The Floor is Lava for E28!

Welcome back to E28. Students spent the morning resetting Crew by playing a round of The Floor is Lava! Students had to work in Crews to move their whole crew across the sports hall without touching the floor or the obstacles on it, all the while keeping a tennis ball in a bit of drain pipe. Students developed their teamwork and communication skills, all while having a great time!

The E28 Team

E29 Spanish Presentation of Learning

The E29 Year 7 Spanish presentation of learning will take place on Monday 10th July starting at 4:00 pm and finishing at 5:00 pm. The students will presenting work from their Spanish expedition “¿Te alegras de ser tú?” (Are you happy being you?). During this expedition the students have learned how to talk about themselves, their local area, their families and friends, and their life at school. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear E29 show off their impressive Spanish skills!

Students will be expected to stay on site until the presentation starts, and parents and carers should come to reception to sign in. The presentation will be held in the heart of XP East school.

Señora Collinson

C27 Visit to York Chocolate Story

As part of our expedition in Spanish this term, exploring the issue of child labour on cocoa and sugar plantations in Latin America and Fair Trade, C27 from XP and XP East visited York’s Chocolate Story. We learned about the origins of chocolate and how it is produced. Students were surprised to learn that chocolate has its origins in Mexico, and only came to Europe following the Spanish conquest of the Americas. The word that we use for chocolate comes directly from the Aztec word “chocolatl”, which was a cold, bitter drink mixed with chillies.Students tried this drink – not a popular choice with most! They also had the opportunity to try cocoa during various stages of the chocolate making process, and then made their own chocolate lolly.

Mrs. Collinson

Crew Boseman

Well done to the members of crew Boseman for their fantastic effort in completing their student led conferences. I have been really impressed with the level of reflection and attention to detail in their work. Keep up the good work!!

Mr Stables

Fieldwork 22/02/23

Just a reminder, as per the letter sent home on 09/02/23, E27 are going on fieldwork Wednesday. This will start and end within school hours so does not affect drop off and pick up time. Please ensure your child brings a packed lunch unless they are entitled to FSM, in which case one will be provided. Any questions please email [email protected].

Thanks all

Crew White

Crew White have hit the ground running this term, straight back to school and into immersion for their next exhibition. They have returned with a great attitude to their learning and arrived at school every day with their equipment and a charged device ready to go-yey!!

During Crew time we are working hard on SLC prep, it is great to see how committed they are to getting this right, and to showcase to parents and carers their beautiful work whilst also showing off their academic progress. To see them actively be leaders of their own learning, and their drive to better themselves blows me away. I often forget they have only had 1 term here at XP, they are like old pros. A special mention has to go out to Dania, she has been working so hard on the most beautiful script, seeking critique, then going away and improving, only for it to be lost in cyber space and have to start all over again. Dania hasn’t moaned once, she just went away and grappled to catch back up. What a super star, I’m really proud of her. I can’t wait for you to hear them all next week.

Proud Crew Leader

Mrs Fowler

E27 Expedition 9.2 begins!

E27 have officially began their new expedition “You Give Me Fever,” an expedition that takes students on a journey through the fascinating world of medical history.

During their immersion experience, students have had the opportunity to learn about medieval medicine and the changing treatment of those with mental health issues, including the infamous Bedlam Hospital. They will also examined a variety of medical artifacts from throughout history, giving them a deeper understanding of how medicine has evolved over time.

In addition, students will have looked at different parts of the body under the microscope and learned about the bacteria and fungi that inhabit our world. They have also played the popular board game Plague Inc., which allowed them to experience first-hand the challenges of containing and combating the spread of disease.

But the learning didn’t stop there. As part of immersion, students have taken swabs of different locations around the school to grow and study bacteria and fungi. This hands-on activity gave students a unique opportunity to explore the microorganisms that exist all around us and learn about their importance in our world.

“You Give Me Fever” is a exciting and educational expedition that will give students a deeper understanding of the history and science of medicine and public health. Be sure to ask them about their studies throughout the term as they answer the guiding question, Is science enough to save lives?

Crew White checking out for Christmas

We can not believe that we have completed our first term here at XP East, in one way it feels like we were only boarding the bus for Aberdovey yesterday, but then in another way we feel so settled and like we have been here forever.

Between us as a crew we have collected 194 praise points and this week we have been reviewing our HoWL’s. After looking at our data we have made pledges for the spring term. Some examples are below:

I pledge to improve my Get Smart HoWL in Maths from a 3.0 to a 3.5 by the end of next term. I will do this by putting my hand up and asking more questions. This will help improve my AP by the end of next term- Lola Endicott

I pledge to improve my Work Hard in P.E from a 2.5 to a 3 by remembering my kit every week. I will do this by the end of next term – Elsie Wright

I pledge to improve my attendance to 97% by the end of next term – Arlo Hague

As a crew leader I have also made a pledge to visit my crew in their sessions more and look at their beautiful work- I’m sure they will remind me of this.

It’s safe to say we have crammed lots into this term, Aberdovey, the coal mining museum, Bletchley park and Billy Elliott performances just to name a few! We can not wait to share our POL with you in the new year.

Here are some of the things our crew have said are highlights/favourite moments from this term and some photos of what we have been up to.

Nicole: My highlight of this first term was learning about Billy Elliot and reading in the character/pretending to be them with Miss Buckely. Also exploding the quotes and phrases to learn more about the characters.

Kiera- My highlight from our first term was when a student in HUMS asked Mr tucker a bunch of questions about coal and it got to a point where he had to walk out of class because he found it so irritating but funny at the same time.

Lucas-My highlight was in Aberdovey when i got to know my roomies and neighbours properly whilst spending cherishable time with them. Im pretty sure everyone was happy with the people they were put in a room with.

Have a wonderful and restful break, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Crew White.