The Floor is Lava for E28!

Welcome back to E28. Students spent the morning resetting Crew by playing a round of The Floor is Lava! Students had to work in Crews to move their whole crew across the sports hall without touching the floor or the obstacles on it, all the while keeping a tennis ball in a bit of drain pipe. Students developed their teamwork and communication skills, all while having a great time!

The E28 Team

E28 Crew Moore Mindful Monday Crafting

After our regular Mindful Monday check in crew Moore were set the challenge of working as a team to create banner of Christmas bunting. Each table was given just a craft pack and a set of instructions. The activity was time bound meaning they need to work quickly and communicate well. Both teams grappled with missing parts and elements falling off before achieving their goals. We ended with a quick clean up maintaining our leave no trace moto.