Crew Rashford – Summer is here – Whoop!

Here we are our last leg home to the summer holidays. I’m sure you are just as ready for the warmer weather to join us (still, waiting aren’t we).

I would like to remind you to bring water bottles and sun protection. Its good to stay hydrated helps the brain function!

Additionally to remind all parents and students of the school dress code. False nails, nail varnish, rings, earrings, bracelets and revealing, or excessively ripped clothes are not appropriate.

Additionally this includes PE. Students must bring a complete change of clothes for PE, including footwear. This applies even if the session is at the end of the day as we want our students to develop good habits of changing for physical activities.

Praise Stars

This term goes to….

⭐️ Jayden

⭐️ Callum

⭐️ Emma

Absolutely amazing, well done to you all. Keep up the great work. Gifts to be delivered soon. 

Crew Rashford has really stepped up this term with 72 praises in total. Let’s have one last push and get that total even higher by the end of summer term! We’ve got this!

We will be finishing the year with more incentives to achieve your HoWL