The art of (silent) conversation

Our 7P students are preparing to write their first piece of reflective writing next week, where they’ll consolidate all their ideas and evidence around what makes a community successful.

Mrs Poncia introduced a new protocol in class this week: the ‘silent conversation.’ We presented the class with five different images (one on each table), gave them some marker pens and the instruction to move around each table, consider the image for a few moments, and then write down what it represented to them… all in complete silence!

This protocol gives students time for some focused thinking, allows them to reflect on the views of their classmates, and helps to stimulate new ideas for them to include in their own work.  It also means that all students have the same opportunity to share their thoughts with the rest of the class.  It really is a silent conversation!

At the end of the exercise we discussed the common theme, which we agreed was around the sense of ‘belonging’ to a community.

Mrs Parker