C24 Chefistry Final Products

Chefistry is a Year 7 expedition at XP East, run between January and February which looks at the science involved in cooking.

These videos was produced by C24 students to show what happens at the particle level when they cook, and also animations which help to explain the practical uses of ratio and proportion in cooking.

To find out more about this expedition and other expeditions completed so far click here.

C24 MyMaths Extended Study

Students have 3 exercises to complete in MyMaths. These are additional practice questions for our Chefistry expedition on:

Ratio and proportion.

At this stage students should not worry about whether they are too easy or too hard, as each task increases in difficulty.

The username is:


The password is:


Students then use the details I shared with them in class to get into myportal.


The deadline for both classes is Wednesday at 8pm.

Chefistry Immersion Week


Chefistry is our next Year 7 expedition, running between January and February for STEAM. The guiding question for the learning expedition is:

“What have physics and chemistry got to do with cooking?”

We kicked off our immersion week by visiting King Asia food. The students had a great experience seeing how food goes from an idea, to mass production and distributed nationwide. Below you can see short clip of the students trying some King Asia food. Unfortunately, we could not film inside the main production halls. This is where the students were able to see some amazing food machines, including a rice cooker the size of a lorry! You can find more information about King Asia by clicking here.