E29 gathering

This morning during Crew time E29 gathered as a year group to wish our fellow Crew member goodbye and good luck. Ryan will leave a big gap in our year group, and in XP School but we wish him well as his family re-locate to sunny Cornwall.

Whilst doing a whip around to describe Ryan, a few words or phrases came up on many occasions such as ‘funny’ ‘kind’ ‘makes class fun’ ‘energetic’ ‘great guy’ ‘brightens up our day’ Those things sum Ryan up to a tee. How he has grown in strength and character during his time here is remarkable and I’m sure he will apply those skills and qualities in his new school. Crew will feel so different without him, a valued member of our family missing, but we will be sure to keep in touch.

Go show Cornwall all those wonderful character traits we see every day Ryan. See you in the summer for a pasty!

Photo 1 this morning, photo 2 our Crew and photo 3 our Crew on your induction days in July 2022. How you have all changed and grown.

Mrs Fowler, Crew white, E29.

E28 Crew Malala 2023 Round Up!

Crew Malala in E28 had a great term in Autumn 2023. Here are some of the highlights:

We have been working on our Duke of Edinburgh Voluntary Stewardship by taking our turn to pick up litter around the school site. We have it down to a science, splitting into teams and taking different areas. We can clear the site of litter in around ten minutes!

With 97% attendance, we won the attendance league for Term 1a! We are waiting to see if we can keep the top spot for Term 1b.

At the end of Term 1b, E28 had their termly awards. Crew Malala came out on top with three awards! Fasia won for kindness, Alex for most improved, and Holly won for consistently working hard. Holly was a unanimous decision by all teachers who voted.

Crew Malala are looking forward to what 2024 brings. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Crew Malala. See you in January.

Miss Batty & Miss Collinson

Crew Malala Preparing for Passage

Members of Crew Malala have started preparing for the passage presentations in the new year. Passage is where students have the opportunity to show how they have grown and that they are prepared for starting their GCSEs. This morning students reflected on their time at XP East and started preparing what they want to talk about during their Passage presentations.

Mrs. Collinson and Mrs. Batty

E28 Crew Malala on Bronze D of E Litter Pick!

Every other Wednesday Crew Malala get their high viz vests on and head out to do their litter pick towards their Bronze D of E award. Crew splits into four teams of three, we use a timer for ten minutes, and divide and conquer the site into zones to make the most efficient use of our time. During debrief of the activity, Crew said that they found these ten minutes really productive, and because they have a fixed amount of time, it goes really quickly and everyone has a job to do. Crew agreed that Pickers of the Week are Will, for retrieving the most amount of litter, and Deanna for taking responsibility for the bin bag. Nice work Crew Malala!

Mrs. Collinson & Mrs. Batty

Crew Da Vinci – Getting Smart and Feeling Festive!

It is wonderful to see crew Da Vinci revising and revisiting ‘A Christmas Carol’ in crew each Wednesday. They are producing some beautiful work that they can use as revision guides next year.

I am really proud of the work you are putting in. Trust me this will really help with your revision ahead of your mock exams and your GCSEs next year!

Well done – Mrs Desborough

E30 Fieldwork to National Coal Mining Museum 4th October

Students in E30 Year 7 will be visiting the National Coal Mining Museum on Wednesday 4th October. This fieldwork will be part of students expedition “From the Ground up”. We will leave school at 8.30am and return by 3.15pm. Students will need to bring a bag with:

A packed lunch (students on free school meals will be provided with a lunch), a pen / pencil / pencil case to complete work during the day and a warm coat as part of the day is outside.

If your child needs to take any medication, please inform their crew leader so that any necessary arrangements can be made.

E28 Crew Malala getting creative with pledges!

Crew Malala spent some time creating colourful posters to decorate their Crew space. Each student created one letter or star and included a pledge for this term. Pledges include:

  • Manage my distractions
  • Show compassion to others
  • Take on more responsibility in Crew
  • Challenge myself to stay on task
  • Improve my listening skills

Every week members of Crew Malala will look at their praises and conducts from the week before, and reflect on how these might help them work to meet their pledges. Brilliant work Crew Malala!

Mrs. Collinson & Mrs. Batty