Crew Young – Beating Screen Fatigue!

As we reach the end of a very long and challenging term, we are increasingly seeking to beat “screen fatigue” in readiness for a full digital detox over the two week holiday. I’ve recently asked our Youngsters to share their photos as to how they spend the last 45 minutes of each day, away from the screen, being mindful of their wellbeing.

Yesterday, some students in Crew Young played extreme scrabble in pairs, against others and I’d like to appreciate Adam M and Amber from X24 for their winning partnership!

Louie decided to cook some brownies!

George took 2 hours to build a card tower FOUR STOREYS HIGH! Neat artwork too, George!

Keisha prefers to hone her sketching skills…..

……whilst Maclaren works on his common mission subject (computer coding)

Lewis continues to work on HIIT (High Impact Interval Training) on his indoors Peloton bike set-up…..

……whilst his Crew Leader (a bit of a has-bean!) trains for the next Gira Mondial. Wheelie hard to get a sponsorship deal with Heinz………..