On Wednesday the 20th of July, E26/Year 9 XP East students would like to invite you to their Presentation of Learning. This presentation is the final one from year 9 until their next one in year 10! The students will be sharing their learning as part of the ‘Hold Back the River’ expedition.

We would love to see you there to share in their experience and progress. It will start at 4.00pm and last until approximately 5.00pm.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

E26 Edale Fieldwork Video

What a wonderful day our fieldwork was to Edale! Although it is coming up to a few weeks ago now, it’s been worth the wait to see the video footage.

The students were absolutely fantastic – we couldn’t fault the behaviour and conduct of anyone. Everyone got involved with loads of enthusiasm and had a great time. It helped that the weather and setting were gorgeous!

As part of our ‘Hold Back the River’ expedition which had the guiding question: ‘how does water shape our world?’ we have been focusing on the geography of fluvial landscapes. This included the processes and landforms that occur from source to mouth and how both human and physical factors affect flood risk. We were collecting data to find out how the river changes downstream by measuring width, depth and velocity. When we got back to school the students analysed the data in their maths lessons to discover if our data met the hypothesis that width, depth and velocity would increase downstream. Wait and see to find out the results, which will be incorporated into our PoL, at the end of term.

Overall, it was an absolutely brilliant day and I cannot praise the students enough for their enthusiasm and behaviour – what a lovely way to end the year!

Year 7 are going on fieldwork to Potteric Carr on Tuesday 12th July. They will be leaving school at 9.00am and will return to school at 2pm. Students will be travelling to Potteric Carr via coach.

As students will be out of school for the majority of the day they will need to bring with them a packed lunch, a large bottle of water, sun cream, strong insect repellant and a hat.

If students are on free school meals they will be provided with a packed lunch.

Students need to wear full length trousers / leggings and a full length top to limit susceptibility to insect bites.  Students also need to wear suitable footwear, preferably walking boots or old trainers.

The purpose of the fieldwork is to collect information on species habitats in the local area and for students to develop their knowledge on the specific species they have been assigned.

If you have any further questions please get in-touch.



Mrs Batty

GCSE Geographers in the Great Outdoors!


C26 and C25 GCSE geography students had a lovely time on Friday at the Longshaw Estate in the Peak District. They were collecting data on the width, depth and velocity of the river at two sites so they could analyse whether there were changes downstream to support Bradshaw’s Model.








In our lessons preparing for the fieldwork, students had to select our hypotheses, consider the suitability of the site and any risks involved as well as justify our sampling and data collection methods. But, we’re only half way through!  Next steps in our upcoming lessons after the fieldwork are to present and explain our methods of data presentation and evaluate the enquiry. During our evaluation of the enquiry, students have to consider any problems with their data collection methods, limitations of the data and suggestions for improvement. Finally, they will evaluate the extent to which conclusions are reliable.


No wonder Dylan, Rosie and Marcus fell asleep on Friday and Rihanna needed a hot chocolate boost – all this hard work is tiring!

Y9 & Y10 GCSE Geography Fieldwork

On Friday 1st July, Y9 and Y10 GCSE Geography students (Common Mission/Leading our Own Learning) will be going on fieldwork to Burbage Brook at the Longshaw Estate, Peak District. 

This is a required part of the GCSE and we will be studying changes downstream along the river.  If your child is in year 9, this is similar to the fieldwork they have undertaken as part of their expedition –  but the GCSE version and at a different location! 

Please find attached the kit list which details everything students need to be prepared. 

Students need to be at school by 8:15, ready for a quick briefing and ready to leave promptly at 8:45. We should be back at the end of the school day, traffic depending, and students will keep home updated with the travel progress. 

Any questions, please email me at [email protected] 

Burbage Brook in a pretty valley, Longshaw Estate - Photo

‘Take Me to the River’

Crew Rowling along with the rest of E26 went out on fieldwork last Friday to Edale. The feedback from staff that accompanied them expressed how impeccable their behaviour was, I love hearing such feedback as crew leader! It sounds like a great day was had by all. I also managed to get my hands on some gorgeous photos by Harvey and Olivia from the fieldwork.

Monday morning we took on the challenge of walking a mile in crew to promote sport within school. Luckily the sun was shining and C26 had a pleasant 4 lap walk around the 4G court.

Leading our Own Learning’

Students seem to be settling well into their chosen pathways on a Wednesday afternoon. I can’t wait to see them expand and further their knowledge in whichever path they are following. 

Keep up the good work guys!

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson

E26 Edale Fieldwork Friday 17th

Sun, sun, sun!

The weather forecast for our fieldwork on Friday is looking lovely at 25 degrees C – a bit of cloud at first but then sunshine from midday onwards.

Please make sure that E26 come prepared for this with suncream, hat, and cool breathable clothing to cover shoulders and avoid sunburn – there is limited shade so students need to come prepared for the weather. Water is also essential – they need to have enough to last all day as there is nowhere to refill.

Please see the KIT LIST from the original website post for what to bring.

C24 (Y11) Leavers Hoodies!

We have managed to secure a supplier for C24’s leavers hoodies!

They will look similar to the one below – but our hoodies will be black, with orange writing (XP) and Blue writing (XPE).

Leavers’ hoodies will be £15 each and they are available to pre-order on ParentPay. We need orders by 4pm Thursday, 16th June please – we know this is a very tight turnaround, but this gives the supplier the time to make and deliver hoodies to us before July 1st. 

Sizing is as follows:

XS – to fit chest size 34″

S – to fit chest size 36″

M – to fit chest size 40″

L – to fit chest size 44″

XL – to fit chest size 48″

XXL – to fit chest size 52″

XXXL – to fit chest size 56″

4XL – to fit chest size 60″

5XL – to fit chest size 62″

Please make a note on the notes section of ParentPay for the size you require. Please note that orders cannot be made after Thursday 16th, and no hoodies will be ordered without payment in advance.

Mrs Parker & Miss Cocliff x 

E26 ‘Hold Back The River’ Peak District Fieldwork

Year 9’s current expedition ‘Hold Back the River’ has the guiding question, ‘how does water shape our world?’ 

During this expedition, our geography content is focusing on river characteristics from source to mouth, river processes, formation of landforms as well as the cause, impacts and responses of flooding. As part of this, we are applying the theory of river processes and characteristics to the field. 

On Friday 17th June, students will visit Edale in the Peak District, they will work together to collect data regarding the width, depth, velocity and load of rivers. We will also be capturing the beauty of a river by completing artwork.  This data collection will allow us to accept or reject our hypothesis once we have analysed our data in our maths lessons. 

Students will need to arrive at school no later than 8:15am so that the register and kit check can be completed before leaving school.

3 Peak District waterfall walks not to miss

It is also essential that all students bring all of the kit on the KIT LIST so that they are fully prepared for the fieldwork; this includes a packed lunch and water to drink. Students will need to ensure they have suitable walking boots/trainers as well as wellies or a pair of trainers they can get wet – we’ll be going in the river to collect the data!  If there are any problems in getting the appropriate kit before this, please email your child’s Crew Leader. 

Students will be returning to school for 3:15pm (if traffic allows). Please ensure that you complete the ‘Medical Form’ which will be given to students this week and return it to Crew Leaders/expedition teachers as soon as possible.

Many thanks in advance for your support with this!

Link to KIT LIST

Chocs away! C26 working hard to raise funds for Save The Children

Our C26 / Year 9 GCSE Spanish students have been working hard to promote a charity fundraising initiative in aid of Save The Children, as part of our current work on Fair Trade, social equity and child poverty in Latin America. This involved students embracing activism – by producing and displaying posters in both schools – leadership of the fundraising, and equity by ensuring that all of their peers had the opportunity to guess the number of Fair Trade chocolates in a jar. At £1.00 a go, the winner with the closest guess to the actual number of chocolates would get to keep them and the jar.

This afternoon we can reveal that Miss Cade and Crew DaVinci won the chocolates in XPE School, (split with Mr Voltaire and Mr Wilmot), and Imogen correctly guessed that there were 56 chocolates in XP School’s jar. As a result of our students’ compassion they raised a total of £60.77 for Save The Children. What a great way to end this term!