Another positive week for Crew Rowling!

This week saw Crew Rowling complete their Student Led Conference’s online and both Mrs Barnes and I were blown away by the effort students had put in and the level of confidence and commitment to their studies students shown.

It was a very proud moment for me personally seeing how far each individual had come since the first round of SLC’s we completed in Year 7, it also made me eager to return to school and unite as a Crew to follow up on some of the pledges and actions which were discussed.

Though all of the students did a superb job adapting to online SLCs, presenting their screen and sharing their work virtually, there were some who had gone the extra mile to also include a presentation! Great work by Harvey, Cerrina, and Tom, who had done this off their own back following a suggestion by another Crew member.

It was also nice to be able to see Logan! His camera hasn’t worked all lock down, but for the SLC he was able to use another device- Mrs Barnes and I couldn’t believe how much more grown up he looked!

It made us wonder if we would recognise our Crew when they returned!

This week, as always, we nominated a ‘Star of the Week’ for Crew and within the Y8 phase, and the winner was…


Both Crew and the year group recognised that Cerrina has been trying really hard in all of her sessions, and supporting others where possible. She has been actively engaged asking questions and also creating separate hangouts to support students in the longer lunch breaks.


Other Crew Highlights for this week:

  • Faith is working hard, contributing with amazing answers. It is clear she is always engaged!
  • Miss Barnes has been appreciated for being a very kind person who can always find a way to cheer you up! We also appreciate all of the help, guidance, and checking you did of the SLC scripts to ensure we presented well. 
  • Lily read out her SLC with the struggle of the ‘present now’ button not working, and though she is hesitant to put her hand up for questions, when she gets cold calls she comes out with amazing answers!
  • Charlotte has improved getting on calls as much as possible and has done some beautiful work!
  • Ben is always on lessons and is there to help whenever someone needs it. He always has the best answers when a teacher calls his name and many people have probably learnt from his help and critique in the SLC practise! 

We thought about some reflections in Crew this week and I wanted to share this comment that stood out to me:

“I feel the whole crew has really benefited from lockdown as we’re helping each other and pushing each other to achieve higher.”

This made us think of what we can do to have a positive impact, not only in Crew but in our school community and at home with our parents. Off the back of this we all agreed to complete an act of kindness this week, and it was great to check in and see the impact some of the appreciation emails and support we had given had had on others. After all, we all need to help each other up the mountain!

We ended last week on a very professional quiz from Shawn who had captured it on slides!

This Friday we look forward to Faith’s Quiz, who has already tested out her Quiz on her parents! Hopefully it isn’t too tough, i’m growing concerned at the amount of braincells Layton feels he is losing!

Stay safe and look after each other, 

Miss Johnson



Passage presentations are in full swing!

Week One of Passage presentations is over!

I’ve been left speechless by the outstanding passage presentations we’ve had this week. The quality of reflections from the students in Crew on their character and academic growth since year 7 has been eye opening. They have spoken with such maturity and integrity that has made myself (and their families of course) so proud. I’ve been pleased to have been able to mark so many of the students as exceeding the standard – all the hard work has paid off! 

It’s not happened by accident though, the students have been busy preparing, redrafting and rehearsing for months. Here’s Florence practising her passage in Crew this morning – all students so far have been very professional in their presenting skills and are way beyond their years in their ability to speak to adults and a guest panelist they have never met before, it takes some real courage and I’m sure there’s not many 13/14 year olds out there who could do this.

For students in year 9 to be able to so confidently identify and present their strengths, weaknesses and how they overcome challenges to improve, not only academically but personally as well, is exceptional – and all in a national lockdown! I can’t praise them enough for the strength they have shown. I am so proud of them and I hope they all realise how brilliant they are – I’m excited to see the rest of Crew’s passage presentations next week!

Passage Presentation

This is the last week for me with crew Ali before Mrs Townson returns from maternity leave, and what a last week it has been. I have been so proud to be a part of some of the crew passage presentations. They have been absolutely amazing and such a great way to finish off my time with Ali.


I would like to express my huge appreciation to the whole crew for welcoming me in and keeping me on the straight and narrow with all things XPeast. I have loved being a part of it all and have been really lucky to start off my time at XP east getting to know you all.


Good luck for all the passage presentations to go and huge well done to Taylor, Marshall and Cerys for absolutely smashing yours this week!!


Miss Burrows

Imagination in Action

After a long week, Crew Anoa’i needed a little break, so we did something different in Friday’s crew session. As it is Children’s Mental Health Week, we discussed the topic of ‘Expressing Yourself’. 

We asked the question…

‘What does it mean to ‘express yourself’ and what does that look like?’

Some of the responses Crew Anoa’i came up with were inspiring and it really made us all think about the expectations society has of our younger generations. The pressure our young students face each day to follow the ‘norm’ has a massive impact on their mental health. So, we decided to boost our mental health by getting creative and having a laugh.

The Squiggle Game

The squiggle game is a simple game. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. Make a squiggle on your page, then let your imagination run wild! What can you see emerging from your squiggle? Here are some examples created by Crew Anoa’i.

By Théa Clarkson

By Lucie-Mae Cordell

By James Hudson

By Nikodem Parzybut

By Fin Haines

By Miss Mitchell

Join us and get SQUIGGLING!!




Hi all,

Here is a rundown of some of the beautiful artwork that has been produced by our wonderful XP and XPE students during lockdown 3.0.

As a team, we have been blown away by the effort and resilience that our pupils are showing.

I hope you enjoy having a flick through their work as much as we have.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All things ‘new’, keep it up Crew!

This week in Crew, we asked the question…

“How are things are going so far?”

Here are a few of the responses that were given: 

Faith Farmery

During Year 9, school has changed: new crew leader, new teachers, new Covid-19 rules. We haven’t just learnt new information about topics, we have gotten used to new seating plans, new timetables and new ways of learning. We have become better at managing our time during online learning, we get to different hangouts on time. We are also better at getting the right documents open so that we can do our work. So, during Year 9 I think we have done pretty well so far.

Zachary Hague

This year it has been a new experience for everyone. Due to recent ongoing events school has closed and we have had to adapt to a completely new way of living. Personally I think that the teaching staff and students have handled this really well and are doing their best to make online learning as stress free and fun as possible.  

Lucie-Mae Cordell

So far this year I think it is going pretty well, we have all adapted to online learning. We are all turning up to lessons and not leaving half way through unless we have a valid reason. We also complete the work to the best of our ability. 

Jacob Sutton

The start of 2021  has been tough, with surprising new lockdown restrictions meaning students are having to work from home all over the country. No one was ready for these restrictions and no one was ready for another lockdown. Yet as a country we have powered through it. In our crews’ case we have all been trying our hardest to get work done from home and learn, which is particularly hard being in a global pandemic. Although, I don’t think we could work hard without the teachers support and organising lessons and hangouts while being at home!

Théa Clarkson

So far this year I think we have done amazing, especially with what has been going on. We have adapted quickly to new ways of learning. I also think the teachers have done really well with the new way of teaching and coming up with work for us to do. From the start of year 9 we have had a new crew leader (Miss Mitchell). I would like to say thank you to her because even though we’re a pain sometimes, she has been patient with us and made a lot of our crew sessions fun and unique.

James Hudson

During our time back at school after the christmas holidays i think year nine have adapted as if it was nothing. As well as that, we have also been working as hard as we possibly can. It has been a very unusual experience but it has been very rewarding because lots of people seem to be contributing lots more.This week our crew has nominated three people for ‘star pupil of the week’, students that have worked especially hard and adapted to the strange online experience and have helped others. This has been a good way to show our achievements over this online learning and makes us feel better about it.

So it seems Crew Anoa’i have been settling into online learning very well. So much so, that a few of our crew were mentioned in our community meeting this week.

The teaching and support staff of year 9 created a slideshow full of fantastic achievements fulfilled by E25. We shared this with the students and appreciated them for their consistent hard work and praised everyone for taking on the challenge of online learning during a global pandemic. Let’s see who made it onto the list from Crew Anoa’i!


Well done everyone!!


#AllThingsNew #KeepItUpCrew

Introducing … Crew Anoa’i

Back in 2020 Crew Shackleton made the decision to change our name. As a crew we felt the name Skackleton didn’t represent us and our values anymore. With Crew Shackleton gaing Miss Mitchell as our new Crew Leader, we thought it would be only right if we changed our crew name. After some deliberation, we came up with Crew Anoa’i, naming ourselves after the Anoa’i family. 

Once we settled on our new crew name, we decided to create a presentation saying why we chose it. It took us several weeks to compile all of our information. Everyone worked really hard to create this, so we would appreciate it if you could take a look. 

Here it is, the reason why we chose to be called … Crew Anoa’i.

The Anoa’i family is a family of professional wrestlers originating from American Samoa. Here are a few of the family, you may recognise a couple.

How we connect to the Anoa’i family:

The Anoa’i family are famous for their professional wrestling work. Family members including Rosey, Rikishi, Jamal, Ekmo, Umaga, Yokozuna, Roman Reigns, The Usos, Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, Afa Anoa’i, Sika Anoa’i, The Wild Samoans, Peter Maivia and The Rock have all contributed to the profession, winning multiple championships and earning themselves the title ‘Wrestling’s greatest family’. The Anoa’i family is from American-Samoan descent, their wrestling family tree goes back decades. The traditional culture of Samoa is a communal way of life, most activities are done together. The family is viewed as an integral part of a person’s life, where the elders in the family are greatly respected and hold the highest status. 

So in Somoan tradition, we have taken on the values of a tribe life, with our crew members representing the tribe and Miss Mitchell representing our Chief. We pledge to show determination and face every challenge head on whilst working together to overcome them as a tribe.

The Anoa’i Family Achievements:

  • The Anoa’i Family is the very first to have four generations of wrestlers competing in WWE.
  • 21 members of the Anoa’i family became wrestlers. 14 wrestlers with direct blood ties to the Anoa’i family have wrestled for the WWE.
  • 5 members of the family are competing in WWE currently.
  • They have 14 multi-generations of tag teams.
  • They have won 21 tag team championships in total.

As we have chosen ‘Make-A-Wish’ as our crew charity, we thought it would be interesting to share:

Over the years, the Anoa’i family has raised a lot of money for charities including Make-A-Wish. In 2017, Roman Reigns (Joe Anoa’i) raised $12,000 by helping a restaurant named Jimmy’s Famous Seafood. Joe promised to donate $1 for every like their tweet received. He retweeted the message to all his followers. It went from an expected 3-4 thousand dollars to over $12,000 in a short space of time. He continues to work closely with the charity. The Rock, The Usos and Nia Jax have also worked closely with Make-A-Wish, granting children’s wishes all over the world. 

Reasons why we believe we should be called Crew Anoa’i:

  • I believe we should be called Crew Anoa’i because we are a tribe, we have each others’ back. (Nikodem)
  • I believe we should be called Crew Anoa’i because we believe crew is like a family. We strive for the greater in each other, this means holding one another to account but also helping each other when a crew member needs support. (April)
  • I believe we should be called Crew Anoa’i because they are a massively inspirational family and power through all challenges that are put in front of them. (Jacob)
  • I believe we should be called Crew Anoa’i because we protect each other like a tribe. (Lucie)
  • I believe we should be called Crew Anoa’i because the Anoa’i family are an inspiration to us, they have supported a lot of charities. We wish to do the same and follow in their footsteps. (James)
  • I believe we should be called Crew Anoa’i because I think our crew represents the Anoa’i family, we work together as a team and help each other out. (Zach H)

 Our Crew Quote:

“Success isn’t always about ‘greatness’, it’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success, greatness will come.”

                                                     -The Rock 

We chose this quote because it really resonates with us as a crew. We have found in the past that some of our crew have struggled with finding success, but once they have consistently worked hard on a certain task, they succeeded and achieved greatness.

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to read this!

#NewBeginnings #TribeLife

Online Crew!

Over the last two weeks we have been meeting online and checking in every morning. It has been so lovely to keep that consistency and support each other with any issues. Zak and Marshall have been keeping us all upbeat with their great sense of humour and interesting stories!

We have started our new Wise Wednesdays module and will be looking at the guiding question of ‘Why do we have rules!’ And have made a great start discussing anarchy and the court system!

We need to work on ensuring everyone is on time at 8.30 and aiming sure those alarms are set!!


Cant wait to have everyone back in school again soon!

We’re Back!

Crew Parkinson have had a wonderful return to school despite it being an online return rather than in person. The last time we were all together we were celebrating Christmas with each other, opening secret Santa gifts, listening to music and having a laugh as you can see below – it all seems so long ago now. I don’t think any of us thought that we’d be returning to school under lockdown number 3 and facing the next term online, but we’re making the most of it.

In terms of how they’ve been getting on – they’ve been absolute angels! Despite the challenges of online learning we’ve had nearly 100% attendance for every crew session and lesson for the last 3 weeks! Students are doing so well tackling their new expeditions online – I got an email through with this lovely praise for Ava from Miss Haughey, it’s great to see she’s smashing it in maths.

Students have also been doing really well in their live science lessons – here’s some of the scores from the quizzes set by Mr Said on Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes and specialised animal and plant cells. Great scores from Lacey, Bob, Rosie and Aaron! 

We’ve also been busy preparing for Passage over the last few weeks in crew, continuing the hard work students put in when we were at school. We’ve had to adapt a lot over the last weeks and Passage is included in this but I’m so proud of the quality reflections students have made on their time at XP East so far and how they have grown and changed since year 7. I’m sure they will be able to explain really articulately during their Passage presentation why they are ready to start their GCSEs – watch this space for updates over the coming weeks!