E26 and E25 have been learning about warm and cool colours in their X Block art sessions.

They have a really good understanding of this, as you can see from their work!

All E25 students have been sent an email reminding them to revise their Case Study 2 content of the Human Machine expedition.  We will use some of our class time after the holiday to revise Case Study 1, but they are free to work on this on their own over the holiday too.

We will have a written assessment on this (as well as Case Study 1) on Friday 22nd March.

There are many resources to support them in their revision, including the expedition website, which itself contains many helpful links, videos, learning target rubrics, quizlets and lesson resources.  Some students chose to take their class books home with them and all students were given a paper copy of the revision grid for Case Study 2 to start them off.

Please continue to encourage your child to talk about their learning at home and to share their revision progress with you.

Many thanks,

Mrs Townson

E25 have an Extended Study Task which has been emailed to them, posted on the Expedition Google Site and on Google Classroom.  This is due on Wednesday 13th February in our Science lesson.

If they are unable to access it due to permissions on the doc, they should try logging in through their Google account on the XP East website first.

Many thanks,

Mrs Townson

Just a reminder to all E25 students that the pre-learning for tomorrow’s Science lesson involves watching this video and completing this form to demonstrate your understanding of the key points. The aim of this task is to give you a head-start on the content we will be tackling, so please do not panic if you find it a challenge initially!

Thank you to the majority of students who have completed this already and to those who have emailed me with questions or requests for support with this task.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Mrs Townson

E25 have a Quizlet task to work through as pre-learning before our lesson on Thursday 17th January 2019.  Use the resources available to familiarise yourself with the 15 words and definitions in advance of our lesson.

We discussed good ways of doing this: it is better to spend 15 minutes each day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the bus, at break or in Extended Study, than to cram it all into one session!

The link is on Google Classroom or you can click here.

Many thanks,

Mrs Townson

Extended Study – Spanish numbers and ages

This week our X25 students are learning how to count up to 15 and how to ask and state their ages in Spanish. They have been given a double-sided task sheet to practise this material, as Extended Study, and this is due in for submission during their session next week.

I have shared a copy of the lesson resources here, and clear explanations/examples of the tasks, with each student (via Google Slides accessed through their school e-mail account). I will also be present in Extended Study after school on Thursday this week to offer extra support.

Thanks. Mr Pearson.

C25 Spanish ES (homework)

Our C25 students have now all started their Spanish sessions, beginning with a look at where Spanish is spoken, and the reasons why it became a world language.

For their first piece of homework due in next week they need to independently research five facts about Central and Southern American countries, e.g. the unit of currency in Mexico is the “peso”.

Spanish homework will usually be set every other week, and our students are welcome to remain behind after school in supervised Extended Study sessions in order to receive help and/or access resources.

C24 extended study Spanish homework

Our C24 students have been set two homework tasks that are required for their next Spanish lesson on Thursday 12th July. They must complete their map with symbols and description of weather conditions in Spanish and share it with Mr Pearson AND complete the paper task sheet “el tiempo” on weather conditions.

Any student who requires extra support to complete these tasks is expected to see Mr Pearson or one of our Learning Coaches BEFORE their next session. This will be the final Spanish homework of this academic year.


C24 extended study Spanish homework

Last week our C24 students learnt how to ask and tell the time using the 12 hour clock, both analogue and digital. They were given a task sheet for homework, entitled “la hora” that is due in for submission this week. If anyone has misplaced their sheet or needs assistance to complete this work then please come and speak to me!


Mr Pearson

C24 Spanish extended study – mi casa

Thank you to the C24 XP East students who have already submitted their extended writing task on “mi casa“, ahead of the deadline of this Wednesday 18th April:

  • state the type of dwelling you reside in (house / flat)
  • describe it using at least one adjective, spelled correctly (+ more adjectives for more able)
  • state where it is, using the word “está” + place (+country for more able)
  • state what rooms there are (+add where they are – upstairs, downstairs etc. for more able)
  • give and justify an opinion of your room and/or house
  • state bedroom furniture (add colours for more able)
  • use at least one preposition to state the location of furniture

Additionally, the paper-based task, dónde estoy? is also due in on Wednesday. This will help you to understand the verbs that you will encounter in the next Spanish session.

Please see / e-mail Mr Pearson if you need any help to complete these tasks.