Mr Sprakes to complete Worksop Half Marathon

On Sunday 27th October Mr Sprakes and Mr Voltaire will be running the Worksop Half Marathon to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

This is in memory of Tyler, one of our students, who died earlier this year.

If you would like to donate anything at all please click here.

Good luck Mr Sprakes!

Tickets for our eagerly awaited second Ladies Night are now available! Drop your money into one of the offices with your child’s name/crew on & we’ll send out your tickets or you can keep your eyes peeled for one of our FXP Crew selling tickets in the carpark after school.

Our Christmas Craft Fayre on the 15th November will be full of unique and lovely gifts for you to browse, with drinks & refreshments on offer at our FXP mini Bar, you can enjoy some bubbly whilst you choose which well deserved treatment you fancy in our ‘Pop-up pamper parlour’!

Tickets are just £1.50 each and give you free entry to our prize draw!

Doors open at 6pm,
Free Parking available,
Over 30 stands taking part,
Huge Raffle & More!

A chance to kick off your Festive season with friends & fam whilst helping us FUNdraise for our crews 🤗

***All proceeds go to support our students in their expeditions at XP and XP East Schools***

Thanks as always for your continued support!

New kit courtesy of Allotts

Here at XP connecting with the world is something that we pride ourselves on. In doing so we have forged some phenomenal links with our local community and recently we were approached by Steven Watson from Allotts chartered accountants.

Steven expressed a desire to support our football teams through purchasing some brand new kit which has arrived back from the printers and is looking great.

We would like to thank Steven and indeed everyone at Allotts for your support and we are honoured to wear our new sponsored kit with pride.

Let’s hope it brings us some look for the upcoming season.


We have had many requests for additional visits from parents who have children with additional needs. Due to the sheer number of visit requests of this nature we cannot possibly accommodate all individual visits. To try and see as many people as possible we hold 2 open evening events, when most schools in Doncaster only hold 1.

These open evenings took place last week and we are still receiving additional requests.

As a one off we have set aside 2 hours on Friday where our SENDCO will be available to answer all questions and queries regarding the provision we have in place, and whether XP or XP East are the right schools for your children. This is a neutral meet and attending will not guarantee placement as Doncaster Admissions allocate our places via a random selection.

Please arrive at XP East for 1pm on Friday 11th October 2019 if your child has additional needs.

This will be the only date and time of any additional visits prior to the application deadline.

Thank you.

Crew Parkinson’s week looked like this:

Monday – weekend check-ins, I love hearing what Crew gets up to during their weekends and they always have plenty of questions to ask each other about their activities

Tuesday – we did our Star reader test. Reading is so important for increasing vocabulary and academic progress, so as part of the accelerated reader programme, students complete a Star reader test multiple times a year to measure their reading age and progress. The next time we have an accelerated reader crew session we agreed we will begin a book recommendation chart to share great books and help crew find others which may be of interest.

Wednesday – students who were helping out at the open evening had a chance to speak to the member of staff they were helping out to organise what they would be doing that night – I’d like to appreciate all members of Crew Parkinson who helped out on either or both of the evenings, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Thursday – this was our activity day so we had a session on team building, students were in groups of 4 and had to build the tallest free-standing tower made of balloons and sellotape. The winning team was Shanna, Dylan, Rosie and Kris thanks to their speedy balloon blowing up skills and great design. Here’s how they did:

Friday – We looked at the praise sheet and poor conduct sheet this session. I’m thrilled to have 10 out of the 12 crew members on the praise sheet, many multiple times and across a variety of sessions. However, we also discussed the entries on the poor conduct form where 6 members of crew unfortunately appeared. We discussed how this made us feel and shared our thoughts on the reasons that these members were on – when we look next week we hope there will be no members of Crew Parkinson added to the poor conduct sheet!

But to end on a positive, here are some of the praise sheet entries for Crew Parkinson:

Callum : “Made a comment in Hums today about the work being hard, but was trying all throughout and made some great contributions! Keep up the hard work!”

Aaron : “Increased contribution in Hums – great to see Aaron putting his hand up more and offering answers, keep it up!”

Kristian : “A series of excellent maths lessons, mega impressed with Kristian’s focus and how he works with those around him – keep it up!”

Ava : “Consistently working hard in class [science], quick to start tasks and giving detailed answers.”

Bob : “Bob showed great resilience when learning an 8 Beat on the drums during Music.”

Lacey : “Lacey has been concentrating really well and working hard in her art lessons.”


Muchas gracias!

A huge appreciation for all the XP East and XP students that helped out during the last two Open Evenings. I am particularly proud of the students that supported in Spanish, helping our younger guests to describe facial features and play “Guess Who? all in different language. Muchas gracias!






What a superb student-led Crew session!

This morning Ella kindly led a Crew session by sharing her experiences, skills and knowledge about being a St. John’s Ambulance Cadet. Although she might have received some sideways looks as she arrived in her official full green overalls, the quality of reflection, delivery of her presentation, and the way that she checked Crew Young’s understanding of her voluntary work with this organisation were all exemplary.

In great appreciation to Ella for volunteering to deliver her session, and to Crew Young for being a quality audience, showing respect, and for their intelligent and thoughtful questions about Ella’s work afterwards.

What a lass!

What a lad!

Let me introduce Aden.

Not only is he part of my Crew, I’m also lucky enough to work with him across all his lessons and have done so since Y7.

When Aden first started, it’s fair to say that he was a very different boy to the one he is today.  He won’t mind me telling you that he struggled to manage his frustrations and found it difficult to focus in class.  But Crew supported him (even when he didn’t want us to!)

He often found himself getting into trouble and was sometimes removed from his peers to spend time in reflection.  But we always welcomed him back into Crew.

During Y8, Aden’s little ‘blips’ became fewer and far between, and by the end of the year, he had improved both his academic grades and his HOWL grades.  And Crew celebrated him!

There were a couple of moments today which have made me reflect on Aden’s progress from Y7 to Y9.  Simple things which show how far he’s come and how much he’s grown to love learning.  For instance, he was so absorbed in reading and making notes on Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ he didn’t even notice me taking his picture.  Later on in History, he received a spontaneous round of applause and an entry onto our praise form for the quality of his response when asked to analyse the message behind a source we’re studying.  Moments like this got me thinking about his journey from Y7 to where he is today in Y9, about to embark upon his GSCE studies… and it took my breath away!

Last week, I asked Crew how they felt about Y9 so far.  Aden said that it was more challenging than Y8, but that he would “knuckle down and try my hardest.”

And he absolutely is!