E25 have been working hard creating original choreography to accompany a piece of poetry for their Presentation of Learning next week.  The poem is called ‘Let’s Unite’ and was originally written in Pashto, although we are using a translation from the Poetry Translation Centre.

Here is a taster of the first few lines of the poem for you – written in the original language of course – we can’t ruin the surprise!

راځئ چې یو شو

په دی ښایسته دنیا کې
په دی یوه دنیا کې
مونږه جدا جدا یو
مونږه تنها تنها یو
لکه د لاس د ګوتو
لکه د لمر د وړانګو
زمونږه پښو نه لاندې

Students considered the imagery in the poem, identified the patterns of repetition that we could build on and used Kind, Specific and Helpful critique to hone their ideas into movements which enhance the spoken text.  Last week we even had an extra special guest in the Civic Mayor of Doncaster, Councillor Majid Khan, who witnessed rehearsals during a tour of XP East.

I can’t wait to see the finished product when all three X Block groups bring their work together.  The students have taken the lead in idea generation and directing, using the skills and techniques we have been studying in Drama since the beginning of term.  I’m really proud of what they have achieved so far, well done E25!

What does it take to design a place of our own?

C24 have been working in both maths and art on applying their knowledge of geometry and architecture to create blueprints of their own Eco-school. We firstly estimated the length and width of our own classroom in metres, which we then validated by collectively measuring the room, so we’d know roughly what size we’d need to scale the blueprints up to.

We then used computer aided design – an app called Room Sketcher. The students realised the minimum area for a classroom to cater to 25 students was 42m squared. The students then populated their classrooms with items that the Architect expert who visited in October had suggested on her blueprint of XP East.


Here are Libby and Alesha’s designs! I can’t wait until we get them finished next week. I love how Alesha has started to develop specialised classrooms and learning spaces. Libby used inspiration from our architect expert and used the adaptable sliding doors.

Another extremely stand-out piece of work was Callie’s extended study. She has re-created the corridor that my classroom lies on. I was blown away by her efforts and craftsmanship and quality – even down to the desk arrangements!

Here’s the link to the app for any C24ers who would like to carry on with their designs.

Taking inspiration from the everyday

In X-Block this week the year 8 classes have taken advantage of the seasonal transition and how this can inspire our art practices.

We did a session on creating a still life composition, firstly by looking at how some professional artists create flat lay photographs using inspiration from the everyday (https://www.haarkon.co.uk/portfolio-still-life/):

The class were given 5 minutes in small groups to select their autumnal artifacts to create an aesthetically pleasing flat lay, and I have got to say, I think that they are christmas card worthy!

The classes were also given some time to work on a still life in lesson, they each selected a leaf and were allowed 5 minutes with a drawing pen to complete a short sketch, followed by a further 10 minutes to do a second draft in pencil. The discussions that arose from working with the two media (pen and pencil) were really interesting, and the focus and attention to detail in what was produced was fantastic, great job year 8!

Here’s an example of how, in just a short space of time, Theone was able to produce some really proportionally accurate and well shaded pieces of work. I can’t wait to move onto using colours next week so we can capture what truly makes autumn so magnificent!


That’s Not My Name!

Year 7 have been learning basic rhythms and how to play these on instruments in X-block music.

They are learning how to play ‘That’s not my name’ by The Ting Tings.

Each child will learn the rhythm and notes on the guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums to create a whole class performance of the song.

Here’s the link to the music resource page. Pupils are welcome to book a music practice room on Fridays if they want to practice this song using the school instruments.

Maybe we’ll see XP East pupils in the UK Top 40 in the future!

Here’s Laicey, Lexi, Zak, Kristian and Florence in action!


Inspired by Doncaster’s Architecture

This week in X-Block, C24 are starting draft one of their screen print designs:

After researching the local architecture across Doncaster, the classes each created an outline of the local museum in the session today. Over the past two weeks we have been delving into the rich history of the town and its many desolate buildings. We’ve made some incredible discoveries, for instance, that the Beatles played a gig in the old Gaumont Cinema which sadly no longer exists!

I loved how some students adopted a minimalist style in their artwork today, while others worked hard to show the detail and intricacies of the museum’s architecture.

Here’s examples of Theonie’s, Aran’s, George’s and Holly’s work from the session:


















I love how unique they are, and I can’t wait to see what each student picks for their final design next week and to continue through this drafting process!

Miss Haughey

Freeze frame thoughts in X Block

C24 and C25 have been developing their skills in freeze frames in X Block Drama.  We have discussed use of height, proxemics, physicality and more recently, used thought tracking to provide subtext.  Here, Ralph and James chose a title for their freeze frame and each directed a small group.  They then shared the freeze frame with the class, explaining the decisions they made and allowing each character to speak their thoughts to the audience.

What might the characters have been thinking in the court scene and the robbery?

Digi-Crew Production Meeting

Digi-Crew met again with Jon Kelly on Thursday 5th July. We had a production meeting to discuss the running order of our radio show, and what we can do to hook the listeners in and keep them interested.

Here is our running order:

  1. Jingle (to remind the listeners what they are listening to.)
  2. Intro (snappy and to the point.)
  3. Music (get people listening and hook them in.)
  4. Spoken link (guide through the subject and help the listener make sense of it)
  5. Vox Pops (interviewing the people in the “outside world”)
  6. Jingle
  7. Spoken link
  8. Interview (“When is it right to make a stand?”)
  9. Music
  10. Feature (more information about ourStand Up Doncaster site.)
  11. Spoken link.
  12. Music
  13. Spoken link
  14. Jingle
  15. Interview
  16. Music
  17. Outro (round off the show and summarise what we have discussed.)

We then moved onto record our radio show. We all had a part to allocated, e.g I am being interviewed about reading my stand against bullying, and Brendan will be doing the spoken links.

Holly was responsible for going out into our XP community to record the Vox Pops – asking students and staff when is it right to make a stand, and what their pledge is to make Doncaster a better place.

We have now recorded everything, so watch this space for a broadcast date!

Blog Post by Ella 🙂

Digi Crew is go!

Today we were really excited to launch our new Digi Crew – and even more excited that our first project involves working with Jon Kelly from our local community radio station, Sine FM. We’ll be hitting the airwaves soon with our Stand Up! Doncaster broadcast, where we will talk about why it’s important to make a stand, our pledges to make our community a better place, all mixed in with some music!

We kicked off our first session with some media training, particularly focusing on radio presenting skills, and even made it into the recording studio where we made a start on our radio show.

Here’s Aran’s overview of today’s session:

Today, some students from XP East have been experiencing the life of a presenter. In XP, the community radio station is supervised by Jon Kelly. Jon gave each group a task to work on. The aim was to describe a colour to an imaginary blind person (this was much harder than we thought it would be!) After this, John gave us another activity – it was to describe a place in Doncaster.  It was almost like having to paint a picture, but with words!

He then explained that these exercises were to help us learn how to talk to an audience when in the recording studio. All of us had to answer a question from our last HUMAN expedition ‘Stand Up!’ about what making a stand means to us, as a community.

Catch us soon so we can update you next time!

The Digi Crew



We’ve recently started a new expedition slice during X-Block called ‘Inside/Out’, looking at how being active can improve our social, emotional and physical well-being.  We’ve lots of activities planned which will involve us being outside.  This week, we’ll be taking a “mindfulness walk” to the lake.

As summer is rumoured to be making an appearance this week, please make sure that students come to school with a sun hat/baseball cap and sun-cream on Wednesday (for X-Block group X1) and Thursday (for X-Block group X2) as we will be spending the full session outside with no shade.

We’ll keep you updated with our activities on our X-Block blog.

Thank you!

Arty Notices, Wonders and Questions…


In Art, we have been looking at the different techniques and media used by different artists when creating portraits.


Holly: I like Frida Khalo’s self portrait because of how it links with nature.  This could represent that she is not afraid to express her true self.

George: I like how Andy Warhol has used bright colours to bring the portrait of Marilyn Monroe to life.

Corey: I like how Lichenstein has used pointilism for the skin and how it looks like a comic book.