A Sponsored Success!

E25 completed their sponsored walk/run today to raise money for the Conversation Club to support our expedition.

It was great to see a different side to the students out of the classroom – stand out students for effort were:







Callum A



These students really worked hard to run as far as they could – reaching 3 laps! Image result for RUNNING CARTOON WELL DONE

I’d really like to appreciate all the students for their involvement in this – it was an enjoyable afternoon and we got some great footage to use in our final product documentary. The money raised will be put to good use to support the asylum seekers at the Conversation Club. We can’t wait to find out the grand total when combined with the money raised from XP

Please can all sponsor forms and money be handed into school by Friday 6th December – thank you to those who have done so already! 

E25 (Year 8) STEAM Presentation of Learning

The Year 8 STEAM presentation of learnings will be held on:

  • Pioneer: Wednesday 18th December, 5-6PM at XP East

  • Explorer: Thursday 19th December 5-6PM at XP East

The students look forward to sharing the work they’ve been studying in the STEAM expedition, where they have been working towards the guiding question “What is the state of the nation’s health and what should we do about it?”

We welcome you to invite family and friends to the event, sign in will begin at 4:45PM on both nights. We also ask that students remain in school from 3:15PM until the event, if there’s an issue with this don’t hesitate to drop me an email: khaughey@xpeast.org

E25 Sponsored Run

As you will be aware, E25 were due to complete their 5k sponsored run/ walk around Lakeside today afternoon (26th Nov) but unfortunately due to unforeseeable circumstances and staff absences this has had to be postponed until next week, Tuesday 3rd December. Could we please ask that all sponsorship forms are brought into school by Thursday 28th November. Sponsor money will should be brought in by Friday 6th December – thank you to those who have already done this.

Image result for postponed

Please be aware that students are still expected to bring in their PE kit on Tuesday. 

We appreciate all of your support in helping us to fund an education and support people in Doncaster’s Community.

A special mention to Aaron and Denim who have raised between them £55! – this is fantastic and any amount sponsored will be much appreciated, it’ll all add up!



E25 Sponsored Walk for the Conversation Club

On the 26/11/19, E25 will be taking part in a 5km sponsored walk or run. This will be part of their HUMAN expedition ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ and will take place during their PE session.

We will be raising money for the Conversation Club, a charity in Doncaster who supports asylum seekers and refugees. This charity is vital in creating a support network for people who have had to flee their country due to political and religious persecution.

Earlier in the expedition, we were lucky enough to be visited by a group of asylum seekers who are supported by the Conversation Club. It was lovely to see the students so engrossed in listening to the stories of each of the asylum seekers but also sharing a laugh with them too! The students were shocked by some of the reasons why our visitors had to flee, what would’ve happened to them if they had stayed and were moved by the stories of being separated from their family and the emotional impact this has. It was also interesting to hear how many misconceptions there are in society about asylum seekers and by speaking to our visitors we all learnt a lot about this.

We were pleased to hear our visitors enjoyed the experience of visiting our school as much as we enjoyed having them!

Asylum seekers have to live on only £37.75 a week and any support they receive from the Conversation Club is funded through charity and the kindness of volunteers. E25 and X25 will be taking part in this event (separately) so we have the potential to raise a lot for this charity.  We will be taking part in other fundraising activities throughout this term to raise more money towards this cause.  If each student can be sponsored £1 then it will be a massive help in reaching our target amount for the charity, but feel free give as little, or as much as you can.

Students were handed a sponsor form last week in crew but if they have lost it then they can ask myself or Miss Johnson for another one.

Without wanting to get political it is important to remember instead that these are people who just want to secure their safety. Our character traits of respect and compassion ring out in the students when they get involved with members of our community in this way and I am be proud to work with such mature and compassionate students at XP EAST.



8 Pioneer have been busy working incredibly hard over the last couple of weeks towards their English Learning Target:

I can evaluate texts critically explaining and analysing how they use language and structure to achieve effects and influence the reader.  

We have been understanding how Lennie is presented by acting out extracts from Of Mice and Men, undertaking quotation explosions, zooming in on the meanings of words, making inferences and understanding how Steinbeck’s language choices affect the reader. This has been a step up from last year and at times has been a struggle for some in Pioneer – but they persevered and I’m so proud of the work they produced and their attitude towards their learning.

Mrs Poncia gave us a visit during our lesson and she was so pleased with what she saw she wrote this on the praise sheet:

“Superb focus in HUMAN when completing their first assessed piece of writing. Well done, Everyone!”

We’re moving onto our History learning target now looking at the question:

“The most significant cause of The Great Depression was the Dust Bowl.

How far do you agree with this statement?”

We began to identify and explain the numerous causes which lead up to the Great Depression, such as the First World War, overproduction of goods and the unequal distribution of wealth. We’ll continue analysing these causes to come to a conclusion about whether the Dust Bowl was the most significant cause of the Great Depression.

Keep up the hard work 8Pioneer!

8Pioneer Extended Study

8 Pioneer have now had the big reveal of their first Hums expedition in year 8 ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ which will focus around the theme of migration (past and present).

Our anchor text ‘Of Mice and Men’ will be explored and analysed so in preparation for this, the students have been set an ongoing extended study to learn 33 different literary terms and devices such as oxymoron, anaphora and protagonist, as well as an example (they have been given a list of these in today’s lesson). Image result for of mice and men book

They will be quizzed on these terms next week – how many can you remember Pioneer?

8 Pioneer have got off to a flying start in their Hums immersion week! I’ve been so impressed with how they have stepped up to being in year 8 and there’s a noticeable increase in maturity in the class that has developed since year 7. The new expedition will be revealed on Monday and I am super excited about this one – I think it’ll be the best yet! I’m already blown away by how hard the class is working and how focused and insightful they are in their discussions and work when trying to figure out the content and guiding question of this expedition. At times I felt like I was back at university – it’s easy to forget these students are only 12 due to their attitude towards learning.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to this week:

We began with a Quiz Quiz Trade protocol to learn new vocabulary which will be central to our anchor text and we found out some hints about where the text (and some of our expedition will be set)  –  a few miles south of Soledad.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Geoff, our expert, who spoke to the students about what makes a good film and the various different roles that are involved in pre-production, production and post-production. It was then over to the students to create a film which followed their brief. Geoff then visited us again to watch the films and give feedback on what went well and how they can be improved. I’d like to mention Marcus and Ralph’s carefully crafted interview scene which was comedy gold and we all thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Maybe we have some future Oscar winners amongst us!


Next, we completed a gallery walk – this has definitely been the best one Pioneer have done so far. The focus and insight shown when thinking of questions, wonders, connections between the images, to their prior knowledge and society was another level of brilliant.

Building on from our Quiz Quiz Trade protocol we analysed the opening extract of our unknown anchor text to understand the setting. We really got to grips with the imagery of the text by following a ‘paint what you hear’ protocol – we will finish these next week but its wonderful to see how each student has began to interpret the words of the text.

I cannot praise Pioneer enough for their work this week and if they continue at the rate they are they will get so much out of this expedition – I’m super proud of them all!

E25 will be holding the Presentation of Learning for their current expedition ‘Three Cheers for Trees!’ on Thursday 18th July at 5.30pm.

Students have been working extremely hard throughout their expedition and this will be an opportunity for them to share their learning with parents, carers and visitors.

We will also have a surprise to share with you at the end of the evening – the grand revealing of our final product!

We look forward to seeing you!

Image result for the lorax
  • What is the difference between a meter and a metre?
  • How could we use two straws, an elastic band and two paper clips to find the mass of an object?
  • How is mass related to weight?

All this and more will be revealed at our STEAM Presentations of Learning on 10th and 11th July (click here for further information)

Family are invited to come along and find out from our student experts, but expect to be asked about your own learning!

7 Pioneer Fieldwork Reminder

On Tuesday 2nd July, Pioneer will be taking part in fieldwork linked to our current expedition, ‘Three Cheers for Trees!’

Students will be heading to a location not too far away.

Fieldwork will take part during the normal school day with students travelling on our school minibuses.

Students will require a packed lunch, appropriate footwear and clothing as we will be outside for the day – whatever the weather!

Fingers crossed, if the sun is shining, please ensure students bring plenty to drink (no fizzy drinks or glass bottles) and suncream.