E25 Explorer and Pioneer using ICT in Spanish

This week our E25 students started working on their second expedition in Spanish – my school. Eventually they will be able to express and justify positive and negative opinions about their subjects and teachers, and understand and give information about their school. Here they are using ICT to work independently and to self-assess against the session rubric.

An introduction to WW1 poetry

Pioneer have started working towards their second learning target today: ‘I can compose a piece of poetry using specific language choices and structures’

We kicked the lessons off by analysing the language used in WW1 poetry. Extracts from Dulce et Decorum est, The Soldiers, Dreamers and In Flanders Fields were analysed and discussed and the pupils explored how powerful language can create imagery. This was followed by the pupils choosing a line from one of the poems that particularly stood out to them due to the imagery that the language created. Using this quotation, the pupils then illustrated their work by drawing the image that was inspired by the poetry.


Here’s Pioneer working hard!



Here’s Charlotte, Torran, Marcus, Dylan, Ava, Jess, Junia and Bob – look at how focused they are on their work!


7 Pioneer have had their first experience of drafting, peer critique and rubrics at XP East.

Step 1 – The pupils wrote their first draft a job advertisement for WW1 forces role, for example a Royal Engineer or an Army Medic. We discussed why we write drafts and the benefit this has to improving our work. We text coded a WAGOLL job advertisement (What A Good One Looks Like) to analyse the content and language devices used so that Pioneer could use this as inspiration in their own writing. Next, rubrics were introduced – this is how work is assessed for different targeted features and at different levels. The pupils would use this to know how to achieve the highest they could in each of the target areas.

Step 2 – peer critique! A special mention to Aaron, Ava and Charlie who had made a great start and had their first draft peer critiqued by the class. Pioneer discussed what they had done well and how they could make their work even better if …..

Well done to Pioneer for being Kind, Specific and Helpful with their critique and to Aaron, Ava and Charlie who responded well to this critique and used it to improved their work.

Step 3 – all pupils had their work critiqued by another member of the class and each person wrote Kind, Specific and Helpful feedback for their peers to use. There was some great feedback given and even better responses to this feedback, with the drafts significantly improving after this process.

Step 4 – final draft! Once drafts had been written and peer critique given, Pioneer were ready to write their final draft. It was important that the pupils showed craftsmanship and quality with this in order for them to create beautiful work. The pupils worked hard when writing this and they should all be proud of the work they have produced – I know I am!

Here’s an example of Pioneer’s beautiful work- this is Jacob’s, Ava’s, Abi’s and Zach’s.