Aaaand Relax..!

We made it!

It’s been a long, tiring term but we are fighting until the finishing bell. There have been ups and downs but needless to say I reckon we are all ready for this 2 week break!

I think everyone will agree this Lockdown has possibly been the hardest on everyone and mental health has been a much talked about topic. In order to help with the mental health of our students, the school launched a Screens Off and Recharge initiative to help combat the screen fatigue!

That said, I wanted to take some time to show off some of the great proof of what our crew has been getting up to during our Screens off and Recharge time over the last 2 weeks of term! We made pillow forts, went on a walk, artwork, did some baking… Just see for yourself…

Looking forward to seeing everyone in one room again but until then… have a fantastic and restful break!!