GCSE Geographers in the Great Outdoors!


C26 and C25 GCSE geography students had a lovely time on Friday at the Longshaw Estate in the Peak District. They were collecting data on the width, depth and velocity of the river at two sites so they could analyse whether there were changes downstream to support Bradshaw’s Model.








In our lessons preparing for the fieldwork, students had to select our hypotheses, consider the suitability of the site and any risks involved as well as justify our sampling and data collection methods. But, we’re only half way through!  Next steps in our upcoming lessons after the fieldwork are to present and explain our methods of data presentation and evaluate the enquiry. During our evaluation of the enquiry, students have to consider any problems with their data collection methods, limitations of the data and suggestions for improvement. Finally, they will evaluate the extent to which conclusions are reliable.


No wonder Dylan, Rosie and Marcus fell asleep on Friday and Rihanna needed a hot chocolate boost – all this hard work is tiring!