E28 Crew Malala on Bronze D of E Litter Pick!

Every other Wednesday Crew Malala get their high viz vests on and head out to do their litter pick towards their Bronze D of E award. Crew splits into four teams of three, we use a timer for ten minutes, and divide and conquer the site into zones to make the most efficient use of our time. During debrief of the activity, Crew said that they found these ten minutes really productive, and because they have a fixed amount of time, it goes really quickly and everyone has a job to do. Crew agreed that Pickers of the Week are Will, for retrieving the most amount of litter, and Deanna for taking responsibility for the bin bag. Nice work Crew Malala!

Mrs. Collinson & Mrs. Batty

Crew Rashford – Bronze DofE Adventures 🥉

Crew Rashford DofE Adventures

Last week, the Bronze DofE Expedition of Crew Rashford took place, and what an incredible journey it turned out to be.

Here are some of the highlights and some of the memorable moments from our expedition.

Witnessing the crew unite and navigate their hike was truly awe-inspiring. They showed remarkable crew-work, providing each other with encouragement and support throughout the expedition. Both as a group and as individuals, they demonstrated exceptional resilience, determination, and compassion. Along the way, there were inevitably moments of disagreement, but what truly mattered and proved invaluable was their ability to overcome these challenges together.

It was truly humbling to hear some students sharing their thoughts of achieving their Silver award while simultaneously undertaking the Bronze level. Their dedication and commitment to personal growth is truly commendable.

We are the mighty Crew Rashford!

Mrs Watson is sooo proud! As you should be of yourselves!

Crew Da Vinci DOFe-

Last week Year 9 went and completed our bronze DOFe. This is Crew Da Vinci’s adventure over the two days we walked and camped out. They really shined, worked hard and pushed through and came out feeling stronger minded and closer as Crew!

Miss Cade is very impressed with each and every member of Crew Da Vinci, they faced challenges and went head first into them! The Conduct around staff and members of the public was outstanding! They should be very proud of their selves because Miss Cade certainly is!!

Crew Da Vinci- Stewards of our community- DOFE

Monday Morning Clean up!
As part of E27’s DOFE sessions we have decided to ensure that our community is clean. This week it was Crew Da Vinci’s turn to do the litter picking around our building! We make sure that we keep our community tidy and next time it our turn for lost property!

Keep your eyes out for our Crew Da Vinci’s Blog post on lost property!

Crew Da Vinci