Crew Ali enjoying breakfast with an expert…

This week, Crew Ali shared breakfast together whilst chatting away to Michael Price, a local chef and governor at XP.  Michael told us all about his passion for food, the countries he had visited and why he went into a career in the food industry.

He told us some fascinating stories and information about different foods. Who would have known that there are more than 400 types of pasta in Italy?

A big appreciation to Tom who manned the toaster and to happy birthday to Charlie, who turned 16 this week!

I love leading such a wonderful bunch of young people!

Mrs Elliott


First Week Back: Crew Immersion

As Y7 and Y8 go off on their Outward Bound adventure, Y9, Y10 and Y11 will also spend the first week back with their crews undertaking various activities because, if we get Crew right, we get everything right 🙂

The plan for the week is above, and you will notice that it includes a coastal walk to Flamborough. Details of the coastal walk for each year group have been posted on separate blog posts:

Y9 (C27)

Y10 (C26)

Y11 (C25)

Crew Leaders will go through the kit list with crews before we break up.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s Crew Leader.


C25: Coastal Walk on 30th August

As ever, we will be kicking off our first week back at school by regrouping and rebooting Crew.

On the very first day back – Tuesday 30th August – our C25 (new Y11) students will be going on a coastal walk to Flamborough.

Students should arrive at school between 8am-8.15am so that we can leave at 8.30am.  We are aiming to be back at school by 3.30pm, but will keep you updated on the day.

All students will be expected to bring the Outdoor Kit listed below:

  • Appropriate rucksack for walking.
  • Packed lunch (those on FSM will be provided with a school pack lunch.)
  • Water bottle: approx 2 litres (no energy drinks, milkshakes or fizzy pop)
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Appropriate walking trousers/shorts/leggings for the weather.
  • Walking top/base layer; made from synthetic, man made material (polyester, nylon etc). This type of material removes sweat away from your skin keeping you cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather
  • Appropriate outdoor shoes (sturdy trainers, walking shoes or walking boots are compulsory – no open toe sandals, canvas shoes or sliders)
  • Sun hat/Sun cream
  • Medication

For further information or questions please email your child’s crew leader.


Making pledges over toast and crumpets…

We had a wonderful morning this morning in Crew Ali. We sat together and discussed our attendance and HOWLS, then we each made pledges about how we can improve in these areas. Whilst munching on our crumpets and toast we each discussed the pledges we had made and why we had chosen them. It was great to hear students really considering how to improve and better themselves! We will be checking in on our progress towards these pledges each week.

Also, a massive appreciation to Billy, Marshall, Tom, Leoni, Zak and Ruben who all had excellent attendance last term! Our whole crew target for this term is for us to attend school everyday and have an overall attendance score of 98% or higher!

We (Mrs Elliott and Mrs Gargen) are loving leading Crew Ali and have really enjoyed our time getting to know each student. We have alot planned for this term, from crew experts, inter-crew challenges, fundraising activities and much more. We excited to continue to bond as crew and share these experiences together. Watch this space as we blog our journey through these next two terms!

Year 10 History Revision

Just a quick notice to let all Y10 students and parents/carers know that History revision sessions will be resuming after the holidays, starting this Monday. 

We will be offering two nights of History revision: 

  • Monday 3.30 – 4.30pm in A06 (XP EAST) with Mrs Elliott & Miss Hickson
  • Tuesday 3.30 – 4.30pm in X11 (XP) with Mrs Elliott 

This is an excellent opportunity for students to embed their learning, to gain support, to practice exam technique and to push themselves further. It really is important that students are revising outside of lessons and this is perfect space to be able to do this successfully. 

Students are welcome to come to both sessions or just one. In these sessions we will be recapping GCSE content and applying this to exam questions as well as giving students time to self study areas which they feel they need further development. 

Y10 have made a fantastic start to their History GCSE and are working really hard in sessions. We now need to continue this hard work outside of the classroom, there is an expectation that students should now begin revising in their own time to embed the content already covered and prepare themselves for their GCSE exams. 

If you have any questions regarding extended study, please don’t hesitate to email Mrs Elliott ([email protected])

Looking forward to seeing you this week! 

Mrs Elliott / Miss Hickson 

Marvellous Mocks!

It seems like a lifetime ago when we first started to prepare for the Year 10 History mock exams and finally now the whole process is complete and I am really proud of how the students conducted themselves through the process. It all started after October half term with weekly revision being set and the start of after school revision classes – it was great to see so many students taking responsibility for their learning and putting in the effort to prepare for their exams. In our lessons we spent time going through exam technique and what to expect from each style of question and it was clear to see that this advice had been absorbed and acted upon. After the mocks had been marked, students spent their time FIXing the assessments, responding to feedback to improve their answers to the questions and I am confident that they will do themselves proud if they continue. It also highlighted the importance of revision, with some students who maybe didn’t put enough work in being disappointed by their result, I hope this acts as a lesson to learn from and not make these same mistakes as we continue through their GCSE content – as we keep saying, if you don’t know the content you can’t write an answer!

A massive well done to all students who achieved their target grade and a special mention to students who did exceptionally well: Lewis, Zach H, Harvey, Rosie, Mollie and Ava – we are so proud of you and all your hard work has paid off! Keep going and you’ll smash your final exams in year 11.

A reminder as well to keep revising using both the Nazi and Vikings textbooks and to attend the after school revision sessions on Monday and Tuesday with myself and Mrs Elliott.

E25/X25 Year 9 Common Mission

Year 9 Common Mission 


To explain how we use Common Mission to support students to access different pathways to academic, career and life readiness at XP. Common Mission is a curriculum process that is additional to our Core GCSEs, where we further develop character and positive habits of work and learning in our students.  In addition to our Core GCSEs, we run one session a week from Year 9 called ‘Common Mission’. These sessions allow students to think about, prepare and take qualifications in pathways that will help them to become who they want to be later in life. Common Mission sessions include career and further education advice, as well as time for them to study a GCSE of their choice if they have the motivation, capacity and capability to do so.  Common Mission includes the opportunity to study a Choice qualification or to pursue other curriculum or personal interests. In these sessions students develop their self-study skills so they are ready for their next steps in the education process.




On Wednesday the 14th of April, students at X25 and E25 students will choose one of the following common mission options to develop their self-study skills so they are ready for their next steps in the education process, with the potential to gain the listed qualifications. 28th of April will be the start date Your support and guidance as parents will be invaluable to our students making a choice that is right for them. As well as discussions at home, our students will spend time in crew this week. Please see the video below outlining the overview of Common mission. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate use the form attached and I will answer any questions as soon as possible.


Topic Options:



Common mission Option  Potential Qualification Specification
Business Studies GCSE AQA
Engineering NCFE Level 1/2  NCFE
Maths pushing 9.0 Additional Study  GCSE AQA AQA Maths
Music ABRSM  Level 2
Music qualification through the Rock School (RSL)
BTEC PE BTEC Pearson Edexcel
Triple Science GCSE AQA Triple Biol, chem, phys
Psychology GCSE AQA
Dance BTEC BTEC Pearsons Level 2
Geography GCSE AQA
Core Expeditions Additional Study  STEAM, MATHS, HUMAN
Self Study Mix Mix


XP Self Study Website Examples:


Business Studies





Have any questions?:



Passage Presentation

This is the last week for me with crew Ali before Mrs Townson returns from maternity leave, and what a last week it has been. I have been so proud to be a part of some of the crew passage presentations. They have been absolutely amazing and such a great way to finish off my time with Ali.


I would like to express my huge appreciation to the whole crew for welcoming me in and keeping me on the straight and narrow with all things XPeast. I have loved being a part of it all and have been really lucky to start off my time at XP east getting to know you all.


Good luck for all the passage presentations to go and huge well done to Taylor, Marshall and Cerys for absolutely smashing yours this week!!


Miss Burrows

Online Crew!

Over the last two weeks we have been meeting online and checking in every morning. It has been so lovely to keep that consistency and support each other with any issues. Zak and Marshall have been keeping us all upbeat with their great sense of humour and interesting stories!

We have started our new Wise Wednesdays module and will be looking at the guiding question of ‘Why do we have rules!’ And have made a great start discussing anarchy and the court system!

We need to work on ensuring everyone is on time at 8.30 and aiming sure those alarms are set!!


Cant wait to have everyone back in school again soon!

Coming back after half term…

We have decided as a crew to take it in turns to produce the crew blog! Today is Ruby and Lacey’s turn…

On Thursday in PE we did an inter crew dodgeball competition between the year 9 crews. Crew Ali, Crew Shackleton, Crew Parkinson and Crew Turing. We were challenged to a game of dodgeball by Mr Allen and Miss Mitchell. We played around 5 games and in the end Crew Ali won!!!

We would like to appreciate Reuben, Tom and Charlie for their contributions to the team!!