Chocs away! C26 working hard to raise funds for Save The Children

Our C26 / Year 9 GCSE Spanish students have been working hard to promote a charity fundraising initiative in aid of Save The Children, as part of our current work on Fair Trade, social equity and child poverty in Latin America. This involved students embracing activism – by producing and displaying posters in both schools – leadership of the fundraising, and equity by ensuring that all of their peers had the opportunity to guess the number of Fair Trade chocolates in a jar. At £1.00 a go, the winner with the closest guess to the actual number of chocolates would get to keep them and the jar.

This afternoon we can reveal that Miss Cade and Crew DaVinci won the chocolates in XPE School, (split with Mr Voltaire and Mr Wilmot), and Imogen correctly guessed that there were 56 chocolates in XP School’s jar. As a result of our students’ compassion they raised a total of £60.77 for Save The Children. What a great way to end this term!