E26/Y10 Community Meeting

Today we got together for our final Y10 community meeting! As well as going over our first week back plans, we used it as an opportunity to share our final appreciations of the year. The biggest appreciation came from Mrs Sprakes and Mr Voltaire for the hard work and effort they all put into last week’s Climate Conference (which they’re all quite rightly still buzzing from!)

It was also a delight to be able to announce the recipients of our ‘Above and Beyond’ awards, nominated by Crew Leaders to celebrate those students who embody our character values and HoWLS day in, day out. As well as receiving a certificate, the 10 students selected have been given the opportunity to go ten pin bowling on Friday morning. As I said in this morning’s meeting, we really could’ve have given the award to most of Y10!

Y10 have been absolutely awesome this year and they already have developed the attitude, mindset and work ethic needed to get through Y11. We are all feeling really positive about our final year together.

Wishing you all a great summer!

Mrs Parker, Mrs Barnes, Mrs Goddard, Miss Cross, Miss Burrows & Mr Wilmott 🙂

Launch of C26’s Fight the Power plaque – Friday 3rd December 2:00PM

The Fight the Power final product is being officially launched on Friday 3rd December at 2PM, at Sir Nigel Gresley Square (just outside of CAST).

We’d like to say a massive thank you to parents, carers, and our community for supporting the crowdfunder, and we look forward to launching it with students and those involved with the expedition.

If your son/daughter is in C26 (Year 9) and you would like to attend the event to celebrate its launch with us, please join us – feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions about the grand reveal.

C26: What does it mean to be Crew? (and an invitation!)

What a cracking start C26 have had to our new school year!

So far, students have spent time with their crews both in school and out of school thinking about our guiding question for our first week back: ‘What does it mean to be Crew?

In school, crews have taken part in several inter-crew activities which have required our character traits of respect, courage, integrity and compassion. Craftsmanship and quality has also been crucial to succeed in each challenge. Students have had to go on a magic carpet ride, take part in a tea party and make sure their knees didn’t tremble too much!

Students have also had to dig deep and show real courage whilst they have travelled to Derbyshire to go caving and abseiling. Being crew has really mattered as some students were incredibly nervous about this but, with the support of crew and by making sure no one gets left behind, everyone succeeded! Take a look…

Tomorrow morning, students are once again heading out of school to take some time to reflect on their week as Crew and to think about their answer to guiding question.

An Invitation:

In the afternoon, students will be presenting their reflections of the week and we would like to invite parents to join us. This is a very exciting opportunity for us all as it will be the first time since Year 7 that we can all meet together again. Current COVID guidelines now make it possible for parents and carers to come to school and see the fantastic work which students have been working on. Students will be presenting at 2.30pm in the heart of both schools. Parents will be able to park in car park 3 and then enter their child’s school and join us on the stairs. Face masks are optional and we will ensure that both spaces are well-ventilated.

Please join us if you would like.

Kerry Poncia (Phase Lead C26)

E26 (Year 9): First Week Back 

E26 (Year 9): First Week Back 


As this academic year ends, we’re already looking forward to our first week back!

School starts again on Wednesday 1st September when we will be embarking on a week of Crew.  Please take a look at the outline for the week so that students are fully prepared for each day.  


Students will be in school all day (normal school hours).  They will require their usual equipment (pen, pencil, ruler and device). Sensible footwear is required. School dinners will be provided as usual.


Students will need to be at school for 8am as they will be out of school on crew activities. Students will need a backpack with a packed lunch (provided for students on FSM), a bottle of water, hiking boots and waterproofs.  Please check the kit list for further details of the required clothing.  Please can students come to school in trainers, not their walking boots.  We are expected to be back at school between 4.30pm and 5.00pm.


Students will be out of school today for the morning (normal school hours).  They should wear the same clothes as required for Thursday (please refer to the kit list) and bring their bags and equipment (including their device). Sensible shoes and waterproofs will be needed so please make sure that students bring these, too.

Students will also need a packed lunch and a bottle of water (provided for students on FSM).

*We have been advised that students wear and bring insect repellent for our morning fieldwork.

Please refer to these important docs and ensure you and your child are familiar with them.

Have a wonderful summer break!



Thoughtful Thursday








During this weeks thoughtful Thursday, Crew Frank have been self assessing their HoWL grades since returning to school. Each Thursday crew session, students individually fill in their HoWL grades which they believe they have been working at each week.

During this time, crew members check in with others to agree and disagree with other students HoWLs. This pushes forward meaningful discussions in crew where students then change their HOWLs based and peer feedback. This provides a more accurate HoWL data input.

Integrity is key with self assessing and as crew we have helped each other improve on areas of HoWLs in each individual subject since looking at the data.

As a crew we have really strong HOWLs in ‘ Be Kind’, its seen that throughout sessions, we help, encourage and are always their for our friends and others, This a really nice thing to see. Although we thrive of the good stuff we do as Crew Frank, we also believe it’s important to look at where we can improve. We have identified that through lockdown and since returning, we need to work with all our HOWLs across Art, Music and Spanish. We have intentions to do this through our Crew Narrative which we refer back to support us as a crew.

It’s brilliant to see how well our students are doing in sessions and how they are taking  responsibility with their own learning.




Mr Burke


Star Student of the Week…

Every Friday afternoon all of E26 get together via hangout for a community meeting. In these meetings, we share important messages for the students, apologies, appreciations & stands as well as any praises/start students of the week.

Star Student of the week: 

Jacob Dawson, member of crew Frank was nominated by different crews of E26 as the star student of the week.

This was down to him working hard in all of his sessions and trying his best all the time. Jacob had been contributing loads during a maths hangout and was praised by the teacher a number of times. Jacob was flying through tough algebra work and really getting stuck in. He not only showed good traits of ”Working Hard” & ”Getting Smart” but helping others out when stuck. Jacobs ”Be Kind” HOWL has really improved over the past couple of weeks, and no wonder he has been recognised by his peers as a Star Student of the week.

Jacob was over the moon that he had been nominated and he said ” well, I wasn’t expecting that” with a sigh of relief from all the hard work he had been putting in.

Well done Jacob – what a lad! keep up the good work.

Crew Frank

Star Student – Crew Frank

Last week we saw Charlie Lloyd, get a massive appreciation from members of Crew Frank. Charlie was nominated by crew members for the amazing “Work Hard” HOWL he puts in during every session whilst online learning. Charlie completes his work to the best of his ability and meets the deadlines set.

However, what really stands out is the fact that Charlie was not only nominated for his “Work Hard” HOWL, but his “BE KIND” HOWL.  Students spoke about how Charlie has helped them out in sessions when they were stuck and couldn’t grasp different tasks. This helped the students finish their work and Charlie was always on a hangout to help.

Charlie commented on his HOWLs analysis doc and suggest “maybe I could help people out more”. I think this shows how Charlie has taken on board the meaningful conversations that go on in the crew and put into action how he can help peers out more.

Well done Charlie, brilliant work and a brilliant crew member to have around,

Crew Frank…

Following the closure of our Y8/E26 bubble, we will now move to an online educational provision as shown below – this has proved to be highly effective in supporting students in other year bubble closures as engagement rates have regularly been above 95%.


Here is our protocol for online learning:

  • all Crew sessions and lessons will take place LIVE via Google Hangout and the timetable is highlighted below.
  • students will receive input from teachers and have time to complete activities on Google Classroom.
  • students are registered in Crew (8.30am), at the beginning of the morning session (9.15am) and afternoon session (1.15pm).
  • all students are expected to join each session.  If a student is absent, Crew Leaders will contact home to ascertain the reason why. If a student is unable to join a session, for example, they are unwell, we ask parents to please contact the office.
  • Crew Leaders and Expedition teachers will send Google Hangout invitations to their classes.
  • invites for live sessions will be sent through email.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact your child’s crew leader.

Thank you.

PS: It was amazing to have 86% (44) students join the hangout this morning with our expert Victoria, who spoke to us about the Suffragette movement in Doncaster.  What a turn out at short notice!


Crew Frank become analysts!

Students across the school were given their HOWLs grades for all subjects and Crew. For Crew Frank this was an exciting time, not only to see what HOWL grades they received but how well overall has the crew done. Analysts Crew Frank started off by noticing and wondering about their own grades as they filtered their scores into their very own spreadsheet. The spreadsheet allows them to access their HOWLs when and where ever they’d like whilst also giving the opportunity to look at other Crew member’s grades.


The time is given to filter the data into the spreadsheets allowed each student in Crew Frank to notice, wonder, and question their own data. Some of the Crew were really pleased, but some slightly disappointed. However, this showed real care upon their learning and character development. The level of focus was unbelievable and the depth of discussion after analysing their own HOWLs was pleasing to hear.


Following from this, Crew Frank will be looking at what questions and wonders they have and turning this into a pledge. Finding a solution to help improve their HOWLs. How will this look, sound, and feel like…

Crew ”Mindful” Frank

Over the past couple of Monday’s Crew Frank has been looking at ways to be ”Mindful”. We started this by exploring what mindful means to us and together as a crew, we defined our meaning of this as…

”a conscious or aware of something you’re sensing or feeling in moments of life. It opens up our thoughts to what extent something is cared for in ongoing surroundings” 

As a crew, we spent time thinking of being mindful and looking at where we fit this into life. It was really clear that when we think of being mindful, its an act of stepping back and thinking of others when we act, think, or say things to each other. With prompt to think about how we are mindful, charities became a topic of discussion, and it was clear when we think of donating and raising money for a charity, we are being mindful of others who may need our help.

As a crew task for the ongoing year, we will be working towards supporting local charities in our community. As an activity, the crew spent some time looking at ways of fundraising and different charities that are close to us personally and locally to Doncaster.

Brilliant focus and hard work on the research task from Crew Frank, some unique ways of fundraising for possible local charities we can support.