E25 STEAM Extended Study – October Break

Students in E25 have been set a few tasks for the break.

  1. Watch a BBC Documentary from David Attenborough. There are questions to answer. (Around 1 hour)
  2. Complete three quizzes in Kerboodle.(Around 30 mins)
  3. Make sure that they are up to date and have responded to feedback in their Mastery eBooklet. (For most students this should be responding to feedback, around 15 mins)

In addition, as an optional task, if students are at a loose end, there are some flashcards in Quizlet and Tassomai that students can use to quiz themselves.


All details are on Google Classroom. If your son or daughter needs any help, please ask them to contact me through Google Classroom.

Thanks for your continued support,

Mr Said.

Year 9 E25 Extended Study STEAM

Students in E25 Explorer and E25 Pioneer have three pieces of extended study, all due for Monday 28th Sep.

  1. Redraft answers to questions on adaptations in their Mastery eBooklet.
  2. Answer the comprehension and application questions on extremophiles, plant and animal adaptations in their Mastery eBooklet.
  3. Students have been set either: revision of keywords in Quizlet OR experimenting with a simulation demonstrating natural selection.

Full details can be found on Google Classroom.

E24 / Y9 GCSE Spanish Extended Study

This week’s E24/ Y9 GCSE Spanish Extended Study is centred on learning the irregular verbs “tener” (“to have”) and “estar” (“to be”), currently being used to describe ailments and injuries. Vocabulary retrieval, i.e. a test on these two verbs, will take place in session on Friday 17th January. Relevant slides will be shared with students.

Thank you.