Crew Rashford

Farewell Breakfast

Last week we said farewell to one of our Crew members. A great chance to reminisce on our time together and see them off in style. We had an amazing crew session and a lovely breakfast.

It is safe to say there is a great big hole left in crew and they will be missed very much. We wish them all the best for the future and academic success of course, keep in touch! 

Crew Rashford x

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Crew Rashford

HoWLs Self Assessment and Crew Critique. 

Over the past few weeks, students took time self evaluating their HoWLs and recorded this for each subject. The interactions between students were great, as they gave feedback to each other via comments on the spreadsheet, highlighting areas that they may want to increase their grade and examples why. This also helps to develop their Get Smart HoWL, being able to receive feedback and reflect their efforts in each subject. Furthermore, this shows that each crew member is developing their Be Kind HoWL, by communicating politely and respectfully with their feedback to others. 

Students have also made pledges with these reflections in mind, a goal and focus for any areas they wish to improve. Crew members help to support them with this and respectfully hold them to account in sessions. 

Mason – Making a pledge to raise his WH HoWL in art. Brilliant pledge Mason.

Zak – giving critique to a fellow crew member to increase their HoWL and the reason why he believes this. Building confidence and character traits. Nice work Zak.

True Crew!

We had one amazing crew session this term (they usually are), we discussed some on-going issues that some crew members wished to discuss. We showed each other respect, empathy, compassion and most importantly crew equity, crew family springs to mind! We spoke openly and honestly about our issues and responded with maturity and purpose. We made a crew stand in community meeting, BIG thank you to Zak for taking on the responsibility. He nailed it and showed real crewmanship. You’re super star ⭐️

Our foundations are certainly getting stronger and the relationships are building daily. 

‘We Are Crew’

Bubble Isolating – back to it smoothly 

Crew Rashford transitioned back to online learning effortlessly. As short lived as it was, we were back in school within a week. We remembered the protocols and seamlessly followed them in crew. What a force we are, no barrier is too big, no problem stands in our way. Pure heart and determination with continuing our learning. The enthusiasm to be the best version of ourselves is outstanding. Well done Crew, you rock! 


⭐️Shout Outs⭐️

Smashing it in Spanish Manveer! Well done, super impressed!


Another praise for your incredible work in Spanish Holly. Super impressed!

Organising our Charity event.

Crew Rashford is named after the mighty footballer Marcus Rashford, we have been researching and exploring ways we can raise money for a charity, to which Marcus is affiliated and done some amazing work with for many vulnerable people up and down the country.

FareShare is a charity group that helps people in the UK defeat poverty and fight hunger. There are 18 total organisations in the UK. They give out nutritious food and they help breakfast clubs, lunch clubs for elders, homeless shelters and community cafe’s. There are exactly 24,074 tonnes of food redistributed to charities, 1,500 number of volunteers, 10,962 charity and community groups helped and £14.1 million estimate value of food to charities. Marcus Rashford is one of the famous people who have supported FareShare, along with Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Michael Moritz. 

You can find more information here:

Crew have researched ideas and created presentations. We pitched these ideas in crew and voted for our favourite. It is a wonderful opportunity to be part of a nationwide charity.

Watch this space!

See ya Soon!

We have really worked hard this term, I am as always, blown away by you all, last stretch before summer break. I am especially looking forward to hearing what everyone has planned this summer. Let’s dig deep and show ourselves what we are made off. Boost those HoWLs and strive to be a true XP Crew.

Have a wonderful half term, hope the suns comes out! ☀️