Crew Obama Live Bake-a-Long!

Inspired by my talented crew who love to bake, I decided to do a live bake-a-long on Youtube for my crew. This is so we could bake together, give students a break from school work, do something fun and be part of our new routine.

This week it was banana bread which seems to be a new craze at the moment since going into isolation! I had pictures sent from Crew Obama parents and crew members of their versions of banana bread… they looked even better than mine!

Click on the image below and check out my baking superstars.

If you are interested in doing the live bake-a-long here is the link to my Youtube channel with the past and upcoming videos:

The ingredients and equipment are in the description box of each video (click on the video and press show more to see this) which are posted a week in advance.

Stay safe & happy baking!

PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE FOR THIS EVENT (now on Tuesday 17th December, not Thursday 19th as previously stated)

E26 (Year 7) will be holding the Presentation of Learning for their current expedition ‘Over the Top!’ on Tuesday 17th December, 5.30-6:30pm at XP East.

Students have been working extremely hard throughout their expedition and have been working on answering the guiding question: ‘Does war unite or divide?’

This will be their first formal opportunity at XP East to share their learning with parents, carers and visitors and we very much look forward to seeing you there.