E27 (Y10) Awesomeness Community Meeting

In today’s Y10 community meeting, we celebrated this term’s Crew achievements and all round awesomeness!

We took some time to check in on some of the student pledges made at the beginning of the term:

  • At the beginning of term, August had pledged to ask more questions in class if they were unsure of something, and that is something they have got better at this term.
  • Seth had pledged to get more praises logged than conducts and we were pleased to see that he had achieved this.
  • Leo acknowledged that, although he had made some progress, he needed to work a little bit harder to achieve his pledge of managing his distractions in class.

We will continue to check in on these throughout next term.

Please see the slides above to see which students were appreciated and celebrated for most improved attendance and most praises. Crew Da Vinci were definitely the stars of the term – testament to the great work Miss Askin is doing as Crew Leader.

Crew Leaders also nominated their Crew Superstar. Congratulations to:

  • Manveer for Crew Rashford for her consistent hard work and for always being kind.
  • Seth for Crew Da Vinci for his amazing turn around this term, coming in every day with a positive attitude and a smile on his face.
  • Olivia for Crew Curie for having an amazing turn around in sessions and being resilient with her work experience.

Miss Ibbotson couldn’t choose one person, so we have 4 Crew Superstars for Crew Marx:

  • Kiahnna: Always kid, shows up every day, works hard, is kind and compassionate! Absolute legend!
  • Violet: Shows up to school everyday with a smile and is kind to everyone that comes across her.
  • Alex: Works so hard, is always doing the right thing and is an all round amazing student.
  • Riley: Smashing school at the moment and has come a long way since Y7. He needs to be recognised for the hard work he does and how hard he is trying to do well!

Finally, we said farewell to Keegan who is leaving us at the end of term. We’ll be sad to see him go, but are excited for his new chapter. Keegan – you will always be Crew 🙂

We’re looking forward to a jam-packed final term with Y10 (again, please see the slides above for what’s coming up for them!) and I hoping we’ll have much to celebrate at the end of next term as we have this term.

Mrs Parker.