A massive appreciation to our Y10 families who donated items and gifts for our Christmas Hampers.  Here are Silver DofE students Mackenzie and Thomas sorting out the boxes, which will be delivered to St John The Evangelist Church in Balby and The Trussell Trust at Christ Church next week.

We’re still accepting donations, but anything received after Monday 15th December will be donated to our school’s Kindness Boxes instead.

Thank you.

Y10/E24 Christmas food hampers

Our Y10 Silver DofE students have been unable to undertake their usual charity fundraising activities this year, so they’ve decided to create food hampers for our local food banks.

We’re all very aware of the financial impact the various lockdown/tier 3 restrictions have had on our community, especially on those who have been furloughed or are self employed and unable to work.  So, in addition to the staple non-perishable items (cereals; tinned and packeted foods; tea/coffee/juice) we are specifically asking for donations of those ‘treat’ items that some families may have to go without this year.

For example:

  • nice biscuits
  • chocolates/selection boxes
  • Christmas crackers
  • mince pies, cakes, etc.
  • small gift sets (e.g. hand cream/deodorant)

If you are able to contribute, please can you send items in to be passed on to your child’s Crew Leader by Monday 15th December.

The hampers will be donated to St John The Evangelist Church in Balby and The Trussell Trust at Christ Church during the last week of term.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Kindness boxes:

The school are also collecting items for our kindness boxes, which we’ll be putting together to support families within our XP Trust. See this blog post for more information and, again, please donate if you can.

Thank you.


DofE Bronze Award Update

In April we told you about changes to our DofE delivery in this blog post.

We now know that students won’t be able to complete the Outdoor Expedition within the original timescales set.

Unfortunately, this means that our Y9 students won’t be awarded the full Bronze Award this academic year.

However, DofE still want to recognise and celebrate participants’ achievements so far – and rightly so! – and will be awarding a Certificate of Achievement to all those who complete the Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections before the end of the year (31/12/20 is the official date but we will be setting our own school deadline, which is likely to be much earlier!)

Students will receive the full Bronze Award once they have completed the Outdoor Expedition, and we already have plans in place to get this done as soon as we can!

It is important to note that students will NOT receive the full Bronze Award if they don’t have the 2020 Certificate of Achievement before the end of the year.

We really hope you continue to support and encourage your child through their DofE journey.

Here’s the WHY:

Outdoor Education is a huge part of the XPE experience; it starts with Outward Bound and carries on through fieldwork and the DofE Awards we offer from Y9.

DofE in particular helps students build key life skills – not least compassion, resilience, and teamwork – reinforcing what our CHARACTER TRAITS, HOWLS and CREW.  We want our students to be the best versions of themselves, and truly believe that DofE helps them to achieve this.

So, here’s a quick summary of where we’re at at XPE:






Students have completed the Volunteering section.  This was done in school with Y9 students becoming Volunteer Reading Mentors for Y7.


We have asked all Y9 students to complete the St John Ambulance First Aid Course. Details have been uploaded onto the DofE Google Classroom.

I’d like to give a massive appreciation to the the following students who have been working through the weekly First Aid tasks that are being set for them:

Thomas H, Ben, Aran K, Rhys, Summer, Maclaren, Kaiden, Keisha, Theone, Eleanore and Chloe

Thank you all so much – I’m really impressed with what you’ve all done so far and would definitely feel safe being out on expedition with you guys!   

There are still quite a few of students who need to join the classroom, or who have joined but have yet to start – it is really important that they make a start as soon as possible and get these tasks done!

Many students were using out of school activities as evidence for this section.  However, once we went into lockdown, these activities were stopped and some students haven’t been able to collect enough evidence to complete this section.

However, students still need to continue with evidencing some form of physical activity and we have made some suggestions of what they could easily be getting on with: walking, running, gardening, Joe Wicks’ daily PE lesson on YouTube to name a few.

These sessions can be added to any which were previously recoded before lockdown (so you don’t have to start the 12 hours again!) but you MUST agree this with your Crew Leader. New evidence sheets are on the DofE Classroom.  

Submitting Evidence

All evidence will be submitted via the eDofE mobile app.  It’s really easy to use and I’ll be in touch with each Crew to talk them through the process.

Thank you. 

As time is ticking on, we are all finding our weeks busy, filled with new expeditions and immersing ourselves in new learning, working hard on the tasks we have been set whether it’s Hegarty maths or finding out about Fair Trade in Spanish or even reading ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell in HUMAN.

Taking part in Google Hangouts has become the norm and has greatly helped in allowing us to access our learning even more. A face-to-face chat with our teachers and learning coaches can soon set us on the right track.

Within all of this ‘busyness’ going on, I have to say that my favourite part of the week is our Crew Churchill hangout.  It is just wonderful to touch base with my crew members, hear what they have been up to, what’s been working well for them and it gives a chance to discuss if any help is needed.

It has also made me realise how much I miss you all and how much I look forward to when we can be reunited as our crew!

Here’s a flavour of just how great you all are!



YEAR 9: New birdwatching world record*

We have a new record in Year 9 for the most birds spotted in a single session.

Kyle in X24 spotted an incredible 60 birds from 14 different species, including a sparrow hawk and two herons.

Whilst we have not set any work for students in Year 9 to complete over the two week break we would love it if they continued with their birdwatching, bug hotels and bird boxes. Please remind them to send us lots of photos. We are in competition with XP for the most birds spotted. This means we need to up our game, as E24 are currently behind X24 in the leaderboard.

*not verified by Norris McWhirter

E24 – Closing circle hangout meeting

This afternoon at 3.00pm we will be hosting a hangout for all of Year 9 across both schools to find out how they have been getting on with their STEAM immersion challenges.

Students can join the meeting by logging into their school account and going to:


Attendance for the launch hangout was fantastic. Thanks to all of our families for your continuing support.


Checking in with Crew Churchill

It was lovely to check-in with members of Crew Churchill this afternoon to chat about how the week has gone.

Everyone was extremely positive, having now settled into regular routines for school work and free time.

It was also good to check-in with crew’s pledges which were made last week.

Here’s what Crew said:

Adam has tried to up his HUMs completion rate and this is improving.  He’s pledged to join a hangout on Monday morning during which Mrs. Parker will go through any tasks students are finding tricky.

Kyle has been ticking along nicely and kept his pledge by emailing Mr. Portman to find out what he needed to do for Citizenship.  Nice work, Kyle!

Rhys is just cracking on with his work and has completed everything he has been set!

Ruby has shared work she previously couldn’t hand in because of technical issues.

Theone has continued to work hard (as she always does) and feels really chilled!

Take a look at some of the work Theone has been completing:

As a crew, we also pledged to check out the Duke of Edinburgh classroom and make sure we’re having a go at the First Aid challenge and completing our physical section even though we’re not in school.

A great week, Crew!  Really proud of you all 😉

On the 4th of May- all year E24 and X24 at XP Trust will be starting their new expedition for STEAM. This will be starting with a week of immersion, adapted for the current lockdown home learning. Including experts, fieldwork and whole school Google Hangout quiz challenge!

All students in year 9 in both schools will receive a Google Hangout invitation hosted by Mr Smith and Mr Said and learning coaches. This will have key information and challenges for the week to come. 

The Hangout will be 1pm Tuesday 5th of May. 

Below is a Teaser Trailer to the new expedition- Here Comes the Sun!


DofE with a difference

Following on from this previous post about continuing with the DofE Award at home, we’d just like to explain some changes we’ve made to our programme delivery.  This information is mainly aimed at those doing their Bronze award (Y9 students) but it might also help those doing the Silver and Gold awards, too.

As you know, the Bronze Award is made up of 4 different sections:

  • Physical
  • Volunteering
  • Skills
  • Outdoor expedition

Obviously, the outdoor expedition is on hold but students can still carry on working towards achieving the other 3 sections. We would like all Y9 students to follow this adapted programme – Crew Leaders will be in touch to discuss.

In the meantime, click through the slides below to find out more:

Checking-In with Crew Churchill

It was great to touch base with crew Churchill on Friday afternoon.  We held our weekly hangout and there were ten of us present.  We were also joined by Mr. Smith.

Things seem to going well for our crew, with students completing the work which has been set and, if they are finding it tricky, getting in touch with teachers so they can lend a hand.

Here are some of our ‘What’s Working Well’s so far:

Adam has now developed a good routine so he knows when he is doing school work and when he can go in his garden to play basketball or play on his XBox.

Denzil has been working hard on his maths and science but also finding time to go outside to play football.

Kaiden is ‘cracking on’ with things, having established a good routine, including not staying up  late!


Sisterhood Pledge – Well Aware by Linda

After checking in, we also made pledges for the week to come.  Take a look:

Kyle pledged to ask email his teacher about Citizenship as he isn’t sure about what he has to do.

Niven pledge to ‘chip away’ at his work now that his device is sorted.

Ruby pledged to make sure that she ‘hands in’ her work as she sometimes forgets to do this.


Finally, I would like to share a special appreciation for Theone.