Crew Young…..getting to know you (again)!

Would you rather be really good looking, or super intelligent?“, “What is your ‘go to’ tea?“, and “What song always gets you on the dance floor?”. These were some of the prompt questions that Crew Young members fired at each other, in a 2 minute “blind date”, conducted in a Covid-friendly way recently. The aim was for our crew to reacquaint themselves with each other and strengthen the bonds that bind us together after such a long period of remote learning.

Today saw the day that we’ve all been looking forward to for so long – the full return to school of all our students. Like their peers, Crew Young were promptly tested and then they were able to join other E24 students in a Community Meeting and normal afternoon sessions. WELCOME BACK, YOUNGSTERS!

Crew Young – Beating Screen Fatigue!

As we reach the end of a very long and challenging term, we are increasingly seeking to beat “screen fatigue” in readiness for a full digital detox over the two week holiday. I’ve recently asked our Youngsters to share their photos as to how they spend the last 45 minutes of each day, away from the screen, being mindful of their wellbeing.

Yesterday, some students in Crew Young played extreme scrabble in pairs, against others and I’d like to appreciate Adam M and Amber from X24 for their winning partnership!

Louie decided to cook some brownies!

George took 2 hours to build a card tower FOUR STOREYS HIGH! Neat artwork too, George!

Keisha prefers to hone her sketching skills…..

……whilst Maclaren works on his common mission subject (computer coding)

Lewis continues to work on HIIT (High Impact Interval Training) on his indoors Peloton bike set-up…..

……whilst his Crew Leader (a bit of a has-bean!) trains for the next Gira Mondial. Wheelie hard to get a sponsorship deal with Heinz………..

Crew Young’s SLCs – a window into our world

Student-led conferences require and empower students to take the lead role in communicating their learning. The practice helps to build dispositions and skills—such as adapting speech to the appropriate context and organising and presenting information—that will be vital for students in college and careers…..” (Ron Berger).

When Ron Berger captured in his definitive EL book “Leaders of their Own Learning” the essence of Student-Led Conferences, he could not possibly have foreseen the challenges of delivering these remotely during a global pandemic!

I’ve been very pleased with and proud of Crew Young recently as they prepared and delivered their latest round of SLCs, this time to a remote audience, selecting examples of work that they were proud of, showed their mastery or indeed require improvement, all without physically having them to touch in their hands.

The depth of their reflections on their learning, the correlations that they articulated between their attendance, their HOWLs, and their Assessment Point 1 data, all self-assessed against their Minimum Expectations were thoughtful and well-considered throughout. I particularly like how Isabel invited and then acted on Eleanor’s critique to improve her first draft before then presenting this to her audience, and how both Aaron and Dominic chose to include photos of their HOWLs trackers to evidence demonstrable improvements in working hard and getting smart over time.

I would like to appreciate students and their parents for arriving promptly to these events, and especially those students who kindly agreed to having their SLCs video-recorded for critique and modelling purposes. Crew Young have consented to sharing some of their work, showcased in their SLCs, below.


E24 Community Meeting- Week 6


We are entering into the 7th week of online learning at XPE- with seemingly, no end in sight, and so our community meeting was focused around strategies to beat the screen fatigue, and a challenge to to get us all out of the house this weekend!

We started off with a brilliant check in of superhero names, based on dates of birth- some absolute, moving then onto apologies, appreciation and stands. Some fantastic work going on- as shown by the appreciation from staff and students within crew Churchill, for the work around student led crew sessions.

See all E24 apologies, appreciations and Stands made below on the Padlet

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Community meeting Photography Challenge

To encourage us as staff and students to get time away from the screen, a challenge was set for students to over the weekend take photos whilst out on walks out of the house, to be entered in the following categories, entries must be original, and be taken over the weekend whilst out of the house- see some of the entries posted on the challenge by students in E24-
Voting for category winners will take place in week 7 community meeting.

The categories…

1) Architecture

2) Near and Far

3) Nature

4) Food

5) Frozen

6) Technology


E24 Original photos, submitted by Alfie C, Chloe T, Summer, Keisha 

Crew Young – top the HOWLs leader board again!

This is the fourth occasion when I can proudly report that Crew Young top the E24 / Year 10 leader board following our Term 2 snapshot review of their Habits of Work and Learning! I was first able to recognise this achievement two years ago, when I noticed: “HOWLs about that? Crew Young hit the ground running” in January 2019.

Four months later I reflected on Crew Young’s HOWLs success in coming first place on the E24 and E25 leader board in May 2019, and then reiterated my pride in Crew Young at the end of that year.

Last term, in all three categories, they demonstrated the strength of their work hard, get smart and be kind HOWLs, and they will no doubt wish to reference this in their next Student-Led Conference, and improve further on their current ratings.

Great work from the Youngsters”!!!

Crew Young – charity donation

Today we received the certificate of appreciation, below, in respect of Crew Young’s recent donation to Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity – our chosen Crew charitable cause – in lieu of Secret Santa this year. Thanks, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.


Crew Young, compassion above all

To add to the plethora of appreciations made by E24 / Y10 students in our Community Meeting yesterday morning, is a very special appreciation that I would like to make to Crew Young. They decided that they would donate the money that they would have spent on Secret Santa this year to our Crew’s chosen charitable cause, which is Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, based in Sheffield.

Their kind donation of ÂŁ40.00 in total will be used wisely by this very worthwhile charity, to offer some dignity, compassion and support to patients in South Yorkshire and beyond that suffer the physical and emotional consequences of this dreadful disease. It’s a cause that I regularly support, so I’m really grateful to my Crew for their generosity, and for thinking of others at this time of year.

Until a letter of appreciation can be compiled by the Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity fundraising team, I’ve attached a receipt from their clerical staff in recognition of this gesture.

Thank you!




A massive appreciation to our Y10 families who donated items and gifts for our Christmas Hampers.  Here are Silver DofE students Mackenzie and Thomas sorting out the boxes, which will be delivered to St John The Evangelist Church in Balby and The Trussell Trust at Christ Church next week.

We’re still accepting donations, but anything received after Monday 15th December will be donated to our school’s Kindness Boxes instead.

Thank you.