Pledges achieved for Crew Mercury!

This week, students who achieved their most recent pledges were invited to a celebratory breakfast. It was great to see the students enjoying their treat for their efforts in achieving their pledges.

Here are the pledges achieved by Crew Mercury…

Josh – I pledge to maintain my HoWLs in each subject by working hard in lessons

Marcus – I pledge to improve my HoWLs in English to get them out of serious. I will work with Miss Rothwell and my English teacher to figure out what I need to do to improve.

Lynden – I pledge to improve my English get smart HoWL to a 3.5 by contributing more in lessons

Rihanna – I pledge to improve my HOWLs in Spanish+ to a 3.0 and not rush my work to get higher marks

Daniel – I pledge to get more learning completed in Spanish+ to get my HoWLs out of concern and I pledge to maintain by academic progress by consistently achieving ‘great’. If I start to lose focus, I will ensure I work with my teachers and crew leader to get back on track

Lewis – I pledge to improve my Work Hard HoWL in History by putting more effort into my work

Ella – I pledge to ask for help in Spanish+ to get me to understand it better to achieve a higher score and to increase my HoWLs to at least a 3.0

Fantastic effort guys…well done!