Celebratory Breakfast!

This week students were invited to attend a celebratory breakfast during crew time for achieving their recent pledges.

It was great to see and hear the students sharing their achievements and being able to enjoy this with others.

Here are a selection of students and the pledges they achieved…

Jacob E25 – I pledge to increase my ‘be kind’ HoWL in Citizenship by 0.5. I will do this by respectfully listening more in session.

Shawn E26 – I pledge to improve my Work Hard and Get Smart in Spanish from 3.8 to 4.0 by concentrating on my work and challenging myself with the work set.

Rhys E26 – I pledge to improve my ‘work hard’ and ‘be kind’ HoWLs in Art by 0.5 by completing the tasks and being mindful when speaking to staff and peers.

Bob E25 – I pledge to improve my HoWLs in Citizenship to 3.0. I will do this by being less of a distraction and following instructions first time.

Well done to everyone who achieved their pledges!