Extended Study: 100%

Crew Churchill have been celebrating today as we have achieved 100% hand in rate for our extended study so far this week.

As a crew, we have been working extremely hard to ensure that all students are being held accountable for completing their extended study on time but, at the same time, supporting each other to do this.

Keep it up, Crew Churchill!

Amazing Academic Check-ins!

This morning in Crew Churchill we shared work we have been doing in STEAM so far in our new expedition.
We shared a piece of work we were proud of and told crew key facts we had learnt.

Theone shared her piece of work focusing on the structure of cells. Her work also demonstrated beautiful craftsmanship and quality.

Lewis was proud of his paragraph where he could name and describe some of the bones in the human body.

Kaiden spoke confidently about an experiment he had carried out which investigated how finches had adapted to life on the different islands of the Galapagos, with their beaks adapting depending on the type of food they ate.

Take a look at some of our beautiful work!

We also had a HoWLs check-in and then Crew Churchill used this session to make a pledge about how they are going to drive their learning even further forward throughout this week.
We can’t wait to find out how we have done at our check-in on Friday!

Well, it’s fair to say that Crew Churchill have had one of our best weeks ever!

Throughout our first week back, we had to think about the guiding question:

‘How can I hit the ground running?’

After sharing our HoWL grades for Work Hard, Get Smart and Be Kind, we decided we wanted to do even better. We revised the pledges we had made following our SLCs as these are our foci as we move forward.

At the end of the week, we had a HoWLs check-in to see how we are getting on in our different classes.

Take a look:

Product Lab in Crew

Churchill Crew have spent time in our product lab creating their final product for the expedition ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’.

The final product involves planting trees around our school site and then commemorating each tree with a plaque designed by each student.

Take a look at their handy work…


Working Hard for our SLCs

So, today in Crew Churchill, we have continued to work hard preparing for our SLCs which begin next week.

We have been finishing our presentations, critiquing our partner’s work and supporting each other with sections we are finding challenging.

Parents and carers!  Don’t forget to sign up for your child’s SLC using the following link:

Crew Churchill (Mrs Poncia)


Getting Ready for SLCs!

Crew Churchill are currently working hard, preparing for their first Student Led Conference of Year 8.

Following reflections about our last SLCs in Year 7, we have created an action plan so we know what needs doing and when.  We are now selecting the work we want to share, and reflecting deeply about how it shows our learning and links to our expedition.

Aran is super organised, making notes on cue cards and working hard at home to make sure she is prepared!



Dodgeball Rematch!

An exciting dodgeball rematch took place between Crew Churchill and Crew Young!

This was a follow-on from our previous encounter when Crew Churchill were the winners.  Crew Young were hoping to equalise.

Crew Churchill won the first game.  Crew Young made a valiant comeback during the second game, however, Crew Churchill proved too strong and were victorious!

Both teams played with true sportsmanship and integrity and congratulated each other at the end.

We can’t wait for our next Dodgeball challenge!

Dodgeball Challenge!

Last week, Churchill Crew challenged Parkinson Crew to a dodgeball competition!

Both crews lined up on the tennis courts and, when the whistle blew, sprang into action, each determined to be triumphant.

Game one was won by Churchill.  Yippee!

Game two started but had to be suspended due to timings and so a rematch will be arranged so Crew Parkinson can hopefully equalise the score.

Watch this space…

Two Plus Two is Four!

Today’s academic check-in for Churchill Crew focused on maths.

It was great for me to see, as crew leader, what students have been working hard on in the first six weeks of term: times tables, polygons, angles and perimeter.

We had an extremely productive discussion talking about being challenged, craftsmanship and quality and the importance of showing working out when solving a longer mathematical sum or word problem.

It was great to hear that Churchill Crew think that academic check-ins are going to help them work hard and get smart.

They also welcomed the fact that they will have very clear targets that they can be working on in lessons and we can then check-in with progress towards meeting these during our crew sessions.




Today in Crew, we checked in by sharing some of the things we have been up to over the weekend.

Adam chilled out on Friday night and then got his bike fixed on Saturday. He slept at his mate’s house and played Fortnite.

Niven played out all day on Saturday and on Sunday he played football and his team won 3-0!

Kaiden went to his nana’s on Sunday for dinner. He had chicken, carrots, peas, mash and

Yorkshire pudding. Delicious!

On Sunday, Rhys went to the cinema and watched the new Johnny English film.

Ben also spent time watching films, including Ant-Man and the Wasp. He recommends it!

Lewis played Fortnite and chilled with Mackenzie.

Denzil went to church on Saturday and then played football.  Unfortunately, his team lost their match 4-1.

Kyle stayed over at his mates over the weekend and played Fortnite.

On Friday, Tyler chilled out watching YouTube and went shopping to town with his mum on Sunday.

Ruby has been busy dancing but also had time to go to her auntie’s party and watch some boxing!

Alyssa had a football match on Saturday but lost, however, they played with one person down.  On Sunday she went to town to hang out with some friends from school.

Aran had a busy day on Saturday!  She travelled to Walsall to celebrate her niece’s 11th birthday and her nephew’s 7th birthday. She didn’t get home until late so she spent Sunday chilling!

Theone chilled out on Saturday as she was not feeling well.  Feeling better, on Sunday, she went to Ikea and Meadowhall and then went to her grandparent’s to celebrate her grandad’s birthday.

So, that’s what we’ve been up to… and now we’re checked in!