Crew Rashford

Litter Picking Crew Rashford Style!

Stewardship is one of the core principles of XP and XP East. Our philosophy has always been ‘leave no trace’ and this is why litter picks and lost property were introduced. We have to work together and be crew when it comes to stewardship, to pitch in and also to hold each other accountable to make sure our school is a safe and well maintained place to be. We pride ourselves on crafting beautiful work as staff and students, this should apply to our surroundings.

Each member of our crew took to the job enthusiastically, along with Mr Portman. 

We were very impressed with the maturity and pride Crew approached this activity with. Everyone participated and we worked together as a crew to do a superb job. The school grounds looked clean and tidy. Amazing work Crew, well done!


⭐️Crew Shout Outs!⭐️

Holly – I’m emailing to let you know how impressed I am with your Spanish ES this week. Wow, you’ve really put the effort in, and the preposition sentences are AWESOME!! Please keep up this engagement and commitment to your HOWLS. Gracias, Mrs Sprakes.

Keegan – For your written work in HUMs on Nature, you displayed tremendous passion. Look at this feedback from Mr Portman and Mr Sprakes. Outstanding piece of work. You should be very proud of this well done.



Resetting Crew!

We have really been focusing over the last 2 weeks on “Crew Rashford’ and what kind of crew we want to be, what this looks like and how we can achieve this.

We are beginning to identify some crew norms, and slowly displaying them throughout our sessions. There have been some difficult discussions, however we have been really mature, spoken freely and held ourselves and others accountable. This is important as it will keep the focus and help everyone in crew maintain our pledges. Mr Portman has been a great support and mentor during this process, we have appreciated this very much. Thank you Mr Portman. 

Buddying up with Crew Rowling.

Today we buddied up with Crew Rowling. A great opportunity to observe another crew in action. We reflected on how their crew conducted the session and the protocols they used, how they allowed each others voices to be heard and how they held each other accountable in a mature and respectful way. 

We appreciate Crew Rowling for supporting us and taking time to show us all things crew. They have a great track record and an outstanding reputation at XP and XPE. Crew Rowling have set us a challenge and we can not wait set the ball in motion… watch this space!

I believe that we have great foundations and are developing a stronger unity as a crew.

We are Crew, We’ve got this!

Back to School

After what has seemed much longer than it was , we are back to it in Crew Da Vinci.

I am proud of my crew for coming back stronger than ever. it is wonderful to see everyone’s smiling faces on a morning.

We started our first Crew session focussing  on our Crew Pledges and our expectations and HOWL’s.

We also openly talked about how felt about returning to school, COVID testing and more. There were questions , worries and support. But as a crew we worked together to but everyone minds at ease

As a few Crew members attended In-school provision they were able to talk about there COVID testing experiences and but a few minds at rest. It was amazing to see the support we showed each other.


We have now started back on our crew program.

Everyday we have something different to stretch and challenge our crew.


The past weeks have been filled with some wonderful experiences for year 7

Nic Burne runs the conversation club in Doncaster which helps out asylum seekers and refugees . He came to speak to the year group about the experiences of some refugees and the people he helps.

He also had some of the refugees come to the school to talk to them about there experiences.


Overall it has been a great start back for Crew DaVinci. We will continue to strive to be the best we can be


Back to basics…

Super glad to have everybody back in crew. It’s ace to see everyone again after such a long time and hear everyone’s stories about working from home!

Over the first couple of weeks back we have hit the ground running. In crew we have focussed on resetting the basics. During Wise Wednesdays, we have discussed how we can improve and keep an eye on our mental health as well as how we can support each other during tough times. There have been some really mature and in depth discussions with some fantastic points. Big shout out to Holly, Amelia, Max and Louie who consistently add to conversations in crew.

Thoughtful Thursdays have consisted of resetting our Howls and making pledges to help our learning this term. Here are some of the fantastic pleaders some crew members have made to help improve their Howls!

Liam, Amelia, Holly and Lukas pledge to get less distracted so that they can work hard.

Lilly and Poppy pledge to ask and answer more questions in order to get smart.

Max pledges to use the explore further tab on the expedition to dive deeper into his subjects. A really fab pledge to get smart.

Pledges are really important in XP to help to hold ourselves and each other accountable for our learning. I am looking forward to seeing the effect of these pledges on our next Howls drop!

Lastly, we have had a really exciting opportunity these past couple of weeks… we have had lots of experts in to talk to us in art and Human. Yesterday, students were lucky enough to hear the stories from some refugees who fled their countries in order to seek safety here in this country. Everyone sat beautifully and respectfully to listen to them speak. The stories we heard really opened our eyes to what some people experience and gave students a great idea of how to answer their guiding question “Is migration worth the risk?”.

Hearing their stories makes me grateful for what I have and I’m sure my crew will feel the same.

Crew Rashford Blog – EWA

We Are Back!

Spring is here and the warmer weather is approaching. 

We have hit the ground running and everyone in Crew Rashford have settled back into school brilliantly. I am super proud of the attitude and commitment to learning Crew have returned to school with!

It is lovely to finally meet everyone face to face and put a few names to faces and profile pics. Their bubbly personalities are even more bubbly in person. Crew have made me feel really welcome in school, it’s like we’ve known each other for an age. 

Our first Crew session was fab. We focused on our Crew Pledges and our expectations and HOWL’s. We also openly talked about howe felt about returning to school, COVID testing and more. As a few Crew members attended In-school provision they were able to talk about there COVID testing experiences and but a few minds at rest. It was amazing to see the support we showed each other.


⭐️ Star Of The Week⭐️ 

⭐️ Tayla – ‘Who found the work in Spanish really challenging, but asked me for help, persevered, and did it anyway. Totally gets the meaning of the words grapple and courage’ Mrs Collinson. 


In-School COVID Testing 

Crew Rashford would like to personally thank the school testing team for the hard work and the efficient experience.

We had a few nerves but as a crew we pulled together and supported each other perfectly.

We are Crew! Thank you 😊 

Equipment For School 🖊

We have re-introduced equipment check-ins each morning. The impact this has on our learning is really crucial, therefore it is required that each Crew member arrives at school with the appropriate equipment.

  • Charged device
  • Book (if preferred over AR app)
  • Pen, pencil, ruler
  • Mask
  • Water bottle
  • PE kit (PE days)

We have done an excellent job and must ensure this happens each day and continue to remind and help others with the equipment if needed. I would like to give a shout out and a massive appreciation to everyone in Crew for this.

Well done and thank you 😊 

Back to It!

Our week in Crew looks a little like this. 


Each day we have a different focus and it is brilliant to hear from everyone in Crew and having each voice heard. 

If the engagement and hard work that Crew Rashford have shown last term continues, then boy are we going to have a fantastic term this time around. Let’s dig deep and do what we do best, strive to be the very best version of ourselves that we can be!

We have got this! 😊


Back to school…..again!

We started back, once again, amazingly!

First day we spent a couple of hours in Crew, reflecting on lockdown learning and discussing our anxieties about being back in school in the crazy world of Covid testing! A few of the students in our Crew had attended school throughout lockdown so were able to offer lots of reassurance to those new to the testing process and it was lovely to see them offering each other support and being there for each other NO MATTER WHAT! That’s what crew is about right?

After testing, we came back and had a HoWL’s reset, we made some new pledges and talked about not trying to catch up, but trying to be the best version of ourselves now we are back in school! You can see the boys working together to create their pledges below!


This week the students had the pleasure of being introduced to an expert in refugee’s and asylum seekers. Nic Burne runs the conversation club in Doncaster which helps out asylum seekers and refugees and has arranged for some of them to come in to school next week to tell their story which is an amazing opportunity!

You can see all of them listening perfectly and representing XP as the amazing school it is!


Have a nice easter guys! Enjoy!



X27 and E27 and their first art expert!

On Thursday, all our Year 7 students had a hangout with their first art expert.

Their expert was called Derek Robertson who was speaking to our pupils about his ‘Migrations‘ exhibition.

These pieces of artwork that Derek created fitted in perfectly with Y7’s current expedition called ‘Wherever I lay my hat’ where they are answering the guiding question of ‘Is migration worth the risk?’

Our expert was able to give our students information about his experiences when visiting refugee camps around the world and insights into the lives of the people he met.

Mr. Wilmot made loads of notes!

Mrs. Marshall was on fire with the anchor charts.

Miss Hickson was busy making notes on the board.

Manveer and Maisie shared the notes that they wrote during the hangout.

Keegan even recorded the whole hangout as a voice note on his iPad and sent it to me!

I was so impressed with our Year 7’s. They were respectful and inquisitive. They asked some fantastic questions and wrote brilliant notes.

Well done Y7!

We made it!

It’s Been a Long Term!

But wow we made it! We have really dug deep and proven how much we can adapt and overcome anything! I just want to say i am extremely proud of Crew Rashford and everything they have overcome and achieved this term, you truly are an inspiration! 😊 

Crew/session attendance has improved over the last 2 weeks, which is a fantastic achievement soooo…. Well done Crew, you rock! 👏 🎉🥳

It has been a pleasure and privilege to become Crew Leader for Crew Rashford and I believe we have the making of being a fantastic team. I for, one really enjoy our crew sessions especially Friday’s, we have the opportunity to chill and reflect on the week, listen to music, quiz till we cant quiz no more and really get to know each other. I can not wait until we are in school for crew. 


⭐️ Stars Of The Term ⭐️ 

⭐️ Keegan – For really working hard on adhering to the online protocols. 

⭐️ Manveer – For being super helpful and helping crew members with hangout links. 

⭐️ Sofiya – For overcoming her worries of coming to school and wonderful note taking.


Switch Off & Recharge Time

As a crew we really appreciated and took full advantage of this opportunity to divert our attention away from technology.

Here are some of the activities Crew took part in over the last 2 weeks. 

Online memories 👩‍💻📱 👨‍💻 ✉️

Online learning has been a mix of many emotions, laughter and tears! (oh technology😠)  Laggy/glitchy have got to be thee two most spoken words in 2020/2021 I’m sure of it 😂

Crew have put together some of their most memorable moments of their online learning this term.

Have a lovely, well deserved break! 

Signing off till we return in 2 weeks, enjoy, have fun and i hope the sunshine’s for you all 🌞. 


Mrs Watson 😊 Remember to just be you! 

Aaaand Relax..!

We made it!

It’s been a long, tiring term but we are fighting until the finishing bell. There have been ups and downs but needless to say I reckon we are all ready for this 2 week break!

I think everyone will agree this Lockdown has possibly been the hardest on everyone and mental health has been a much talked about topic. In order to help with the mental health of our students, the school launched a Screens Off and Recharge initiative to help combat the screen fatigue!

That said, I wanted to take some time to show off some of the great proof of what our crew has been getting up to during our Screens off and Recharge time over the last 2 weeks of term! We made pillow forts, went on a walk, artwork, did some baking… Just see for yourself…

Looking forward to seeing everyone in one room again but until then… have a fantastic and restful break!!


Well done Alfie!

Alfie from our crew has been doing some extracurricular art work I wanted to share with you all! I am always so proud when someone from our crew goes above and beyond! He has been contributing to a project carried out by a care home in Matlby along side the residence and giving everyone involved a reason to smile!

Check out the article published in the Rotherham Gazette!

Keep it up Alfie. Above all, compassion. Always!


Crew Rashford – Student Led Conference

Crew Rashford absolutely smashed their very first SLC’s, the presentations were very professional and each and everyone of them did themselves proud. It was amazing to see their confidence shine and to really dig deep and manage themselves through the presentation.

We decided it would be beneficial to write a reflective log of the experience, this well help us lay the best foundations for our next round of SLC’s and also remember what it was like the first time around.

These are some of the reflective logs that crew have done so far!


What went well was i didn’t manage to show my work that i did and struggled with, but without it i think it still went well. (Zak is going to take a photo when he returns to school to show his parents)

It would be even better if i could show my work that i struggled with and the work that i was impressed with.

The experience was very good, i was really really nervous but it went well and i think i did good a job. I was quite scared because i was worried if i messed something up and it would be really awkward for me.


What went well – I was very proud of my SLC. I put a lot of Craftsmanship and Quality into my work. The setting of my work and the way it was presented was very organised. I definitely showed my level of understanding. When I first joined the meeting, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was really nervous and scared feeling like something would’ve gone wrong. When I first started talking, all of my nervousness went away and I just started to feel confident which I think is really great!

Even better if – I think it would be even better if I could speak up a little louder, everything was amazing but if I could change one thing, it would be that I could speak a little louder. Concluding it, I think mostly everything went exactly to plan haha!

The experience was overall exciting because I couldn’t wait to show my work to my teachers and it was my first time with an SLC so I didn’t really know what to do.I think if I could change one more thing, I would change my speaking and my voice, I was speak loud but maybe I could speak a little louder. I would like to praise my older sister, Aran because she helped me with my SLC and helped me present it because I was calling on my iPad and my sisters laptop and I felt really. Scared but my sister was there and I felt really calm and relaxed :).

It was a joy to part of the process from start to finish and despite the nerves and the hurdles of being at home, they all did a sterling job.

Hello too!🙂


Many of you parents/carers may have seen me on the SLC hangout and you should any received an email from myself last week. Apologies if you haven’t. My email address is as follows, please send me an email and let me know if you haven’t received it.

I am super excited to be part of Crew Rashford and the journey they will take through XP. I hope with your support they can individually and collectively be the best of the best.

Thank you 😊

We Are Crew