E26 Edale Fieldwork Video

What a wonderful day our fieldwork was to Edale! Although it is coming up to a few weeks ago now, it’s been worth the wait to see the video footage.

The students were absolutely fantastic – we couldn’t fault the behaviour and conduct of anyone. Everyone got involved with loads of enthusiasm and had a great time. It helped that the weather and setting were gorgeous!

As part of our ‘Hold Back the River’ expedition which had the guiding question: ‘how does water shape our world?’ we have been focusing on the geography of fluvial landscapes. This included the processes and landforms that occur from source to mouth and how both human and physical factors affect flood risk. We were collecting data to find out how the river changes downstream by measuring width, depth and velocity. When we got back to school the students analysed the data in their maths lessons to discover if our data met the hypothesis that width, depth and velocity would increase downstream. Wait and see to find out the results, which will be incorporated into our PoL, at the end of term.

Overall, it was an absolutely brilliant day and I cannot praise the students enough for their enthusiasm and behaviour – what a lovely way to end the year!