XPD Outdoors – Hits the ground running!

What an awesome start to the year. XP Outdoors has really taken off this year and we have some amazing stories to share with you.

We started the term with a getting to know each other session andwe played crew building games. It was a fantastic way to find out more about each other and for staff to build relationships with students.

From here we moved on to safety protocols and expectations. Being in an outdoor environment comes with some risks and C29 certainly took on board the different safety protocols we discussed to ensure each student was safe at all times.

Our first activities were a huge success and enjoyed by students and staff. Heading down to the firepit and garden area, students took part in Hapa Zome – an ancient Japanese Fabric dying activity and Leaf Art. Here are some of our products from the sessions.

Students grappled and supported each other and were able to produce some amazing crafts.

Alongside this students also took part in a CampFire activity. Where we enjoyed biscuits and Hot Chocolate (like by a few students). We were blown away by their engagement and behaviour during the activity. Students were able to all take part and play a role during the session, from making hot chocolate to handing out biscuits and washing up the cups. It was awesome to see everyone working together as crew!

Here are a few snaps from the sessions.

As the colder weather is approaching students are reminded that additional clothing may be required. Please come prepared for all eventualities, we would love to be outdoors as much as we can.

We are looking forward to next term’s activities and can not wait to see what amazing products the students produce. 

XPD Outdoors Staff 😀

XP Outdoors – Exploring and Gardening

On Wednesday XP Outdoors explored the garden and maintained our bedding plants.

Here are a few pics…

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At XP we believe that it is important for staff and students to spend more time outdoors, especially within crews. A fire circle allows crews to get outside and interact in a circle (with or without the fire lit). Getting outdoors has lots of proven health benefits, especially with mental health. There is evidence linked to sitting around an open fire reducing blood pressure and heart rate making it a relaxing environment, allowing people to be more receptive to others and share.

So we looked at our current fire pit set up and looked at ways to improve and revamp it. The plans were drawn by our crew and I have to say they came up with some amazing ideas, I can not wait to share these with our XP Outdoors Leads.

Look out for more exciting outdoor experiences!

Mrs Watson