Crew Rashford

Academic Crew

During academic crew we have been considering what our HoWLs look like and how we can set mini pledges to support improving them.

Reviewing where we are at each weeks helps students set and recognise that they are improving their HoWLs week by week.

Students’ HoWLs Snapshots will be sent home next term. 


This week we have been learning about Asthma Attacks – Signs and symptoms, what to do in an emergency situation and how students can support someone experiencing an attack. 
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Crew Rashford

Litter Picking Crew Rashford Style!

Stewardship is one of the core principles of XP and XP East. Our philosophy has always been ‘leave no trace’ and this is why litter picks and lost property were introduced. We have to work together and be crew when it comes to stewardship, to pitch in and also to hold each other accountable to make sure our school is a safe and well maintained place to be. We pride ourselves on crafting beautiful work as staff and students, this should apply to our surroundings.

Each member of our crew took to the job enthusiastically, along with Mr Portman. 

We were very impressed with the maturity and pride Crew approached this activity with. Everyone participated and we worked together as a crew to do a superb job. The school grounds looked clean and tidy. Amazing work Crew, well done!


⭐️Crew Shout Outs!⭐️

Holly – I’m emailing to let you know how impressed I am with your Spanish ES this week. Wow, you’ve really put the effort in, and the preposition sentences are AWESOME!! Please keep up this engagement and commitment to your HOWLS. Gracias, Mrs Sprakes.

Keegan – For your written work in HUMs on Nature, you displayed tremendous passion. Look at this feedback from Mr Portman and Mr Sprakes. Outstanding piece of work. You should be very proud of this well done.



Resetting Crew!

We have really been focusing over the last 2 weeks on “Crew Rashford’ and what kind of crew we want to be, what this looks like and how we can achieve this.

We are beginning to identify some crew norms, and slowly displaying them throughout our sessions. There have been some difficult discussions, however we have been really mature, spoken freely and held ourselves and others accountable. This is important as it will keep the focus and help everyone in crew maintain our pledges. Mr Portman has been a great support and mentor during this process, we have appreciated this very much. Thank you Mr Portman. 

Buddying up with Crew Rowling.

Today we buddied up with Crew Rowling. A great opportunity to observe another crew in action. We reflected on how their crew conducted the session and the protocols they used, how they allowed each others voices to be heard and how they held each other accountable in a mature and respectful way. 

We appreciate Crew Rowling for supporting us and taking time to show us all things crew. They have a great track record and an outstanding reputation at XP and XPE. Crew Rowling have set us a challenge and we can not wait set the ball in motion… watch this space!

I believe that we have great foundations and are developing a stronger unity as a crew.

We are Crew, We’ve got this!