated and we worked together as a crew to do a superb job. The school grounds looked clean and tidy. Amazing work Crew, well done!


⭐️Crew Shout Outs!⭐️

Holly – I’m emailing to let you know how impressed I am with your Spanish ES this week. Wow, you’ve really put the effort in, and the preposition sentences are AWESOME!! Please keep up this engagement and commitment to your HOWLS. Gracias, Mrs Sprakes.

Keegan – For your written work in HUMs on Nature, you displayed tremendous passion. Look at this feedback from Mr Portman and Mr Sprakes. Outstanding piece of work. You should be very proud of this well done.



Resetting Crew!

We have really been focusing over the last 2 weeks on “Crew Rashford’ and what kind of crew we want to be, what this looks like and how we can achieve this.

We are beginning to identify some crew norms, and slowly displaying them throughout our sessions. There have been some difficult discussions, however we have been really mature, spoken freely and held ourselves and others accountable. This is important as it will keep the focus and help everyone in crew maintain our pledges. Mr Portman has been a great support and mentor during this process, we have appreciated this very much. Thank you Mr Portman. 

Buddying up with Crew Rowling.

Today we buddied up with Crew Rowling. A great opportunity to observe another crew in action. We reflected on how their crew conducted the session and the protocols they used, how they allowed each others voices to be heard and how they held each other accountable in a mature and respectful way. 

We appreciate Crew Rowling for supporting us and taking time to show us all things crew. They have a great track record and an outstanding reputation at XP and XPE. Crew Rowling have set us a challenge and we can not wait set the ball in motion… watch this space!

I believe that we have great foundations and are developing a stronger unity as a crew.

We are Crew, We’ve got this!

Crew Rashford Blog – EWA

We Are Back!

Spring is here and the warmer weather is approaching. 

We have hit the ground running and everyone in Crew Rashford have settled back into school brilliantly. I am super proud of the attitude and commitment to learning Crew have returned to school with!

It is lovely to finally meet everyone face to face and put a few names to faces and profile pics. Their bubbly personalities are even more bubbly in person. Crew have made me feel really welcome in school, it’s like we’ve known each other for an age. 

Our first Crew session was fab. We focused on our Crew Pledges and our expectations and HOWL’s. We also openly talked about howe felt about returning to school, COVID testing and more. As a few Crew members attended In-school provision they were able to talk about there COVID testing experiences and but a few minds at rest. It was amazing to see the support we showed each other.


⭐️ Star Of The Week⭐️ 

⭐️ Tayla – ‘Who found the work in Spanish really challenging, but asked me for help, persevered, and did it anyway. Totally gets the meaning of the words grapple and courage’ Mrs Collinson. 


In-School COVID Testing 

Crew Rashford would like to personally thank the school testing team for the hard work and the efficient experience.

We had a few nerves but as a crew we pulled together and supported each other perfectly.

We are Crew! Thank you 😊 

Equipment For School 🖊

We have re-introduced equipment check-ins each morning. The impact this has on our learning is really crucial, therefore it is required that each Crew member arrives at school with the appropriate equipment.

  • Charged device
  • Book (if preferred over AR app)
  • Pen, pencil, ruler
  • Mask
  • Water bottle
  • PE kit (PE days)

We have done an excellent job and must ensure this happens each day and continue to remind and help others with the equipment if needed. I would like to give a shout out and a massive appreciation to everyone in Crew for this.

Well done and thank you 😊 

Back to It!

Our week in Crew looks a little like this. 


Each day we have a different focus and it is brilliant to hear from everyone in Crew and having each voice heard. 

If the engagement and hard work that Crew Rashford have shown last term continues, then boy are we going to have a fantastic term this time around. Let’s dig deep and do what we do best, strive to be the very best version of ourselves that we can be!

We have got this! 😊


We made it!

It’s Been a Long Term!

But wow we made it! We have really dug deep and proven how much we can adapt and overcome anything! I just want to say i am extremely proud of Crew Rashford and everything they have overcome and achieved this term, you truly are an inspiration! 😊 

Crew/session attendance has improved over the last 2 weeks, which is a fantastic achievement soooo…. Well done Crew, you rock! 👏 🎉🥳

It has been a pleasure and privilege to become Crew Leader for Crew Rashford and I believe we have the making of being a fantastic team. I for, one really enjoy our crew sessions especially Friday’s, we have the opportunity to chill and reflect on the week, listen to music, quiz till we cant quiz no more and really get to know each other. I can not wait until we are in school for crew. 


⭐️ Stars Of The Term ⭐️ 

⭐️ Keegan – For really working hard on adhering to the online protocols. 

⭐️ Manveer – For being super helpful and helping crew members with hangout links. 

⭐️ Sofiya – For overcoming her worries of coming to school and wonderful note taking.


Switch Off & Recharge Time

As a crew we really appreciated and took full advantage of this opportunity to divert our attention away from technology.

Here are some of the activities Crew took part in over the last 2 weeks. 

Online memories 👩‍💻📱 👨‍💻 ✉️

Online learning has been a mix of many emotions, laughter and tears! (oh technology😠)  Laggy/glitchy have got to be thee two most spoken words in 2020/2021 I’m sure of it 😂

Crew have put together some of their most memorable moments of their online learning this term.

Have a lovely, well deserved break! 

Signing off till we return in 2 weeks, enjoy, have fun and i hope the sunshine’s for you all 🌞. 


Mrs Watson 😊 Remember to just be you! 

Crew Rashford – Student Led Conference

Crew Rashford absolutely smashed their very first SLC’s, the presentations were very professional and each and everyone of them did themselves proud. It was amazing to see their confidence shine and to really dig deep and manage themselves through the presentation.

We decided it would be beneficial to write a reflective log of the experience, this well help us lay the best foundations for our next round of SLC’s and also remember what it was like the first time around.

These are some of the reflective logs that crew have done so far!


What went well was i didn’t manage to show my work that i did and struggled with, but without it i think it still went well. (Zak is going to take a photo when he returns to school to show his parents)

It would be even better if i could show my work that i struggled with and the work that i was impressed with.

The experience was very good, i was really really nervous but it went well and i think i did good a job. I was quite scared because i was worried if i messed something up and it would be really awkward for me.


What went well – I was very proud of my SLC. I put a lot of Craftsmanship and Quality into my work. The setting of my work and the way it was presented was very organised. I definitely showed my level of understanding. When I first joined the meeting, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was really nervous and scared feeling like something would’ve gone wrong. When I first started talking, all of my nervousness went away and I just started to feel confident which I think is really great!

Even better if – I think it would be even better if I could speak up a little louder, everything was amazing but if I could change one thing, it would be that I could speak a little louder. Concluding it, I think mostly everything went exactly to plan haha!

The experience was overall exciting because I couldn’t wait to show my work to my teachers and it was my first time with an SLC so I didn’t really know what to do.I think if I could change one more thing, I would change my speaking and my voice, I was speak loud but maybe I could speak a little louder. I would like to praise my older sister, Aran because she helped me with my SLC and helped me present it because I was calling on my iPad and my sisters laptop and I felt really. Scared but my sister was there and I felt really calm and relaxed :).

It was a joy to part of the process from start to finish and despite the nerves and the hurdles of being at home, they all did a sterling job.

Hello too!🙂


Many of you parents/carers may have seen me on the SLC hangout and you should any received an email from myself last week. Apologies if you haven’t. My email address is as follows [email protected], please send me an email and let me know if you haven’t received it.

I am super excited to be part of Crew Rashford and the journey they will take through XP. I hope with your support they can individually and collectively be the best of the best.

Thank you 😊

We Are Crew