Even MORE Beautiful Work from E25!

This time, the beautiful work has come from E25 Explorer in Science!

Explorer have been working hard on understanding DNA – And these are just some examples of the Craftsmanship and Quality of learning taking place in Mr V’s classroom this morning.

This is an example of a quality diagram from Kris of a DNA Nucleotide – a building block of our DNA.

And some beautiful examples of the double helix that DNA molecules form, from Lucie, Billy, Faith, Lewis and Caiden !

Keep up the fantastic work!!

Miss Cocliff & Mr Voltaire 🙂

Beautiful Work in E25!

I’ve been SUPER impressed with E25 since I’ve worked with them this year! The quality of work being produced is astounding – both in sessions, and outside of the classroom too!

Check out some examples below from Denim in History, and Mollie and Fin in maths, demonstrating excellent Craftsmanship & Quality across subjects.

I’ve also experienced a wonderful gallery walk – Miss Cross transported us to the silent floor of Brumley Museum – some great silent conversations, excellent notices, questions, and wonders!

And finally, I wanted to highlight a beautiful piece of work from Jess R. Jess has been working on this in her own time, as horses are a big interest – but look at the detail on this artwork. Phenomenal – excellent work Jess!!!!

Keep it up, year 10 – I look forward to seeing what you achieve this year!

Miss Cocliff x