E27 (Y10) ‘Awesomeness’ Community Meeting

It’s always a pleasure to share praises and appreciations in our community meetings, and this morning was no exception. Y10 have had an absolutely amazing start to the school year and we shared lots of praises from staff, as well as hearing appreciations from students to fellow students for being kind, working hard and helping each other in sessions.

We also had a few apologies made for behaviours that don’t reflect our character values and I would like to praise those students for showing the integrity and courage to put things right.

It’s so encouraging to hear that some students are starting to think ahead to Y11 and are already creating revision resources to help them through the next 2 years.

Well done, Y10!

Mrs Parker 🙂

LOST PROPERTY!- Crew Rashford

Crew Rashford have been through our lost property, If you see anything that you recognise please go to the XP East Reception and it will be there.

They need collecting before next Friday or they will be going to charity!


E27 (Y9) Fieldwork to West Yorkshire Playhouse

We are excited to be taking our Y9 students to see a production of Lord of the Flies on Thursday 30th March. Please see the letter below for full details.

If you have any questions, please contact our English Lead, Mrs Desborough – [email protected] – or your child’s Crew Leader.

Crew Rashford – New Year New Start!

So it begins, the step into our XP Journey….Passage. 

We have started to prepare for Passage Presentations during Crew. For those parents who may not know the purpose of Passage here is a brief overview. 

Passage presentations are an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning and their readiness to move on to the next phase of their education.

  • To build student investment in high-quality work
  • To hone student oral presentation and critical thinking skills 
  • To assess the skills and knowledge of students
  • To increase students’ accountability concerning character development
  • To provide families and communities with an understanding of the standards, learning goals and Habits of Working and Learning
  • To give students an opportunity to synthesise their learning and reflect on their progress 
  • To require students to demonstrate preparedness to advance to the next level of formal schooling – GCSE’s.

It is one mammoth task, but it is very much worth the end goal!

We are committed and I am really impressed with the engagement so far. I am really looking forward to seeing what Crew Rashford produce.

Students may be asked to complete some task at home, but don’t peek!

Look out for an invite to attend your child’s Passage around March time. 

DofE Update 

We have completed the fitness element of our Bronze DofE and now we are well on our way and doing awesome some First Aid training during our sessions. 

Additionally, every fortnight we either take part in a school litter pick or lost property maintenance at school.

Students are taking this opportunity to become stewards of our community, making a blog post for students to few all the items and ensure the grounds stay free from litter. It has made a huge difference to the site, super impressive.

Really looking forward to the next part of DofE… what this space for more info!

One last thing!

I’d like to appreciate those students that have improved and maintained their attendance since the start of Y9. You have really stepped up!

We have the opportunity to win an amazing attendance incentive – To Win £50 to spend anyway we wish. Wouldn’t that be Awesome!

Let’s give this term a big push and move back up the league table our current position is No 11. 

We can do this – Mighty Crew Rashford!

Mrs Watson 😊

📙📘Becoming Bookworms 📘📙

This week Crew Rashford set up their account for our new online library myOn.

myON is a student-centred, personalised digital library that gives students access to more than 7,000 digital books. Titles are dynamically matched to each individual student’s interests and reading level. Combined with a suite of close reading tools and embedded supports, myON fosters student engagement and achievement. There is something for everyone!

We searched the vast library and have now selected a book to read during our reading time. 

There are soooo many benefits to reading…

  • Gain valuable knowledge 🤔
  • Encourages and develops imagination
  • Exercise your brain🧠
  • Improve your memory
  • Improve your focus🧘🏽
  • Reduce stress 😎
  • Enjoy entertainment
  • Improve your mental health 🍏
  • Improve your ability to empathise
  • Live longer 🕺🏼💃🏾
  • Improve your communication skills

Please ask your child about their chosen book and perhaps encourage them to read for fun at home too!

Year 9 (E27) Explorer working hard in art

I wanted to share some of the beautiful work that 9 Explorer has been producing in their art sessions.

I am so impressed with the craftmanship and quality.

Year 9’s first expedition of the year is called ‘Another Brick in the wall’ which has the guiding question ‘How are our lives affected by structures?’

They have created their own expedition title pages:

They have been looking at the street artist Phlegm and reproducing their own work in his style as well as an artist research page.

As you can see – it’s looking great!

E27 Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Award


This week we begun our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award 🥉- Physical. 

For the physical activity we needed to choose any sport, dance or fitness activity – in short, anything that requires a sustained level of energy and physical activity.

So as a Crew we decided that the walk would ensure everyone could participate and do the activity together 🚶🚶🏽‍♀️

Together with E27 Cohort we embarked on our walk round the beautiful Lake at Lakeside. Some were like expert speed walkers and others were maintaining a good pace and really worked hard to keep up!

It took around 40 mins to walk approximately 2 miles. We set a high standard for our first outing, next week we will push and strive to achieve this in 30 mins, some of the cohort have decided to run! Yep Run with Mrs Parker 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️! 

Good luck!

For more information, please click the link!

Crew Shout Outs!

Third week into term and Crew Rashford are really shining at the moment.
These students have attended everyday and have achieved 100% attendance.

⭐️ Isabelle, Tayla, Zak, Sofiya, Keegan, Holly, Jayden, Emma, Callum ⭐️

Crew Rashford have racked up some awesome praises and are showing incredible HoWLs in and around school.

⭐️ Big Shout Out to Jorja who has 8 praises logged – Awesome achievement Jorja smashing it!
Closely followed by Callum and Isabelle with a fantastic 7 praises – awesome work you two!


Let’s keep this momentum going and strive to Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind.

Super impressed and immensely proud! Well done the mighty Crew Rashford

Mrs Watson and Miss Bowser

Welcome Back Crew Rashford

What a brilliant first week back!

First and foremost I would like to say Thank you, thank you for making our first week back  a memorable one! We’ve laughed a lot, we’ve gotten a little frustrated at times, we’ve shown respect and reflected on how we can achieve our very best together as crew!

Tuesday – Day 1 

Our week started off taking part in the Wise Up Team Building activities.

It was safe to say that we struggled at first,  after 5 weeks being off school and coming back together there were a few teething problems. However, after one or two activities it was evident that we are awesome together. 

We started working together as a crew and completing activities. Crew members stepped and stepped back ensuring everyone has a voice and a chance to show their skills. Encouraging each other and showing compassion when others found it difficult. 

There were so many stand out moments, but Holly really showed us what she’s made of in the pyramid challenge. The lads and their careful precision of the helium pipe and working out how to higher and lower it, so everyone in crew could complete the activity. Jorja for her excellent and hilarious navigational and communication skills during the herding sheep game. 

Crew Rashford started to take shape again by the end and that is what is most important. Super proud of you all!

Wednesday – Day 2 

Flamborough Head Hike. What an incredibly beautiful place, having the weather on our side was also a blessing.

 It was great to see the resilience throughout crew and everyone enjoyed the time spent together catching up, playing the yes-no game. 

One particular member of crew that stood out today was Keegan, he really stepped up today and grappled with the walk. He even looked like he was enjoying it. I’m sure I saw him up front during the hike. When we were in Ullswater Keegan grappled with the mountain walk so to see this and crew members noticing and praising this was amazing. 

Lots of laughs along the way. I still didn’t get a chocolate biscuit Tara!

I have to mention the behaviour of crew – It was awesome! If this is the level that we can expect going forward this year I am looking forward to being part of more Fieldworks for sure! 

We ensured no trace was left after lunch and I witnessed crew members being respectful to members of the public, saying thank you and hello to them as they passed and showing compassion when we had to wait for others to catch up and being patient. 

Thursday/Friday – Day 3 & 4

Back in the classroom. 

We really looked closely at our data and what this meant for us going forward in Y9. Students were able to identify areas they want to improve and maintain. 

We looked at what is ahead for Year 9 in terms of passage and Duke of Edinburgh (DofE). There was a clear buzz around the room and crew came up with some amazing ideas for DofE. I can’t wait for this to get started! 

We created Road Maps and identified each crew member’s bumps and green lights. 

Here’s a few examples. Callum – Green light DofE – Callum “I am looking forward to taking part in the program”. Emma “I am worried about passing my passage”. We even had the opportunity to present in a POL. Everyone did it, every member of crew participated and spoke clearly and with confidence. So proud!

Our guiding question for the week was ‘How do we get to the top of the mountain?” 

Here is Crew Rashford’s answer! 

We have identified our potential bump and slips on our path and pledge to seek support from staff and crew to help us overcome them. We will support, praise and hold each other to account throughout the year.

An awesome start to Year 9. I am super excited to see you all grow and develop to be the best version of yourselves throughout the terms.

The Mighty Crew Rashford can achieve anything when we believe and support each other!

Mrs Watson!