Last day of term – Friday 21st December

On the last day of this term, Friday the 21st December, school will be closing for students at 1:30pm after Crew for staff to prepare for the new term. There will not be any provision for students to stay after this time so all students must leave at 1:30pm.

We look forward to inviting students back in the new year on Monday 7th January 2019.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

7 Pioneer Students Become Teachers!

We’ve had another fantastic week in Pioneer during Hums! We have started to work towards answering the guiding question to our expedition: ‘Does war unite or divide?’

We first started to bring together all the ways that war unites and divides us, drawing from HUMAN and STEAM lessons, particularly focusing on the Great War. A part of this was looking at examples of unification and division in War Horse (which is the anchor text to our expedition). Each group had a different extract of the text and had to identify where and explain why unification and division took place.

Next, the students became teachers! They taught each other about the extract they had, the examples they found and why they had chosen them. It was great to hear how eloquently the students summarised their chapter to each other and how they could provide evidence from the text to support why they had identified a section as either unification or division – or sometimes both!

I can’t believe we’ve nearly finished this expedition, it’s been immensely rewarding watching the students of 7Pioneer grow academically and socially over the last few months and I can’t wait to begin our next one in the new year.


Christmas Food Bank

We are supporting the food bank in Doncaster with gifts for children, up to the age of 18 again this year.

Last year we delivered over 100 wrapped and tagged presents, which was terrific.

We’d like to keep it simple for the Food Bank – so we’re looking for:

Small selection boxes for a range of ages from toddlers upwards and stationery items/pen sets, little note books, socks and toiletry sets.

If any donated items could be left in either reception that would be great.

The cut off point for gifts is Friday 14th December, to enable us to deliver the presents and for them to be handed out in time for Christmas.

Thank so much – as always – if you can help this really does make a difference.

What does it take to design a place of our own?

C24 have been working in both maths and art on applying their knowledge of geometry and architecture to create blueprints of their own Eco-school. We firstly estimated the length and width of our own classroom in metres, which we then validated by collectively measuring the room, so we’d know roughly what size we’d need to scale the blueprints up to.

We then used computer aided design – an app called Room Sketcher. The students realised the minimum area for a classroom to cater to 25 students was 42m squared. The students then populated their classrooms with items that the Architect expert who visited in October had suggested on her blueprint of XP East.


Here are Libby and Alesha’s designs! I can’t wait until we get them finished next week. I love how Alesha has started to develop specialised classrooms and learning spaces. Libby used inspiration from our architect expert and used the adaptable sliding doors.

Another extremely stand-out piece of work was Callie’s extended study. She has re-created the corridor that my classroom lies on. I was blown away by her efforts and craftsmanship and quality – even down to the desk arrangements!

Here’s the link to the app for any C24ers who would like to carry on with their designs.

Constructing Spanish opinions block by block

Yesterday our E25 Pioneer students were able to express and justify positive and negative opinions about their school subjects. More able students also seized the opportunity to link their opinions to the work they covered last week.

Here, we see students in the foreground constructing and vocalising an opinion of a subject, and seeking the affirmation from student judges (out of camera) as to whether their Spanish was correct or not.

Ava is helping to consolidate learning by acting as our picture bingo caller…..really testing herself to be accurate and confident in another language!


Academic Crew: Poetic Devices

E24 have started work on their final product in HUMS.  They have been tasked with writing a poem about Doncaster, inspired by Tony Walsh’s ‘This is the Place’.

This week, we used Academic Crew to explore some of the poetic devices they could use in their poems.

We started off with a GoGoMo, before circling back up to have a game of bingo to see if Crew could match the definitions to the device.  Finally, Crew were split into teams, and each team had to find and give examples of 3 devices from the list.  There was some ‘healthy’ debate over the word ‘moaning’ as an example of onomatopoeia; Mr Brown later confirmed that it was! (Mackenzie – 1 Mrs Parker – 0!!)

Academic Crew gives us the opportunity to build on our skills and knowledge, to support what we’ve been learning in lessons.   It was lovely to see Crew support each other with their learning, and even lovelier to see members of my Crew putting some of their new knowledge into practice in lessons.

I can’t wait to read their poems!

Crew Young – perception vs reality

This week in Crew Young we have been encouraged to consider our perception of ourselves, and others’ perception of us, versus reality. This is in order to reflect on our adherence to the HOWLs in an accurate and informed manner. Whilst Alesha finalised her preparations for her SLC this evening, the rest of Crew Young looked at Extended Study completion, as well as other factors that directly influence our attainment. We graded ourselves on the bullseye chart and then challenged each other for a rationale.


Crew Shackleton Getting Smart

After a fantastic couple of weeks of SLCs, we decided that yes, we’re smart, but it would be even better if we were even SMARTER!

So we decided to do a silent discussion around what ‘Get Smart’ looks like, feels like, and sounds like.

Fin seemed to enjoy it.

Grappling with adjectives in E25 Pioneer Spanish

Recently, our E25 students left the room to work in mini-Crews on a group grapple involving describing members of staff, using correct Spanish grammar and word order. In a best-of-three between the teacher and our Learning Coach’s groups, it was hats off to Mrs Duffield’s Crew …… we’ll win next time! Mr Pearson.