E26/Y10 Community Meeting

Today we got together for our final Y10 community meeting! As well as going over our first week back plans, we used it as an opportunity to share our final appreciations of the year. The biggest appreciation came from Mrs Sprakes and Mr Voltaire for the hard work and effort they all put into last week’s Climate Conference (which they’re all quite rightly still buzzing from!)

It was also a delight to be able to announce the recipients of our ‘Above and Beyond’ awards, nominated by Crew Leaders to celebrate those students who embody our character values and HoWLS day in, day out. As well as receiving a certificate, the 10 students selected have been given the opportunity to go ten pin bowling on Friday morning. As I said in this morning’s meeting, we really could’ve have given the award to most of Y10!

Y10 have been absolutely awesome this year and they already have developed the attitude, mindset and work ethic needed to get through Y11. We are all feeling really positive about our final year together.

Wishing you all a great summer!

Mrs Parker, Mrs Barnes, Mrs Goddard, Miss Cross, Miss Burrows & Mr Wilmott 🙂

Crew Frank Blog!

These last few weeks in crew we have been thinking hard about our upcoming GCSEs and next steps. Watching the year 11’s has made us think about what we want our year 11 to look like and how we can get there. 

We decided we want our year 11 to feel like:

  • Our year 9
  • We don’t want to be stressed and worried
  • Organised

To be organised in year 11 we are going to ensure we stay on top of our work and plan our revision. 

We are going to be working hard to make sure we get there! 

Thomas and Mackenzie!