E27 Duke of Edinburgh

Year 9 have started their D of E Bronze award. We started the term with a mission to complete a lap of lakeside in 45 minutes…we have since SMASHED that target. We now manage to complete a full lap during crew time. The kids have done so well that we allowed a visitor to join us last week in crew time walk…Meet Simba, Miss Cades puppy who accompanied us last week!

Now, because we can complete the walk so efficiently in crew time we are spending session one completing our first aid course! Last week we looked at how to respond in an emergency and practised putting each other in the recovery position! Huge thank you to V and Louie who helped us demonstrate with their unwilling models! Rest assured, E27 are now experts in emergencies!

Crew White

                                              Crew White blog 

Hello, we’re Elsie, Lola and Ryan, we are Crew White. 

Here we are being stewards of our community collecting litter from the school .

This is me Ryan, in XP outdoors I made a stick man, and this is a photo of my miners helmet I have done in art too.

 I like football. I am a sporty person.

This is me Lola, my fun fact is I play football for the school team and I also love art too! I have been doing some good work. This is a piece of work I’m proud of from HUMS where I show craftsmanship and quality.

This is me Elsie, a fun fact about me is I’m good at art. Here is a piece of work I’m proud of from HUMS where we identified key people from the miners strike.

Our crew star of the week is Nicole.  She works hard, gets smart, and she is always kind to Crew. Last week she represented our school in cross country and football. Our sporting legend.

Y8/Crew Malala Learn To Work Together!

Crew Malala have been working on communication and team skills. We talked about how working together means listening to one another and learning how to communicate in a productive way. To practice these new skills, Crew Malala played the spider web game. Standing in a circle, one person had to hold onto the end of a ball of wool and throw the ball across the circle to another crew member. That person had to hold on to the wool and throw the ball to someone else, and so on, until everyone was holding onto the wool. This created a spider web in the middle of the circle. Crew Malala then had to work together to untangle the wool without letting go, with the final goal of standing in a straight line while still holding on to the wool. There was some frustration but by working together, giving clear instructions to each other and listening carefully, they finished the game in a straight line! Well done Crew Malala!

Mrs. Collinson & Mrs. Batty

XP East Laying down the Law!

What a fantastic two days students across XP and XP East have had!

On Tuesday, Citizenship students, who have been studying the role of the police, and their year group were involved in 3 seminars from Doncaster Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue. These included Road Safety, Gun and Knives and Exploitation. 

After a fantastic Tuesday, things only got more exciting here at XPE today…
Students listened to a talk regarding Dog Handling and were introduced to not one, but two real life police dogs! Isn’t Hudson wonderful?
If that wasn’t enough, students were given time to ask all their pressing questions in a Q&A session. Students also experienced all the equipment police officers are trained to use, including riot gear and operating police cars.
A fantastic two days had by all students and staff! #WeAreCrew

E28 Year 7 Presentation of Learning

Finally E28 are able to show off their great work to their families in a Presentation of Learning. This is an opportunity for the students to show off their work and learning from their current expedition From the Ground up! Something we are so excited to have back at XP and XP East.

The current expedition has focused on mining and students have been answering the guiding question “What does the community of Doncaster owe to mining?”, alongside showing their work, parents and carers will have the opportunity to hear the music students have created inspired by the Colliery bands of South Yorkshire and see the Artwork students have produced!

If your child is in E28 they will be hosting a Presentation of Learning on Thursday 9th December, starting at 16:00 and will finish by 17.00.

Students will be expected to stay at school at the end of the school day before the Presentation of Learning.

We ask that students bring a change of clothes and dress in smart clothes as it is a formal occasion. They may also want to bring a snack to eat before the start of the evening.

We will post a reminder closer to the event and we hope to see you all there!

Accelerated Reader


We spend a lot of time reading here at XP. East: we dedicate at least one Crew session a week to our accelerated reader programme and comprehension testing, as well as 15 minutes at the beginning of morning session, and another 15 minutes after lunch.  We also expect students to read for 20-30 minutes at home.  We are seeing some good progress in Crew Parker as students improve their reading age, and have strategies in place for those who need some extra support.

I do hear quite a few of our children grumbling when asked to get their reading books out, so it’s important to remind them why it’s so important, and why we invest so much time into reading:

  • Reading helps to build our vocabulary and language skills
  • Reading helps improve focus and concentration
  • It stimulates our imagination, which consequently helps to develop our own creative writing skills
  • A good book will leave us wanting more, so that we go on to learn more!
  • Developing good reading habits now will help the students when they go to University and have to research things using resources other than the internet (no, Google doesn’t have all the answers!)

As an ex-Librarian (or maybe that should be once a Librarian, always a Librarian!) I can’t promote the benefits of reading for pleasure enough.  I don’t really care if it’s a physical book or an e-book; it’s the act of reading that counts.

SLC prep

We’ve spent most of our Crew time busy preparing for our Student Led Conferences (SLCs), which begin on Monday.  Students have really had to think hard about the work they want to present to parents.  As well as showcasing the work they’re most proud of (and there’s lots of it!), they’ll also be discussing where they feel they need to improve, and what their targets moving forward into the next expedition.

We’ve spoken a lot about MEGS during our prep, and I’ve been struck by how all my Crew are determined to work hard to improve their initial grades.  As Tom D said, “None of us know what the future will hold for us. We all know that this first score isn’t all that important, but what is important is the score we leave school with.”

So, good luck to all my Crew over the next two weeks – I personally cannot wait to celebrate all your academic achievements!



Phew! We’ve made it to our first half-term break – and what a journey it’s been!

You’ll know by now that our crew sessions are an essential part of our day at XP. East. Every morning we crew up for our daily check-in, and this term we’ve mostly been focussing on teamwork, relationships and character building, using our character traits and HoWLS (Habits of Work and Learning) as the foundation.

During our last crew session of the term, we all reflected on how far we’d come since starting at XP. East. What became clear is that I now have twelve very different children to the ones I met when we first crewed up together in Malham… But then again, my crew have a very different Crew Leader now, too.  In the words of Fat Boy Slim (ask your parents, kids!) “We’ve come a long long way together.”

I’ve seen my crew really develop in confidence and find their voices (especially Megan R and Ali M). I’ve seen improvements in behaviour (and we’re getting better at not swinging on our chairs, eh, Bryn W 😉) We spoke about where we feel like we need to work harder to improve and, just like Tom D, I want to improve in STEAM!  Brendan K spoke about how much he’s enjoying HUMANS and, I have to say, that is evident in the quality of work he’s producing.

But it hasn’t always been easy for us. We’ve had some difficult conversations around being kind, building friendships, and appropriate behaviour/language. We’ve had to make apologies and stands. My crew have held each other accountable and publicly challenge the behaviour of their peers (which shows great courage!)

We’ve all had bad days, but we’ve supported one another – just like we did when we had to jump into the freezing cold water at Malham and climb up Jacob’s Ladder at Kingswood. In other words…

We’ve become Crew.

Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe, and I’ll see you all in two weeks.

Mrs Parker

P.S. I pledge to post more crew blogs next term!

This week in Crew 7AP…

We’ve started to read ‘Lion: A Long Way Home’ by Saroo Brierly.  For those of you not familiar with the book – or the film! – ‘Lion’ tells the true story of how the author, Saroo, finds his way home from Australia to a remote village in India, 25 years after becoming lost in Calcutta when he was just five years old.

We’ve read the prologue this week, and we’re already starting to wonder and ask questions: How did Saroo become lost? Where did he come from? How did he end up in Australia? Will he be reunited with his family?

Reading ‘Lion’ together as a Crew will allow us to unpick and discuss our character traits, as we’ll be looking out for examples of compassion, respect, courage, integrity and craftmanship and quality (there are lots of examples throughout the book, but I won’t give too much away at this stage!)

We’re also looking forward to using Saroo’s journey to do some more focussed work in lessons, as we continue to work towards answering our first expedition’s guiding question: “What makes a successful community?”

Mrs Parker