Year 11 Extended Study Support Sessions

Dear Families of students in Year 11,

Further to the Spring Newsletter which you will have received earlier in the year, please find the attached letter which details some additions to our current offer of Extended Study and study support. This will come into effect fully after next weeks mock exams and leading up to the start of the summer GCSE examinations which begin during the next half term.

Best wishes,

Mr Voltaire

Mountain High!

Crew Rowling have once again been busy over the last few weeks. Cerrina, Thomas and Harvey were presented with certificates for their writing achievements during our E26 ‘awesomeness’ community meeting.

Some of our crew members have started up a chess club at lunch, they even attempted to teach me how to play. It is great to see such positivity between students at lunchtime while playing chess. I pledge to attempt to learn how to play chess in the near future so that I can join in!

Some of our crew members also were selected to join a breakfast for students who consistently have really great behaviour. The criteria for these breakfasts will change each term so that everyone has the opportunity to be selected to attend but for this term the students who were selected and attended were Logan, Shawn, Harvey and Cerrina. All of the students who were selected to attend were praised in our community meeting, along with Shawn showing off his hot chocolate skills.

Another great opportunity that I would like to highlight was that two of our crew members attended an event for the premier of the Flying Scotsman documentary. After the event an email was received by Mrs Burns praising the students who attended for their manners and general engagement with the event, so a huge well done to Layton and Cerrina for being asked to attend and for how they conducted themselves.

I have also heard amazing feedback about how much effort crew are putting into their sessions, especially their upcoming English speaking exams. From the snippets I have seen they will do great!

I am also pleased to see that every single member of crew has received praise points in the last few days. There is certainly a positive buzz around students in E26 at the moment and how hard they are working. 

Keep it up everyone, you are all amazing!

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson 🙂

LOOL Students Getting Smart with the Police

Year ten leaders of their own learning students, hosted two expert police visitors in session yesterday. The session was a Q&A style focused on consolidating their knowledge around their exam topic Rights and Responsibilities!

Year ten were thoroughly impressed with the officers who attended and appreciated the stories shared from the Police.

A great session of getting smart for all!

Celebrating our awesome Y10 (E26)!

Today’s Y10 Community Meeting focused on some of the good things that have happened this term.

We celebrated praise points, exceptional progress and improvements (Scarlett C is definitely our Y10 Superstar this term!) and handed out certificates to those who have had work published as part of the national Young Writers competition.

We celebrated some of our Student Ambassadors who really impressed our visitors from the Outward Bound Center in Ullswater recently – so much so that they have given them the opportunity to attend one of their summer camps.

We also celebrated and appreciated the efforts of the Spanish Group who have produced some absolutely amazing work for their final product. We shared Faith’s and Thomas’ recordings which were espectacular! You can view all of their beautiful work in this blog post.

Y10 – you are all super awesome and we’re all super proud of the progress you’re making!

Mrs Parker 🙂

Y10 (E26) Superstars

Last week we took the opportunity to appreciate our Y10 superstars with a celebration breakfast.

These students have consistently great HOWLs and always demonstrate excellent character values throughout the school day.

Massive appreciation to you all!

Mrs Parker 🙂

Guess who’s back…

Hello everyone, long time no see. Tonight in Crew Rowling, we won Inter-Crew, have had SLCs and Harvey (with critique from crew!!) writes a blog post.

So, Crew Rowling has finally won a sport! And the sport I hear you ask? Corner Hockey. Crew were determined to finally win something, and through team work, we finally came out on top. 2nd place, Crew Obama ended with 35 points while we ended with 7 points more, a whopping 42 points! Our star players were Layton and Shawn, who were clinical in their shots. 

So with the exciting news out of the way, we now move onto our Student-Led Conferences. Every single member of our crew has completed our Conferences, and what can I say except they were a success. Unlike our Passages previously, this was a more casual environment where we discussed our work. Well Done to Crew Rowling, we’re all proud of you!!

In other news, our crew has been enjoying the content taught to us currently. In History, our crew are engrossed in the Rise of the Nazis while in English we are enthusiastically reading ‘An Inspector Calls’. Shawn seems to enjoy playing Eric Birling while Harvey seems to be a great Mr Birling. 

So, that’s a summary of our term. Eventful, enjoyable, and the ever-looming challenge of GCSEs. Something to look forward to is the upcoming week off, so enjoy the time to relax! Let’s hope to come back even stronger than ever!

Harvey Wells

Crew Rowling

Y11 – D6 is on this week!

Our Saturday provision, D6, is still on this week despite the staff days today and Monday!

XP East School will be open from 9:30 – 12pm! Our student coaches (ex year 11s!) are in attendance to support with revision techniques, practice questions, or any content you need support with. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to just come and use the space to study independently!

We had a good turnout of students last week who enjoyed their morning and gained lots from it.

We hope to see you here in the morning! 🙂

What have Crew Rowling been up to…

Crew Rowling have once again been extremely busy during their crew time.

On Friday last week, the lovely ladies from Big C Little Warrior came into school and Crew Rowling were able to support them by helping put together Christmas bundles for patients receiving vital cancer treatment. These included warm socks, mindfulness colouring books, pencils, hand and lip cream, power banks and much more. Crew felt really humbled to be a part of this task and enjoyed every minute of it. We were also finally able to present Annette with the funds we raised from our bake sale which totalled £105!

Today, Crew had a little bit of down time and we spent time engaging in a little festive activity with help from Mrs Watson from XP Outdoors. The task was making wood cookie ornaments. This activity gave us time to chat and have fun together while getting into the festive spirit. Faith can’t wait for her ornament to have pride of place!  

Next week we are looking forward to Harvey running his own student-led crew session which I know he has been working hard behind the scenes preparing for.

We look forward to keeping you updated on what this entails.

Mrs Barnes and Miss Johnson

Brain Food with Crew Obama

In ‘Wise Wednesday’ recently, Crew Obama learned about the importance of sleep. Most of us already knew that sleep helped to recharge our batteries and repair our bodies. However, we were surprised to find how vital sleep is in helping us to remember things and that it is a vital part of committing our learning to our long term memory. We were really pleased to have Ms Ivy with us, as she is an expert in psychology. Ms Ivy explained that our suggestion of having afternoon naps in school might not actually help us to remember what the teacher has taught us. Apparently, a short nap wouldn’t be long enough to allow our learning to be transferred out of our short term memories. Oh well, it was worth a try!    

At the end of the session, we discussed our own experiences of the Circadian Rhythms. It was really interesting to hear Ms Ivy explain that the stress hormones produced by our body in response to playing Fifa before bed are the same those produced in response to danger, so it’s not a good idea to game right before trying to sleep. We also wondered if there could be a link between problems with short term memories and migraines.

After all that neuroscience, we were pleased to have the chance to feed our brains with a taste of South African culture. Ms Ivy very kindly brought a selection of snacks back from a recent trip home to Cape Town for us to try. This idea was born in an earlier crew session where we introduced Ms Ivy to a range of delicacies such as Refreshers, Sherbet DipDabs, Earl Grey tea and Parma Violets. It was great fun getting her to try some of our favourites for the first time, but we think she had the last laugh when she brought us some ostrich biltong and antelope sausages to try! The overall favourite was the ‘Peppermint Crisp’ which reminded us of a mint aero. It had a completely different texture in the middle; a bit like a boiled sweet! 

Donde quiera que vayas

E28’s Pioneer had an outstanding session in Spanish on Today, they started off by going through ‘things they could do’ at the weekend and how to say this in Spanish along with where they would do these. Such as, Voy al cine. Voy a ver una película’ (‘I am going to the cinema. I am going to watch a film’). 

Students then made their way outside of the classroom to conduct their surveys of what their peers were doing over the weekend, in Spanish of course!

During this task the students were impeccable in the way that they conducted themselves.

From their surveys they were then asked to write a paragraph of what they had found out about their peers’ weekend plans. This encouraged students to use the guidance provided to push to ‘excellence’ on the rubric given to allow them to assess where they are at.

Throughout  the session, Pioneer’s HOWLs and character traits were fantastic, they showed courage, integrity, compassion, showed craftsmanship and quality, worked hard, got smart and were all kind to others.

Well done!

Señor Pearson and Señora Barnes