Crew Rashford

A Successful Bake Sale!

Crew Rashford’s bake sale was a huge success. 

We chose the charity Cancer Research to help support Jorja-Riley Walker in raising funds.. Crew wanted to show their support by holding a bake sale to raise funds alongside the race for life Jorja took part in on Sunday 19th June.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who purchased the treats on sale. Also to those who donated cakes, brownies and yummy delicious goodies without you all we would not have been able to raise so much money. 

We raised over an unbelievable £145.63 in aid of Cancer Research, a charity that is dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information, in 1 hour. This includes the online donations that were made during the bake sale.

Crew is very grateful. Thank you 😊

Crew Rashford – Summer is here – Whoop!

Here we are our last leg home to the summer holidays. I’m sure you are just as ready for the warmer weather to join us (still, waiting aren’t we).

I would like to remind you to bring water bottles and sun protection. Its good to stay hydrated helps the brain function!

Additionally to remind all parents and students of the school dress code. False nails, nail varnish, rings, earrings, bracelets and revealing, or excessively ripped clothes are not appropriate.

Additionally this includes PE. Students must bring a complete change of clothes for PE, including footwear. This applies even if the session is at the end of the day as we want our students to develop good habits of changing for physical activities.

Praise Stars

This term goes to….

⭐️ Jayden

⭐️ Callum

⭐️ Emma

Absolutely amazing, well done to you all. Keep up the great work. Gifts to be delivered soon. 

Crew Rashford has really stepped up this term with 72 praises in total. Let’s have one last push and get that total even higher by the end of summer term! We’ve got this!

We will be finishing the year with more incentives to achieve your HoWL

Celebrating Awesomeness

We had an awesome community meeting to celebrate how awesome E27 are and the successes they are having in school.

This shows how hard students are working and that it is being recognised by staff in and around school.

See if you can spot yours….

Crew Rashford Tranquil Tuesday

Number the Stars – Book by Lois Lowry

This past week Crew Rashford have begun a new Crew book, which we have designated to read on Tranquil Tuesdays. We had a fab time reading outside in the sunshine and everyone read a section. It was amazing to see how great we work together as crew to support each other doing this. 

Quiz your child, see what they have taken from it and what the book is about?

Looking forward to more Crew reading time over the next few weeks. 

Crew’s Grappling Start

The start of this term has been quite tough and we have had to grapple. We have really had to work hard and focus on how we can support ourselves and each other academically. 

Crew have been working on their pledges for the up and coming academic data snapshot and taking the time to understand what efforts and changes they need to focus on to improve going forward. 

Fun – always time for fun!

We make a conscious effort to incorporate fun into sessions and Crew love a game of dodgeball (ok not all of us). 

Here we are buddying up with the rest of the E27 cohort enjoying/avoiding dodgeball.

We even had time for a walk to lakeside


We have had a real focus on e-safety in our Wise Wednesday sessions. Developing our understanding of digital footprints and what it looks and sounds like to be kind on social media. 

Our learning targets for this were: I can discuss the impact of my actions on Social Media apps on myself and others and I can identify how to be Kind on Social Media.

It is really important that students understand how the world web works and the impact of social media can have positively and negatively.

HoWLs tracker for all!

This term we are dedicated to improving and monitoring our HoWLs. Here we are working together to understand what our HoWLs mean and our understanding of them. Each week students will assess their performance and then log their own HoWLs. We can then view this week by week and have discussions where appropriate, praising and challenging the data we see as a crew.

Race For Life

Hi my name is Jorja-Riley Walker, I am taking part in Race for Life to raise money to beat cancer.

Cancer is happening right now, which is why I’m taking part in a Race for Life 5k to raise money and save lives on 19th June 2022.

1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Every single pound you donate makes a difference to Cancer Research UK’s groundbreaking work.

I would really love your support and if you would like to sponsor me it would mean a lot!

Here is a link to my fundraising page

Thank you

Jorja – Crew Rashford XPE

In memory of My sister Gemma Walker

Crew Rashford

This term has been brilliant. We have really been working hard and focusing on how we can improve our engagement and drilling down in down to how we can better ourselves.  

Each week students revise their main pledges from their recent HoWLs snapshot with mini pledges.

Take a look at some of Crew pledges.

These students have really stepped up and recgonised areas of improvement and work hard on them each week.  

Holly – impressive strides in her engagement in session. It has definitely paid off Holly, nice work, well done!

Sofiya – has shown that by working on managing her distractions she is more productive in session. This is amazing Sofiya, super work well done. 

Sunshine Fun!

Last week we took advantage of lovely weather. Crew Rashford were surprised with some ice creams and a crew session that was all about them. We even had a few running races – I didn’t think we was that competitive!

After our little catch up… here we are with Crew Curie enjoying a spot of gardening. 

We planted some lovely bedding plants. We can’t wait to see how they flourish. Next tasks are some vegetables. So if we have any budding gardening in our parents and would like to donate anything for our garden, please let me know.

Praise Stars

This term goes to….

1st Place ⭐️ Manveer

2nd Place ⭐️ Emma

3rd Place ⭐️ Isabelle

Have a lovely Easter holiday. Reset for next term with bigger and brighter mindsets. 

Crew Rashford – Spanish HoWLs

Crew Rashford have been working hard on recognising areas of improvement in Spanish this week. 

They took the opportunity to evaluate their own HoWLs from the last session, critique and feedback to others respectfully and with kindness.

Here is a snapshot of their last session.

From this we would like to see improvement for next week and where we are doing really well maintaining that level of engagement and learning. 

They also have the opportunity to make pledges to support their learning. We will be discussing this further and holding each other accountable to them. 

Our class average is ok and I feel that there is definitely room for improvement for most of crew. As ever, I am always here to support anyone should they need it as is Mr Pearson. 

Mrs Watson

End of Term – Crew Rashford

WOW! What a term we’ve had… lots of discussions around pledges, delivering SLC’s, getting wiser with internet safety on Wednesdays, we even had time to fit a game of dodgeball with all of E27.

Crew Pledges 

Pledges are an integral part of XP and our Habits of Work and Learning. We push for success and recognise areas for improvement throughout the term. Without pledges we find ourselves wondering how we can be the best version of ourselves. 

Crew Rashford have recognised their strengths and understood what they need to do to become more successful in their academic progress. We hold ourselves accountable and ensure we discuss our behaviours and engagement in session weekly with the support from their peers and myself. Additionally, we celebrate our successes and praise one another for our progress. 

Here are some pledges Crew have made for next term….

  • Isabelle

I pledge to work hard and get smart in Human because I don’t put my hand up when I know the answer to the question. I want to get all 3.5 across the board for this subject.

  • Zak

I pledge to get better at Spanish and improve my HoWL’s. I’m going to try to aim for at least a 3.0 in Get smart and Work Hard.

  • Keegan

I pledge to Get Smart in Maths. It is currently 3. I would like this to be 3.5. When it’s hard to focus, really try to minimise distractions and to ask more questions.

Student Led Conferences

Crew Rashford have stepped up and shown real maturity and determination to deliver their SLCs to parents. Seeking support and taking responsibility for their presentations. 

Here’s a few snaps.

Everyone passed with flying colours – I am super impressed by Crew and their efforts, they amaze me everyday. You should all be proud of yourselves. I will be sending postcards home to celebrate.

Crew Fun!

With all this hard work, myself and other E27 Crew Leaders organised a huge game of dodgeball for students to participate in. It was a fun packed session, with some amazing skills being used. We split into 4 teams and let me tell you the competition was on! 

Praise Stars!

This term goes to….

⭐️ Sofiya

⭐️ Callum

⭐️ Emma

Absolutely amazing, well done to you all. Keep up the great work. Gifts to be delivered next term!

Have a lovely half term, recharge and come back ready, focused and determined to smash those pledges.

Crew Rashford – Prepping for SLC’s

We have really shown great character traits over the past few days preparing our SLC scripts. Working Hard and Being Kind to support each other to achieve a great presentation. 

All invitations have been sent out and Crew Rashford are just polishing off their presentations.

We are looking forward to seeing parents /carers in school this time to showcase the wonderful work students have done. 

See you soon.

Mrs Watson